Corona Munich: Söder announces new measures – City faces a stressful weekend

Prime Minister Söder has announced new measures for a particularly shaken sector. The next big Corona demo is coming up in Munich.

  • Corona-Koller in Munich: Around 3,000 people demonstrated at Marienplatz against the currently applicable regulations; another rally has been announced for Saturday (May 16).
  • On Tuesday (May 12th) the Bavarian cabinet made a detailed statement on the “disturbing images”.
  • Interior Minister Herrmann should develop a new concept for meetings.
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11.15 a.m .: The press conference has now ended. The Prime Minister again gave the following to Corona skeptics: “To those who think that this might be an exaggeration, I can only say: there are areas of the world where we hear news that there could be a relapse” .

10.42 a.m .: When asked by a journalist, Söder made it clear: “A Rock concert will surely be performed much later than a Don Carlos ”. In principle, however, cultural activities must be possible if this also applies to the soccer Bundesliga and the catering trade. In his opinion, the Nockherberg could have been “a little Ischgl”, Söder looks back on the cancellation in March. At the time, he was heavily criticized for the decision by many artists.

10.33 a.m .: Digital minister Judith Gerlach removes the threatening situation of many again Cinema operator out. “I think a coordinated approach by the countries is absolutely sensible,” clarifies the CSU politician. It needed “high-revenue films that are shown throughout Germany” to effectively help the operators.

Corona Munich: open-air events after Pentecost possible again?

10:29 a.m .: Open air events may be possible after Pentecost, Sibler says. In this regard, one also has to wait and see how the upcoming openings in the catering trade will be accepted. For autumn there was “the great hope” to be able to resume events in the houses.

10:22 am: Minister of Science Bernd Sibler Söder joins. The CSU minister announced that they wanted to give perspectives and respond to fears of cultural existence. Solo self-employedwho have not previously benefited from the aid programs can now be included; corresponding applications are available. Music schools in Bavaria are to be funded with ten million euros, and help is also available for amateur music groups.

10.15 a.m .: How’s that Cultural enterprise continue? “The ministers of culture have developed a concept of how the way forward can be when opening,” says Söder. This should also be presented to the Chancellor. According to the Prime Minister, the model could be gradual opening of the churches. As Time frame Söder sometimes calls the time after Pentecost, but sometimes only the time of the summer vacation in Bavaria. Inevitable: You have to be prepared for huge losses in terms of revenue.

Corona Munich: Söder announces new measures at press conference

10.07 a.m .: “It’s also about preserving Bavaria’s emotional scene,” Söder said at the beginning of the press conference clear. That is why they sat down with creative artists from all industries. As a result, the cultural rescue package will be increased from 90 to 200 million. The number of Beneficiaries is expected to increase from around 30,000 to around 60,000.

Also Honorary staff (e.g. technicians, makeup artists or cameramen) in theaters should benefit. Not just people who are on stage. Venues like Cinemas or smaller theater is said to be a direct one support be granted. For this, a rescue package in the amount of 50 million euros will be launched.

9.58 a.m .: How about art and Culture continue? Bavaria’s Prime Minister will address this question Markus Söder at a press conference at 10 a.m. Also Minister of Art and Science Bernd Sibler and digital minister Judith Gerlach (both CSU) attend the press conference. Is there a ray of hope for the industry? The topic should include, among other things, further help for the crisis-ridden cultural sector.

Update May 14, 6:31 a.m .: 10,000 people want to protest against the current Corona regulations on Theresienwiese – that’s what the authorities in Munich say.

Corona brings Munich mega-minus: Now a number is known for the first time – drastic austerity measures threaten

9.20pm: Less consumption, no tourists and above all no Oktoberfest – the Corona crisis will for the City of Munich become a heavy financial burden, there is no doubt about that. City treasurer Christoph Frey (SPD) announced on Wednesday to the city council how drastic it is Corona pandemic on the finances of the Landreshaupstadt could impact. According to him, Munich loses through the Burglary of trade and income tax at least 662 million euros. If the worst happens, it could even be 1.7 billion euros loss will. That reports the Evening News.

The treasurer also immediately explained where savings could be made in the future: Among other things, new positions in the city administration could be cut by 80 percent. According to the report, he suggested, among other austerity measures, that the city cut the school and daycare program by ten percent. Frey received criticism from CSU parliamentary group leader Manuel Pretzl, among others, for his suggestions.

: Figures from Wednesday – decisive “R number” exceeds critical limit

14.55 p.m .: In Munich on Wednesday, May 13th (as of 1:30 p.m.), 72 new corona cases approved. So far, have been in the state capital a total of 6,563 infections reported. Included in this number 5,232 people who have already recovered are, as well 201 deaths.

The Reproduction number for Munich is currently 1.04 – this means that statistically an infected person infects a new person. If the number of reproductions is above 1, the number of cases increases again. The 7-day incidence for Munich is 15.56. The 7-day incidence corresponds to the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants reported in the last seven days and is determined daily by the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) across Bavaria

Before the next mega demo in Munich: KVR announces drastic measures

12.53 p.m .: In Munich there should be one on Saturday Large-scale demonstration against the Corona measures give. It was an event with 10,000 people at the Theresienwiese announced, said the district administration officer Thomas Böhle on Wednesday in the General Assembly of the City Council. The city would guarantee infection protection with conditions. At the same time, Böhle announced a tough procedure Violations
at. The police will proceed rigorously and control compliance with the requirements as well as the number of participants. If necessary, they would work towards an end to the meeting.

Developments like last Saturday should no longer exist, said Böhle. Instead of the announced 80 people had on the Marienplatz 3,000 people demonstrated, many without face masks and without a safe distance. Within the Old town rings Böhle said that in future only meetings will be allowed where such developments are not to be expected. The organizer can determine where he should Assembly want to take place. However, the city’s task is to work towards relocation if the chosen location is problematic. “We will do that,” he said.

12:32 p.m.: One escalated in Munich S-Bahn control. A young man who was not wearing a mask was checked by several officers. Then he made a drastic decision.

11:57 a.m .: Did she want to keep other passengers away from her? A woman was in Munich with an unusual Mouthguard on road. An absurd photo of the unusual variant is circulating on the web.

Update from May 13, 10:05 a.m .: In the Paulaner beer garden on Nockherberg, Standl operators of the Auer Dult Find space. It should start in early June. And that’s how the host imagines the concept. His colleague from the Dachau district is “a little afraid” of Father’s Day, as he explains in the interview.

Corona in Munich: rides and stalls all over the city?

9.45 p.m .: How many people in Munich have actually contracted the corona virus? A large study will soon provide information. It is eagerly awaited in advance – and that far beyond Bavaria’s borders, like* reported.

9.30 p.m .: It will soon be time: beer gardens, restaurants and taverns in Bavaria may after Corona shutdown open their outdoor areas from May 18th.

According to the Bavarian Economy Minister Hubert Aiwanger, groups, for example several friends, can then meet again in the catering trade * – under clearly defined conditions.

6.20 p.m.: After Cancellation of the Oktoberfest and other popular festivals City of Munich breaking new ground: stalls and possibly smaller ridesmight already be decentralized in the summer different locations in the city.

Tz * had already reported on the mind games. Now it gets a bit more serious: On Wednesday morning (May 13th) he wants to City council discuss the proposals in a general assembly.

It is by no means a replacement for the Oktoberfest, emphasized the Munich business consultant and Oktoberfest manager Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) in advance. Rather, it is about shaping summer in the city and at the same time that of the consequences of Corona crisis to help suffering showmen. Last but not least, due to the pandemic, the people of Munich could not go on vacation as usual. However, protection against infection is at the top.

Want with a joint application SPD, Greens and CSU ensure that Munich showmen can offer take-away dishes typical of the festival at certain locations in the city. The Oktoberfest was canceled on April 21 because of the risk of infection with the corona virus.

Corona in Munich: Eisbach surfers can breathe a sigh of relief – their fans cannot

4:02 pm: In Munich is surfing at the famous Eisbach wave possible again, but subject to conditions. The Hygiene requirements should be strictly observed, announced the Munich city administration on Tuesday. People should also maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, even when waiting for access to the water. A sad news for all fans of Eisbach surfers: According to the city, viewers are not allowed. Since the end of March, surfing there has not been permitted due to the corona pandemic.

3.14 p.m .: In Munich 68 new ones were released on Tuesday, May 12th (as of 1:30 p.m.) Corona cases approved. This figure includes 5,167 people who have already recovered and 201 deaths.

The Number of reproductions for Munich – as on the previous day – is 0.83. This means that statistically, an infected person infects less than one person.

The 7-day incidence for Munich is 13.73. The 7-day incidence corresponds to the number of newly reported cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days and is calculated daily by the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL). Yesterday, Monday, the value was 10.67.

2:22 p.m .: The event concept announced today was repeatedly the subject of various inquiries from the journalists present. The ministers refer to the work to be done in the coming days, however, the details still have to be worked out. In the meantime it is Press conference ended.

Corona Munich: New concept for meetings is coming – ministers provide information on how to proceed

13.58 p.m .: In Bavaria there are currently only around 4,300 proven infections with the corona virus. Health minister Huml said 44,933 cases have been registered since the pandemic broke out, and 219 cases have been added since Monday.

1.45 p.m .: Minister of Health Melanie Huml gives the current figures regarding the infection: “Of course, every dead person is one too many”. It was still important to exercise caution. She, too, shows no understanding of the weekend demonstrations that got out of hand: “This actually jeopardizes the fact that we can open up more,” says Huml. The health minister announces an “early warning system” for the Free State, which is to apply to 35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

1:36 p.m .: Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger pleads again for the purchase of New cars incentive to start the industry up again. The retail trade is completely open again. About 50 percent of normal Sales can currently be stated, according to Aiwanger. “Please accept the offer too,” asks the Economics Minister regarding the openings in the catering trade. Aiwanger then devotes himself in detail to the topic of emergency aid: “We have provided the majority of the beneficiaries with money”. The 49-year-old promises that the new applications will not be long in coming.

1:28 p.m .: “If there are no setbacks in the infection process,” the timetable can do gastronomy be maintained, says Herrmann. The concept is being sharpened to ensure clarity for everyone involved. This area is naturally a special challenge. “Gastronomy thrives on the tightness,” says Herrmann.

Distance requirement? Corona demo in Munich causes a scandal – “disturbing images” could have far-reaching consequences

1:22 p.m .: Now it’s about that Gatherings, Herrmann speaks of “disturbing pictures” that would have been available on the weekend. Clear guidelines had been laid down for demonstrations. “But there is one discrepancy between a registration and an actual Number of participants“Explains the head of state chancellor. In matters Distance requirement However, there were significant shortcomings: “The limits are where you threaten others. Passers-by were approached consciously. ”

You want to follow a “very clear line”. Minister of the Interior Herrmann is to interact with the district administrative authorities concept develop. It should be possible to hold meetings without endangering others.

1:17 p.m .: Hustle and bustle in the press, the ministers are there; the press conference can begin. Florian Herrmann takes the floor first. “We can see that the development so far confirms our strategy, our course of caution and prudence. We don’t want to trip now, ”says the head of state chancellor. In this context, Herrmann refers to the common key figures: “This is how you can currently see a positive trend”. However, one must always closely monitor the development: “The relief measures must not have a negative effect”. Herrmann makes a definite appeal to the people’s sense of responsibility.

1:14 p.m .: “Are on the way, but takes no a bissl”, one hears from the off. Thank you for the update! The press conference should begin in a few minutes.

1:08 p.m .: There may still be a problem at one point or another, the podium is still empty. After all, the cabinet has been sitting together since 10 a.m. It cannot be ruled out that significant wording has been fought for.

1:02 p.m .: Markus Söder had recently announced that it would be giving its ministers the floor in the press statements. But where are they? A delay of a few minutes has already been generously granted.

Corona Munich: “So that something like this does not repeat itself” – Minister presents detailed report

12.58 p.m .: A detailed report on the weekend meetings will be presented to the Council of Ministers today, the reports BR. “So that something like this does not repeat itself,” said Interior Minister Herrmann. Another topic of the press conference is likely to be hygiene measures in the gastronomy be. The cabinet had also discussed “non-corona issues” this morning, Prime Minister Söder, for example, had warned the focus on matters Climate protection not to lose.

12.45 p.m .: Bavaria’s interior minister Joachim Herrmann already had a vigorous intervention by the. as a result of the meetings in major Bavarian cities police required. Will the CSU man’s wish be met at today’s press conference?

Distance requirement? Corona demo in Munich causes mega-scandal – now it is known what consequences this could have

12.28 p.m .: At around 1 p.m., the Bavarian cabinet provides information on how to proceed in the Corona crisis – with special attention to the future handling of demonstrations. We accompany the statement in Live ticker. Head of State Chancellor Florian Herrmann, Minister of Health Melanie Huml (both CSU) and Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger (Free voters) stand in front of the microphones.

10.48 a.m .: The Bavarian Coach operator demonstrate for resuming operations. A Corso out of 50 coaches drove to the Bavarian on Tuesday morning Ministry of Economy in front. In consultation with the ministry, the originally intended handover of a petition was postponed until the afternoon, said the managing director of the Bavarian Omnibus Association, Stephan Rabl. It should also include a meeting with economics ministers Hubert Aiwanger Give (free voters).

The bus companies complain that the restrictions in the corona crisis have “been without any effects for eight weeks revenue and still have no prospect of easing ”. They are now demanding financial aid and an “early opening of coach transport” parallel to the hotel industry.

The association describes the situation of the companies dramatically: “In Bavaria alone, a thousand family-run businesses are in ruins.” The entire fleet is at a standstill, no new bookings have been made, while customer funds have to be repaid and the vehicles continue to incur costs. The aid previously provided was far from sufficient.

Far-reaching consequences after demo scandal in Munich? Even before an official statement, clear words are said

Update May 12, 9:15 a.m .: The Bavarian cabinet advises on Tuesday (10:00 a.m.) about the next steps in the Corona crisis. One issue might be how to prevent that Demonstrations against anti-corona measures get out of hand like on weekends. Among other things in Munich and Nuremberg had demonstrated thousands of people, distance and others regulate to protect the entire population were not adhered to.

The state chancellor subsequently wants the results of the cabinet meeting Florian Herrmann, Minister of Health Melanie Huml (both CSU) and Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger Inform (free voters). Prime minister Markus Söder (CSU) is not attending the press conference – he had already announced last week that he would now increasingly leave the appearances to the ministers. At 1:00 p.m. the ministers appear before the press; we accompany your statement in the live ticker.

Corona demo in Munich gets out of hand: Interior Minister announces tougher crackdown

Origin message:

Munich – After escalating Protests Bavaria’s Interior Minister opposed the Corona measures Joachim Herrmann a harder one for violations of future corona demonstrations Crack down announced. “The police will be even more present at the meetings in the next few weeks,” said the CSU politician to the “Augsburger Allgemeine” (Tuesday). He made a similar statement on Monday evening at the Bayern 2 station, “radioWelt am Abend”.

“We will take a very close look, especially among the people who reject the state as a whole and act aggressively,” announced Herrmann. Because: “The Basic Law not only grants freedom of assembly and expression, it also gives up the state to protect its citizens from the ruthless Danger through others.”

Corona Munich: Demo at Marienplatz could have far-reaching consequences

Over the weekend, thousands of people in Bavaria’s cities (including Munich’s Marienplatz) had to strike against what they believed to be Regulations in the fight against the coronapandemic protested. In Munich and Nuremberg, significantly more people came than registered, distance and other rules for corona protection were no longer observed.

To spreading ever more widely Conspiracy theoryHerrmann told the newspaper that he was very concerned about the development. “Even if someone wants to give complete nonsense out of reality, according to our constitution they have this right,” explained Herrmann. “But if an inflammatory cocktail is made out of abstruse theories and left-wing and right-wing extremist ideas and passers-by are not endangered at meetings, then they have to constitutional state show a clear edge, ”he emphasized.

Demonstrators of an anti-corona measure protest on Marienplatz in Munich have apparently insulted and non-demonstrably cursed their fellow citizens. Similar demos will in future be relocated to a less frequented location *.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-DigitalEditorial network

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