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Corona news: no catering test in Breda and demonstration in Eindhoven against the lockdown

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In this live blog we will keep you informed on Friday with the latest news about the corona crisis.

The main facts at a glance:

  • The official death toll from the coronavirus in the Netherlands rose by 13 to 5788 on Friday.
  • For the first time in months, fewer people died in the Netherlands last week than is usual at this time of year.
  • We all manage less and less well in the one and a half meter distance, according to research.
  • Read all the news about the coronavirus on our special theme site.

The live blog of Friday 22 May is closed. Saturday morning there is a new live blog where you can follow the news about the corona virus.

At least nine employees of slaughterhouses in Brabant have been infected with the corona virus. This is confirmed by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) after reports from RTL Nieuws. The GGD will now test all employees of the slaughterhouse Van Rooi in Helmond.

Former chairman of the Dutch Safety Board Pieter van Vollenhoven believes that extraordinary investigative officers (boas) should be given full equipment with the authority to carry weapons. He said this in the radio program This is the Day. “I understand the call for batons and pepper spray, but you can also go a step further,” says Van Vollenhoven. The boas “have taken over many police tasks in the past, more and more they become a kind of municipal police. They encounter resistance and then they can actually do little.” Van Vollenhoven thinks it is better to give them a firearm. “I think we should eventually equip them completely.”

The extraordinary investigating officers (boas) will campaign in several cities on 26 May and 1 June. Because of increasing aggression, the boas want more means to defend themselves better. Because the boas have to supervise compliance with the corona measures, they have more to do with aggression.

A spokesman for the boa unions did not yet say what the actions on May 26 and June 1 will look like. No vouchers will be issued in several cities on 1 June. It is also the day when the corona measures for the catering industry are relaxed. In any case, the boas Amsterdam and The Hague participate in the action. It is not clear whether Brabant cities also participate.

The action group ‘Democracy of the People’ wants to demonstrate against lockdown in Eindhoven on Saturday. The municipality of Eindhoven has given permission for the demonstration on the 18 Septemberplein, but the demonstrators must adhere to conditions. For example, the group may not exceed thirty people and the participants must keep a distance of one and a half meters from each other. Exactly the kind of measures that the group wants to demonstrate against.

A total of thirteen patients with a corona infection are nursed in the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, of which four are in intensive care. No corona patient died in the past day. Since the outbreak, 98 patients have died from the virus. In total, 262 patients were released from the hospital.

A new corona infection was diagnosed on Friday in the municipality of Drimmelen. In total, seventy people have been infected in the municipality of Drimmelen. Ten residents have recently died as a result of the coronavirus.

Experience Intents Festival 2020 online! The festival organizers will broadcast the ‘Experience the feeling of Intents Festival’ live on its website on 5 and 6 June. During this two-day online weekend festival you can enjoy the pre-party area on Friday and performances on ‘The Outdoor Mainstage’ and ‘The Indoor Mainstage’ on Saturday. With almost thirty artists, all harder styles are covered. The pre-party airs Friday from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. On Saturdays, the broadcast begins at 3:00 PM and continues until 11:00 PM.

The main stage of Intents Festival in 2019 (photo: Intents Festival)
The main stage of Intents Festival in 2019 (photo: Intents Festival)

The catering industry in Breda may not hold a test day for the reopening on 1 June next Monday. The operators of the cafes and restaurants were informed by the government on Friday afternoon. The catering industry wanted to practice with the one and a half meter policy if they were allowed to open again after they had to close because of corona. She wanted to prevent problems on Whit Monday. In addition, the city had to serve as a test case for the rest of the Netherlands.

It is slowly getting busier in the office. Last Friday, most people were on the case since the Netherlands started working at home en masse in mid-March. This is evident from figures from Google. He has analyzed location data of users with mobile devices such as smartphones. Last Friday, 35 percent fewer people were still at work than in early February.

More and more people are working at the office again.
More and more people are working at the office again.

The number of corona patients on intensive care units has fallen to 252, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). That is three less than Thursday. In addition, there are 481 patients in intensive care units with conditions other than Covid-19. That is 46 less than Wednesday. Hospital nursing homes still treat 863 corona patients, 59 fewer than on Wednesday.

Nurses’ union NU’91 fears the relaxation of the corona measures. In the heart of the Netherlands, Stella Salden of the union warns that healthcare workers cannot yet deal with a second corona wave. “When a second corona wave arrives, they are the ones to come out. But they are still catching their breath from the first wave. They are exhausted and exhausted after months of uninterrupted work.” The absenteeism of healthcare workers is increasing.

The cabinet is taking the call by mayors of Gelderland to intervene in slaughterhouses where the corona virus is taking hold “very seriously”. The three ministries involved will talk to the concerned mayors. Apeldoorn mayor Ton Heerts and his Arnhem colleague Ahmed Marcouch raised the alarm earlier in the day about the advance of the virus in slaughterhouses. Heerts ordered the employees of a company in Groenlo to wait at home for the outbreak to spread among the staff. The staff of a slaughterhouse in Scherpenzeel is also in quarantine.

After a closure of more than ten weeks, Design Museum Den Bosch will open its doors again on June 1. Visitors must buy a ticket online in advance. Due to the corona virus, the number of visitors is limited. There are also stricter hygiene measures and a prescribed walking route through the building. The museum thus wants to guarantee the safety of both visitors and employees. The exhibitions in the museum are ‘BodyDrift – Anatomies of the Future’ and ‘The poster is dead’.

Mayor Paul Depla is looking for space in his city, especially after the experiences of Thursday when it was too busy at the Galderse Meren, for example, where people can recreate when the weather is nice.

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Restrictive measures against excessive crowds on, for example, beaches, on the water and in shopping centers are “locally tailored”. That says Hubert Bruls, chairman of the Security Council and mayor of Nijmegen, in response to the measures taken on Ascension Day. Each mayor decides for himself when there are excesses against which to act.

Efteling caters to subscribers with a total of eight exclusive evening openings for subscribers in June. This reports the website Looopings. If you have a subscription, you can go to the amusement park in Kaatsheuvel every Friday and Saturday in June between 19:00 and 23:00, according to the website. You can book online for these special evenings from Wednesday morning 27 May.

According to RIVM figures, 13 people have died of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours. In total, the Netherlands now has 5,788 corona deaths, according to the latest figures. In Brabant, 1493 (+1) people have died so far as a result of the corona virus. The actual number of deaths is higher because not everyone is tested.

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The number of infections in the Netherlands has risen by Thursday with 188 positively tested people to 44,888. In Brabant, the number of detected infections according to the RIVM increased by 16 to 8916. Nine new hospital admissions were reported in the past 24 hours, this total number now stands at 11,649 throughout the Netherlands.

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The Public Prosecution Service has investigated 207 crimes related to the corona virus in two months. This mainly concerns coughing or spitting towards officers and other people with a public task, such as special investigative officers (boas) or care workers. In those cases, the suspects claimed to have been infected with the corona virus.

In addition, 7,400 fines were imposed in recent weeks for violations of regional emergency ordinances, for example, because people did not follow distance rules, were in a prohibited area, or failed to observe other restrictive measures. For example, specific figures per security region are not yet available, a spokesperson on behalf of the Public Prosecution Service said on Friday.

! 2.20
The mortality rate in the Netherlands was lower than normal for the first time in months last week. About 2,850 people died, about two hundred less than is usual at this time of the year. This seems to bring an end to a period in which the number of deaths was clearly higher due to the coronavirus. Researchers from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) report this.

The researchers are not surprised that the mortality rate is now lower than normal. It is common for a peak in the number of deaths to be followed by a trough. This was also the case, for example, after the flu epidemic in 2018. Some of the people who died of COVID-19 in recent months had now died under normal circumstances. , CBS sociologist Tanja Traag explained earlier.

In total there are now 107 people with COVID-19 in the hospitals in Brabant, of which 36 patients in the various intensive care units. According to the figures of the Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ), the latter number is equal to Thursday. In the nursing wards of the various hospitals, there is an increase of two patients compared to Thursday.

In addition, there are now a total of 87 people in Brabant hospitals who have corona complaints, but for whom the virus has not (yet) been diagnosed. Three of them are in intensive care. That was nine on Thursday.

According to the ROAZ, ten to twenty percent of those patients later appear to be infected with the virus. Spokesman Wim Pleunis indicates on behalf of the ROAZ that “it is slowly but surely getting better”. “But it is very slow, so that means that we have to remain vigilant.”

Every day, RIVM publishes figures on corona victims. These are people who are missed. Starting next week, Omroep Brabant will broadcast a portrait of a deceased corona victim on television every day. This in the program “They are missed” on TV.

ALSO READ: ‘They are missed’, portraits of striking Brabanders who died of the corona virus

The cabinet will investigate whether, for example, the reclassification elections as a result of the lifting of the municipality of Haaren on November 18 and the elections to the House of Representatives on 17 March can continue if the corona virus has not yet been controlled. Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Home Affairs) asks municipalities whether polling stations are spacious enough to be able to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

The minister does not even rule out that elections must be postponed. Although she now sees no reason to think that this will be necessary and the question is ‘not at issue now’, she writes to the House of Representatives. The parliamentary elections could be postponed for a maximum of one year. But voting by letter is also ‘theoretically conceivable’, according to the minister. According to Minister Ollongren, the provincial government can postpone reclassification elections for a maximum of five to six weeks. If that is not enough, she will have to change the law.

The popular booking site does not use the new emergency package, NOW 2.0, which covers labor costs to keep jobs afloat. This reports Het Financieele Dagblad on Friday. The company, which has been very profitable in recent years, has been severely criticized for claiming state aid in recent months.

Twelve corona patients are still being cared for in the Amphia Hospital in Breda, five of whom are in intensive care. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, 102 people have died in Amphia from the effects of the virus. In the past 24 hours, one patient with COVID-19 was released from the hospital in Breda. In total this is now 288 patients.

We all manage less and less well in the 1.5 meter distance. RIVM, GGD GHOR Nederland and the regional GGDs conclude this on the basis of a second behavioral study. The number of people who say that ‘others rarely, if ever, come within a radius of one and a half meters’ has decreased considerably.

Especially with family and friends it is less and less taken with the one and a half meter. 12 percent less than a month ago say they stick to the rules with the people they love. There was a drop of 5 percent when dealing with colleagues and a 9 percent drop when shopping.

Source: RIVM
Source: RIVM

The municipality of Deurne reminds parents to go through the outdoor play rules with their children.

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The six hundred employees of the slaughterhouse Vion in Groenlo in Gelderland will remain in home quarantine for the next two weeks after 45 employees there tested positive for corona. Vion maintains intensive contact with all employees until they can get back to work. Meat production is temporarily moved to other Vion locations in the Netherlands.

The Lifeliner 5, the trauma helicopter specially designed for corona transport, will be available again from Friday for the regular transport of patients from the Wadden Islands to the mainland. Due to the decreasing number of corona patients who require intensive care, air transport over longer distances is no longer necessary.

Martial artists gather in The Hague on Friday for a demonstration against the cabinet’s ban on opening martial arts schools due to the corona crisis. From noon onwards, renowned athletes from various martial arts branches – including former world champion K1 Ernesto Hoost and the Armenian-Dutch kickboxer Gago Drago – will support the action by giving lessons to small groups.

Despite the reopening of the schools – now that the spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands is less rapid – more than five hundred primary school pupils are still missing. They have often been off the radar for weeks, while schools and school attendance officers pulled out all the stops to track them down. Trouw writes this based on a survey conducted by the General Association of School Leaders (AVS) among 995 school leaders in (special) primary education.

Now that people who work in health care can get tested for coronavirus more easily, absenteeism due to illness among nursing home staff is peaking. More and more healthcare professionals are testing positive and have to stay at home until they are better. As a result, there is a shortage of care workers, says Conny Helder of the trade association of care organizations ActiZ in De Telegraaf.

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