Corona news: ICs in code black in ten days according to Diederik Gommers

In ten days’ time, the intensive care units will be in ‘code black’, with hospitals having to decide who can still help and who cannot. That is what Diederik Gommers of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care says. “I think there is now a momentum to take tough measures and that as soon as possible,” he told the House of Representatives. He would actually update MPs about 2G evidence, but according to him, much stricter measures must first be taken for everyone.

“The outflow of personnel has been so great that we have much less stretch, and that we have much less IC capacity,” explains Gommers. “So the beds are there, the ventilators are there, the monitors are there, but we miss the nurses.” Therefore, intensive care cannot scale up as it did in the first wave.


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