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Corona overview Canton BE – Many people outside, many reports to the police – News

  • The beautiful weather drew many people outside over Easter. Most of them followed the rules.
  • The police receive many calls for observed violations of the rules.
  • One in five businesses in the city of Bern is closed.
  • In the canton of Bern, 92 people with corona are currently in hospital, including 32 in an intensive care unit. 49 infected people have died. (As of April 13, 2020)

Further information

Monday, April 13, many people were outside for Easter: On waters, at barbecues, forest houses – there were many people everywhere in nature on Easter days, a media spokesman for the Bern cantonal police said on request. Wherever there were patrols, the majority of people would have adhered to the rules of distance and group size. Otherwise, the police officers would have sought the interview, occasionally also ordered buses and directions.

The Cantonal Police of Bern does not disclose the number of notifications in connection with the Covid 19 rules. You don’t want to focus on ads, says the media spokesman. But rather that people understand the measures.

Saturday, April 11, many calls to the police: The beautiful weather pulls many people outside. And many call the police because they are watching others: “We received a lot of reports that people were too close to one another or in large groups,” said Ramona Mock from the media team of the cantonal police when Radio SRF asked. “We followed up on each of these reports, but were able to find on site that the groups had often broken up again, or that the distances had been kept.”

The majority of people understand the rules for combating the corona virus, says the media spokeswoman. “We had to admonish some, and occasionally also issue buses.”

Thursday, April 9, dilemma for the tourist destinations: Adelboden has a high proportion of second homes. The community says that the owners cannot be forbidden to be there over Easter. You are financially dependent on them. Anyone who adheres to the rules is welcome.

The situation is different for day tourists. “Dream now, come later” is the motto.

Every fifth company in Bern: Since the announcement of the exceptional situation by the federal government, 2963 companies with 18,966 employees have been closed in the city of Bern. This corresponds to around 20 percent of all companies and 10 percent of all employees. The city of Bern announced these figures on Thursday. Compared to the national average and also to the canton of Bern, the city of Bern is slightly higher in terms of companies (20.3 percent) than in other larger cities in the middle.

Wednesday, April 8th, More and more people are currently going into the forest: Shops, museums and cinemas are closed – more and more people are moving out into the woods. These are open to all at the Burgergemeinde Bern, which you can feel, says forester Stefan Flückiger: «Many people who are otherwise not in the forest are now there longer.» People with dogs or older people walking in the forest are still visible. In addition, there would be significantly more families with children who spend more time in the forest, says Flückiger. He sees the Corona period as an opportunity to rediscover the forest. “Many are only now seeing the extent of the damage caused by storms or the drought.”

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