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Corona news Monday: 5 people with corona infection on IC, hazing party Amsterdam stopped

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In this live blog, we kept you informed on Monday about numerous events surrounding the corona crisis.

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  • At the moment, fifteen people with corona infections have been admitted to hospitals in Brabant, five of whom are on IC.
  • The number of people who had themselves tested for the coronavirus dropped by nine percent last week.
  • At Eindhoven Airport, the number of passengers carrying the corona virus has quadrupled.
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The Amsterdam student association ASC / AVSV has stopped the introduction period due to four corona infections among members and prospective members. The infections were not contracted during the introduction, according to the association. The board of the student association calls on all people who participated in the hazing to quarantine for a fortnight. ASC / AVSV, in consultation with the GGD, has decided to end the introductory period prematurely. With 2700 active members, it is one of the largest student associations in Amsterdam.

The House of Representatives will not come back early from summer break this week for a debate on the government’s corona policy. The coalition parties are stopping that, says PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher in the radio program Nieuws en Co on NPO Radio1. A committee debate is scheduled for next week on the developments surrounding the new corona virus. Asscher thinks this is taking too long, given the increased speed with which the virus has been spreading in recent weeks.

City councilors in Helmond are shocked of alleged abuses at the slaughterhouse Van Rooi Meat in their city. They are deeply concerned about the slaughterhouse’s corporate culture. They are also surprised that the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost has so far announced corona checks, the NOS reported on Sunday. The FNV also questions the GGD’s methods. According to union man John Klijn, permanent employee testing is the only solution.

Two of the Netherlands’ best-known bus travel organizations, De Jong intra vacations and Oad, are going to collaborate intensively in arranging the bus trips. Immediately the trips of the two ‘tour operators’ depart from the same starting point in Zeddam in Gelderland. (Supply) service lines and taxi transport are also carried out jointly. “The current market situation has made it clear to us that there is a need to work together,” said the two company leaders.

While In the past 24 hours, 372 people in the Netherlands have tested positive for the corona virus. That’s six more than Sunday. At that time this number was 366. This is evident from the corona dashboard of the national government. The number of hospital admissions rose by six across the Netherlands. One of those recordings took place in Brabant, one in Friesland and four in South Holland.

Fewer people visit the cinema due to the corona crisis, and the Dutch film industry believes this should change. With the campaign, filmmakers want to lure the audience back to the halls. In the commercials, on TV and online, Jan Kooijman, Robert de Hoog, Nasrdin Dchar and Thekla Reuten show why they think it is so much fun to watch a movie in the cinema.

At the moment, fifteen people are admitted to hospitals in Brabant who have been diagnosed with a corona infection. Five of them are in intensive care. The ROAZ announced this on Monday afternoon. In addition, 33 people are suspected of having the coronavirus among its members. No one of them is on the IC.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee has recently become busier with passengers who cause nuisance. For example, travelers who do not want to wear a face mask cause ‘hassle’ and that can lead to high fines, the Marechaussee reports.

During the corona crisis, many people went into nature to relax and come to themselves. In research conducted by Motivaction on behalf of Bird Protection Netherlands, 62 percent of the Dutch people surveyed indicated that they had better survived the stressful time of the intelligent lockdown because they could ‘escape’ in nature. Bird protection therefore calls on the government to invest extra in green.

The number of people who had themselves tested for the coronavirus dropped last week. Between Monday, July 27 and Sunday, August 2, nearly 102,000 people went to a GGD test site for a check-up. That is nine percent less than the week before. The umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland has no explanation for the decline.

The number of people who registered for part-time PABO training this year has risen by more than 21 percent compared to last year. There has been an upward trend for years, but this increase is very strong, says a spokeswoman for the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences. She suspects that the increase is related to the uncertainties caused by the corona crisis. These are still pre-registrations, so it may be that people still drop out.

Activity in the Dutch industry shrank again last month, but the decline was again less marked than a month earlier. This is reported by the Dutch Association of Purchasing Managers (Nevi). According to ABN AMRO economist Albert Jan Swart, it therefore seems that the bottom has almost been reached for Dutch industry. He does notice that the industry is in a lower gear. For example, the number of jobs declined rapidly.

The last two weeks have been at Eindhoven Airport nineteen passengers arrived who were infected with the corona virus. This brings the total since the beginning of June to 26. Two weeks ago it was still seven passengers who had the virus among the members. The flights with which the infected people entered the country have not been disclosed. They were spread over 21 flights, reports the GGD Brabant-Zuidoost on Monday.

Foto: Jos Verkuijlen
Photo: Jos Verkuijlen

Volunteer aid to those in need has failed during the lockdown despite the influx of many new people. The corona help and volunteer platform NL concludes this on the basis of research by the Rotterdam School of Management. According to that study, a third of the people who have been asked for assistance have experienced a shortage of aid.

Heineken has seen a slight recovery since the bottom of the corona crisis in April. However, the brewer still calls the situation surrounding the corona virus ‘mobile and uncertain’. Heineken confirmed the preliminary figures that the company released for the first half of last month. The company suffered a loss, mainly because the catering industry was affected in many important markets.

PostNL achieved higher sales and profit in the second quarter, helped by the corona crisis. Because of the virus outbreak and the measures to prevent it from spreading, people more often ordered online and the postal and parcel company was busier delivering parcels to their home.

The number of new coronavirus infections in Belgium continues to increase. From July 24 to 30, this involved an average of 490 cases per day, an increase of 68 percent compared to a week earlier. This is evident on Sunday from the data from health institute Sciensano.

The number of hospital admissions has also increased significantly. In the past week, an average of 24 people per day with COVID-19 were hospitalized. That is an increase of 60 percent within a week.

Youth doctors are concerned about the well-being of teenagers. Due to the corona crisis, the investigation of 14- to 16-year-olds in consultation centers in most locations has come to a complete standstill. “We do not now see whether they are depressed, while this entire corona time has an impact on this group,” said one person in the AD .

Youth doctors preventively monitor the development of children, give the vaccinations, check hearing and sight and monitor their well-being. Checks of schoolchildren and interim agreements in particular were canceled in various regions. The study of 14- to 16-year-olds has even come to a complete standstill in most locations. The Netherlands Center for Youth Health Care (NCJ) calls the dropout ‘risky’.

The number of coronavirus infections worldwide passed eighteen million on Monday. The death toll now stands at almost 687,000, reports AFP news agency after counting official figures. A million cases have been added since Thursday. Then the seventeen million mark was broken.

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