Corona: Melitta produces breathing masks in the form of coffee filters

Melitta has converted. Protective masks are now being produced in the Corona crisis. The coffee filter manufacturer remains true to itself.

Not only small businesses are in the Corona crisis creative: also the well-known coffee filter manufacturer Melitta venture into new paths. In Minden, Westphalia, filter bags are no longer produced exclusively, but also medical protective masks – with a special face.

As the “Westfalen-Blatt” reports, Melitta has converted parts of its production accordingly by several million Masks in the form of its filter bags to manufacture. The masks made from a three-layer white special fleece instead of the brown filter paper met the European standard for surgical masks with a bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 98 percent.

Melitta produces masks – soon also in the USA and Brazil

Jero Bentz, member of the management team at Melitta, said: “With our production capacities, we are able to produce very large quantities of breathing masks in the shortest possible time.” The masks developed at short notice would be attached in a first step with a clip or with rubber bands.

Around one million masks had already been produced in the first week of production before Easter. The capacities enabled the production of up to one million masks per day in the short term. If the raw materials are available in sufficient quantities, the number of pieces could be successively increased many times over, the newspaper reported.

In addition to Germany, Melitta also plans to manufacture breathing masks for North and South America in plants in the United States and Brazil. There are also plans to develop masks of the particularly high standards FFP2 and FFP3. There is still no mask requirement in Germany.

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