World Corona pandemic in the US: Entry freeze for Europeans...

Corona pandemic in the US: Entry freeze for Europeans remains

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More than 1.5 million people in the United States are infected with the corona virus. The entry stop for Europeans therefore continues to exist.

  • The United States are badly affected by the Corona crisis.
  • US President Donald Trump * threatens China with a break in relationships
  • Experts doubt Time schedule from Trumps Vaccination program

+++ 22.31 PM

: According to the White House, an end to the freeze on entry for foreigners from Europe to the USA is currently not in sight. “We don’t have a schedule yet,” White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said on Wednesday (May 20, 2020) at a press conference in Washington. “The primary concern of the President is American security. These travel restrictions have saved lives. ”President Donald Trump wants to make sure that the lives of Americans are not endangered before the entry stops are lifted.

When announcing the entry stop in mid-March, US President Donald Trump said the regulation was limited to 30 days. In mid-April, he announced that they would remain in force until the countries in Europe that were severely affected by the coronavirus improved. Travelers from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland are not allowed to enter the USA as long as the restrictions are in force. The only exceptions are Americans, certain diplomats and Europeans who have a long-term work permit in the USA, a so-called “green card”. Their relatives are also exempt.

Donald Trump sees US recovery from corona pandemic

+++. 7.20 p.m .: Chancellor Angela Merkel left open whether she would like to receive an invitation from US President Donald Trump would soon travel to the USA for a G7 meeting. In whatever form this meeting takes place, “whether as a video conference or otherwise, I will definitely fight for multilateralism. That is very clear. Both G7 and G20, ”said Merkel on Wednesday when asked a journalist in Berlin.

Trump is considering holding this year’s G7 summit as a real meeting rather than a video conference, despite the corona crisis.

When asked if she would travel to the United States when Trump was invited to a G7 meeting, Merkel replied: “I wanted to say what I said. We’ll just wait for the rest. I chose my words carefully. “

G7 summit possibly at Camp David – Trump sees recovery of the US from corona pandemic

+++ 6.40 p.m .: US President Donald Trump may not want to hold the G7 summit hosted by his country next month via video, but in the form of a personal meeting at his Camp David country estate. In the online service Twitter, Trump justified his reasoning on Wednesday with the fact that the United States has already moved away from the Corona pandemic relaxed.

“Now that our country is” returning to grandeur “, he is considering hosting the G7 summit at Camp David, Maryland,” on the same or similar date as originally planned. Trump left it open with the choice of words in his tweet whether he would also consider G7 meetings in the US capital Washington in addition to discussions at Camp David.

The other six most important industrial countries, including Germany, “had started their comeback after the Corona crisis,” wrote the US President. A summit with the personal participation of the heads of state and government would be “a great sign of the normalization of everyone” from Trump’s point of view.

Donald Trump suspects election manipulation in Michigan

+++ 4.20 p.m .: Last Wednesday (May 19, 2020) US President threatened Donald Trump the state of Michigan with cuts in aid, while the state with the Corona pandemic as well as massive floods. The reason: postal elections.

“Michigan is sending postal ballot papers to 7.7 million people before the primaries and general election *. This was done illegally without authorization. I will decide to stop payments to Michigan, ”tweeted Donald Trump.

The reactions on Twitter were not long in coming. Trump has been accused of spreading fake news because the citizens of Michigan have only received postal ballot requests. Furthermore, the threat to cut a state’s funds is comparable to Trump’s impeachment process.

90,000 Confirmed Deaths in the United States – All States Before Reopening

+++ 14.52 p.m .: Donald Trump named the world’s highest number of confirmed Corona infections in the US as a “sign of honor,” as reported by the Washington Post. In the United States, more than 30 percent of corona cases confirmed worldwide have been registered.

Laurence H. Tribe, a professor at Harvard University, subsequently called Trump a “ghoul” and “idiot”. “It’s like a serial killer cobbled path that the police let go before they do anything about it,” Tribe said on Twitter.

Joe Walsh, a former member of the Illinois Congress, stressed how “ignorant and dishonest” Donald Trump was. “Even if the United States had the fewest corona cases worldwide, Trump would say the exact same thing.”

+++ 12.01 p.m .: The small war between Donald Trump and the media goes into the next round. At a press conference, the US president once again abused CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins, who had become something of his favorite enemy in the past few days.

Science magazine debunked Donald Trump’s false corona claims

+++ 11.21 p.m .: The well-known British science magazine “The Lancet” has criticized Donald Trump’s approach to WHO and verified his statements. In the dispute about dealing with the Corona pandemic had US president Donald Trump with a permanent stop of US contributions to the World Health Organization (WHO) and threatened with his country leaving the organization.

Speaks in it Trump that the coronavirus broke out “in December 2019 or earlier, according to reports by the Lancet medical journal”. The magazine calls this claim “factually wrong”. There was no report of an outbreak in December, the first report of the outbreak in Wuhan was on January 24, 2020.

The magazine also emphasized in its statement: “The accusations against WHO, the Donald Trump raises damage to international cooperation against the corona pandemic. It is crucial that any criticism of the global strategy is based on accurate facts. ”

States in the US are beginning to open gradually

+++ 10.22 p.m .: Many of the states of the United States have started to gradually open up during the Corona pandemic. However, there are numerous discrepancies in the way it is opened, as reported by the New York Times.

For example, the states in the northeast and on the west coast are said to have taken the slowest route to reopening, and numerous governors have carried out a step-by-step opening with municipalities. Alaska is now pushing forward: on Tuesday, Governor Mike Dunleavy announced that restrictions on shops, such as restaurants, bars, and gyms, will be relaxed and businesses will be able to work at full capacity again. “Everything will be open, just like before the virus,” said Dunleavy. Measures such as social distancing or wearing a mask are recommended, but not mandatory.

Donald Trump: High Corona Case Count Award for Good Tests

Update, May 20, 2020, 6:20 a.m .: US president Donald Trump can the variety of proven Corona infections in the United States – more than 1.5 million – win something positive. He doesn’t consider it a “bad thing” that there are so many proven Infections in the country. “I consider it a good thing in a way because it means our tests are much better,” Trump said at the White House on Tuesday (local time). “I consider it an award, really, it’s an award.”

If you test nearly 14 million people like in the United States, you can find more cases, he said.

US-Canada border remains closed

+++ 8.15 p.m .: The border between the United States and Canada is said to remain largely closed for another 30 days due to concerns about the further spread of the novel corona virus. This was announced by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday, according to the Canadian media. Canadian provinces on the border showed a “clear desire” for an extension and the US was “completely open” for it.

The temporary closure of the border due to the coronavirus pandemic was agreed in March and extended in April. The aim is to prevent unnecessary travel between the two countries and at the same time to ensure the circulation of important goods such as medical equipment and food.

+++ 17.22 p.m .: Despite recent attacks by US President Donald Trump against the World Health Organization (WHO), the 194 WHO member countries have expressed their confidence. With a resolution at the end of their annual meeting on Tuesday, they called for “worldwide, timely and fair access and distribution” of vaccines and medicines for the disease Covid-19, which can be triggered by the new virus Sars-CoV-2. Poorer countries are concerned that the rich countries will initially only serve their own population.

So far there are no drugs or vaccines. The resolution requires an independent investigation into how the world and WHO have responded to the corona threat. Neither the United States nor China raised objections.

Donald Trump attacks WHO again

However, the United States later distanced itself from some of the wording in the resolution. Among them was the demand for a voluntary pool for patents. This is to prevent pharmaceutical companies from protecting developments in corona products, restricting production and making profit from them. The US delegation is concerned that such phrases “could affect countries’ ability to incentivize the development of new drugs,” the US delegation said.

While most member states focus on measures to contain the virus, US President Donald Trump again made serious allegations against WHO and its chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “It is clear that the repeated mistakes that you and your organization have made in responding to the pandemic have made the world extremely expensive,” he wrote.

Trump does not want to extend the deployment of the National Guard – despite requests from the governors

+++ 16.34 PM: More than 40,000 members of the National Guard, currently serving the U.S. States during the Corona pandemic help could experience a “hard stop” on June 24th. Then the order from the US President runs Donald Trump out.

Governors of various countries fear a second wave of the early pulling out of the national guards Corona pandemic. Hence the government was under Donald Trump asked to extend the deployment of the National Guard until the end of the year. So far, there has been no response from the US government to the governors’ request. “We would benefit greatly if the National Guards stayed longer – beyond the 90-day threshold of their service,” said a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

According to a report by “Politico”, some members of the National Guard could stay longer in the individual states, but it would be “impossible” for many states to support the guard without an order from the government.

Donald Trump employees are seeing rapid economic growth

+++ 3.41 p.m .: Government officials forecast despite the Corona pandemic a rapid strengthening of the economy. “It feels like today is the first day,” said the US president Donald Trump during a meeting of the White House on Monday (May 18th, 2020). “People go out. You can do it. ”

White House economists are optimistic that trends such as high unemployment can be reversed quickly, as the Washington Post reports. “I am really positively surprised at how quickly things are turning positive again,” said Kevin Hasset, White House Economist. “A few weeks ago, everything was very depressing, but you can really see that things are changing faster than I thought.” Hasset refers to business openings and credit card transactions in the past two weeks.

Criticism of Donald Trump’s threat – “National solo efforts are of no use”

+++ 14.11 clock: Criticism comes from the federal government Donald Trumps Threat to quit World Health Organization (WHO) and stop payments. The federal government’s transatlantic coordinator, Peter Beyer (CDU), told the editorial network Germany (Wednesday) that this was irresponsible.

“It is rarely advisable to leave a multilateral organization – especially not during a global crisis.” Beyer commented: “National solo efforts are of no use in this situation.” In order to get the corona pandemic under control, the United States would have to help WHO collaborate.

+++ 1.00 p.m .: The responsible creator of the Covid-19– Florida dashboards fired, reports Florida Today. The dashboard was a freely accessible tool for the media, researchers and the public to view numbers around the Corona crisis in the state of Florida.

Corona scientist refuses to censor numbers

The dashboard was created by a team of data scientists from the Florida Health Department and led by Rebekah Jones. Now she announced that she and her team were no longer in control of the dashboard. This would prevent them from publishing numbers or correcting errors. “I don’t trust the new team to have the same level of accessibility and transparency. Ultimately, my commitment to the tool is why I no longer manage it. ”

It was “not voluntary” that she no longer held the post. She would have been instructed to censor some data, but refused to “censor the data manually to help reopen Florida.”

Donald Trump takes malaria drug against Covid-19

+++ 11.35 a.m .: Donald Trump is always good for a surprise. Up until now you have always thought of all his recommendations in the Corona crisis are just empty chatter, but no, sometimes they are also meant completely seriously.

In fact, Trump is now personally demonstrating how a brave American citizen should behave in times of crisis. He’s been taking it for about a week and a half Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine namely actually as Coronavirus prophylaxis. He swallows a pill every day, he has just announced: “Because I think it’s good. I’ve heard a lot of good stories. ”But with Trump you never know. Maybe he didn’t quite tell the truth again.

The US president says he has coordinated the drug with the White House doctor. He also takes zinc to strengthen his immune system against possible infection. Already in March, Donald Trump repeatedly used hydroxychloroquine as a therapy for the disease Covid-19 advertised.

+++ 10.38 p.m .: The number of detected infections with the novel Corona virus has exceeded 4.7 million cases worldwide. Of these, more than 1.5 million cases fall on the United States. Almost one in three confirmed infections was identified in the John Hopkins University in the United States registered. Nearly 90,000 people are related to one in the United States Covid-19 infection already died. The most important focus of the United States remains the state of New York with over 355,000 confirmed infections and almost 28,168 deaths.

According to a study by the Reuters news agency, 13 of the 50 US states saw an increase in cases last week. They went in the administrative district around the capital Washington Corona cases back 32 percent.

Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump provides ultimatum – WHO has 30 days

Update, May 19, 2020, 6:20 a.m .: In the dispute about dealing with the Corona pandemic has US president Donald Trump with a permanent stop of US contributions to the World Health Organization (WHO) and threatened with his country leaving the organization.

Corona crisis in the USA – Donald Trump on WHO: “puppet of China”

Trump posted pictures of a letter to WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday evening (local time) on Twitter, calling for “major substantial improvements” in the organization’s work. If the WHO does not make such changes within the next 30 days, its government will permanently cease its contributions to the organization, the US president warned. In this case, his government would also “rethink” their membership of WHO. Trump the WHO as “China’s puppet”.

Corona crisis: USA accuses China and WHO of failure

+++ 8:46 p.m.: Severity accusations from the United States. Loud Secretary of Health Alex Azar have the World Health Organization (WHO) fails “to get the information the world needed”. The US Secretary of Health continued to rant in a video speech at the virtual annual meeting of the WHO member states: This “to fail” in the Corona crisis have “cost many lives”.

Again, allegations were made against China loudly, “in an obvious attempt to cover up this outbreak” at least one member state “made fun of its transparency obligations – with enormous consequential costs for the whole world,” said US Health Minister Azar.

For weeks, the United States, and especially President Donald Trump personally, violent allegations against the WHO and China. So Trump accused the WHO of “mismanagement” in the Corona crisis and stopped paying to the UN organization. Trump recently even threatened one with China Breaking off relationships.

+++ 3:45 p.m.: US President Donald Trump has once again the previous government under Barack Obama for the catastrophic situation in which the United States finds itself in the middle of the Corona crisis are held responsible.

Corona crisis in the USA: According to Donald Trump, Barack Obama is to blame

Almost five percent of the world’s population lives in the United States. Around 30 percent of global deaths related to the Corona virus but account for the country.

According to Donald Trump, his predecessor is to blame. Barack Obama “left him little”. But now the United States would test more than all other countries put together.

+++ 3 p.m .: The debate over the Curfews in the United States continues unabated. Top experts like Anthony Fauci repeatedly warn against wanting to return to the old standard now.

Virginia Beach: Many bathers despite the corona crisis in the USA

On the other hand, the question arises whether one of the Donald Trump and whose house broadcaster Fox News can even scare indoctrinated people with bans. In any case, the beautiful weather attracted many bathers to the weekend Virginia Beach Coast – And that, although the beach is still considered closed according to state guidelines.

But who cares? The beach was full, families were having a good time, the shops were crowded. Tents, parasols and beach blankets were set up near the water. It was probably a special kind of corona demonstration.

Corona crisis: 90,000 deaths in the US – Trump’s adviser blames “diverse population”

+++ 9:52 a.m .: The USA stays that way Corona pandemic hardest hit country in the world. Almost 90,000 people are in the course of one Covid-19 Disease died. Over 1.5 million people have proven to be involved SARS-CoV-2 infected.

Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump is looking for a culprit

In the middle of the Corona crisis the government is looking for Donald Trump desperately a scapegoat, which if possible does not come from within the ranks. So far, this included the Trump administration’s enemy images, which had also been used before Corona:

  • Barack Obama: Donald Trump regularly worked on the ex-president before the start of his 2016 election campaign. That hasn’t changed since Trump took office, and Obama remains the guilty party even in the corona crisis.
  • China: Like Obama, the People ‘s Republic of China is a favorite enemy of Donald Trump. That this Corona virus Trump supposedly has his origins in a cattle market in Wuhan and the Chinese authoritarian government is hardly interested in transparent information.
  • The opposition Democrats: Donald Trump’s son Eric recently accuses the political opponent of staging a huge hoax. And his brother, Donald Trump Junior, blatantly accuses the Democratic candidate for the presidential election, Joe Biden, of pedophilia.

Corona pandemic: why the United States is particularly affected

But now there is a new explanation for the high death toll that the USA in the midst of the corona crisis have to endure. Health Minister Alex Azar told CNN: “Unfortunately, the US population is very diverse.”

Among the minorities in the USA, medical preconditions would be rampant, which would Covid-19-Illness could have a dramatic impact. The “African American population is particularly at risk because there would be significant damage to health”. Azar, however, refused to admit that, on average, the U.S. population would adopt a healthier lifestyle than people in other countries. But the state is “an inheritance” that the Trump government now have to accept.

Corona crisis in the US: US economy could shrink by up to 30 percent

Update, May 18, 2020, 6.50 a.m .: The US economy could in the current quarter because of the Corona crisis according to the Fed, the Fed will shrink by up to 30 percent. It is quite possible that the gross domestic product will decrease by 20 to 30 percent, said Fed director Jerome Powell on Sunday evening (local time) in an interview with the television station CBS.

+++ 21.05 PM: It could take until the end of 2021 for the US economy to move away from the Corona crisis has recovered. This is the assessment of the head of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell.

If there isn’t a second wave, the US economy can recover in the second half of 2020, Powel told CBS. A vaccine may be necessary for complete recovery.

The US economy had recently suffered heavily from the corona pandemic. Share prices plummeted and unemployment rose to a record high.

Obama: Corona crisis reveals ignorance of the government

Update, 05/17/2020, 7.50 a.m .: The Corona crisis puts in the view of the former US president Barack Obama the ignorance of the government openly. The pandemic has shown more than anything else that those responsible don’t always know what they’re doing, Obama said in a graduate speech released on Saturday. “Many of them don’t even pretend to be responsible.” Obama’s words have been viewed by some US media as a rare public criticism of government officials.

Trump comments on contributions to WHO

+++ 21.39 p.m .: US President Donald Trump has not yet decided on American contributions to the World Health Organization (WHO). Payments have been temporarily suspended, but for example, the United States could in future pay ten percent of its previous contributions to WHO, Trump announced on the short message service Twitter.

Trump stopped payments to WHO a month ago. He criticized the organization’s approach to the corona pandemic and accused it of overly orienting itself to Chinese guidelines. The decision of the US president in the middle of the corona pandemic had caused international criticism.

Operation Warp Speed ​​for Corona Vaccine

+++ 21.03 p.m .: Experts question the “Friday 15.05.2020”Operation Warp SpeedBy US President Donald Trump. Paul Offit, director of the vaccination center at the Philadelphia City Children’s Hospital, told the Washington Post that the schedule was immature. It is still unclear which one Vaccines act and how exactly it is traceable who is immune.

The Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Peter Jay Hotez, said that in the current development vaccine is realistic in the second half of next year. Not as Trump promised by the end of 2020.

President Trump announced on Friday with the program “Warp speed“To provide several hundred million doses of vaccine by the end of the year. The name of the program goes back to the lightning-fast “warp speed” from the series of science fiction series “Star Trek”.

US House of Representatives approves $ 3 trillion corona bailout package

Update, May 16, 2020, 9:20 a.m .: The US House of Representatives controlled by the Democrats has a new one Corona Aid Package three trillion dollars (2.8 trillion euros). On Friday, 208 deputies voted in Washington, compared to 199 in Washington. It is, however, unlikely that the Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans, will also approve the gigantic aid package.

Donald Trump is driving vaccine development

+++ 21.06 p.m .: US President Donald Trump is driving the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus in the United States and speaks of the greatest effort since World War II. “There has never been a vaccine project like this in history,” Trump said in Washington on Friday. “Since the Second World War, nobody has seen anything like what we do in our country now. Incredible. ”It is a massive scientific and industrial effort. Work on a vaccine is running at “record-record-record speed”.

Trump’s government has launched an operation called Operation Warp Speed ​​to advance the development of a coronavirus vaccine. The name comes from the fictitious “warp drive” in the “Spaceship Enterprise” series, which can fly faster than the speed of light on television.

The US President said again that the goal is to develop a vaccine by the end of the year, maybe a little earlier or a little later. As soon as there is such a preparation, the military will also be involved in organizing the rapid distribution of the vaccine in the country. “We are preparing. It’s risky, it’s expensive, but we’re going to save a lot of time. We’ll save years if we do it right. ”

Operation Warp Speed ​​- Donald Trump Announces New Initiative to Find Corona Vaccine

+++ 6 p.m .: Donald Trump will announce this Friday who willOperation Warp Speed“To lead. This is reported by the US news portal CNN. Trump will commission Moncef Slaoui, former CEO of a pharmaceutical company, and four-star General Gustave Perna to search for a vaccine in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Operation Warp Speed ​​is designed to develop and produce a vaccine against this Corona virus accelerate. According to Anthony Fauci, who is also expected at today’s event, eight promising vaccines are in the test phase. Donald Trump was confident that a vaccine would still be available at the end of this year.

Donald Trump ally admits Obama’s plan has been ignored

+++ 14.05 p.m .: The easing in some US states has so far had little or nothing for the economy of the United States causes. Massive unemployment, which should be slowed down by the easing, continues to rise rapidly. The Democrats want to support the states in Congress coronaAid package bring in $ 3 trillion. But spokesman for White house have already threatened to stop the package. They consider support for a “partisan and ideological wish list” for the Democrats.

Due to the pandemic In April alone, more than 20 million Americans lost their jobs. Infections continue to rise rapidly. Currently, more than 1.4 million people have dealt with the Corona virus infected. Of these, at least 85,000 are affected by Covid-19 died.

Mitch McConnell admitted to ignoring Obama pandemic plan

+++ 11.13 p.m .: Mitch McConnell, Republican majority leader in the Senate and one of the closest allies of US President Donald Trump, has admitted that he has the Pandemic emergency plan the Obama administration ignored. McConnell had previously claimed that Obama’s team had left no plan – a statement that too Trump repeated.

In an interview with the television station “Fox News” confessed McConnell now that he had been wrong: “I clearly made a mistake in this regard.” On the fact that the plan was obviously not of the Trump government was followed wanted McConnell do not express. He did not know enough about the details and did not want to comment on it.

Trump railed against Obama: predecessor to blame for the corona crisis

Update from Friday, May 15th, 2020, 7:00 a.m .: Donald Trump leaves in the Corona crisis keine Gelegenheit für Kritik an seinen politischen Gegnern aus. Zur Zielscheibe ist neuerdings vor allem Amtsvorgänger Barack Obama become. Der soll an allem schuld sein. So habe Obama keinen vernünftigen Pandemie-Plan hinterlassen, er, Trump, sei somit von Beginn an völlig auf sich alleine gestellt gewesen.

Das ist recht hanebüchener Unsinn. Das existierende Pandemie-Team Has Trump selbst fired, das ihm überlassene Dokument zum Umgang mit einer solchen Krise nie richtig wahrgenommen. Auf 69 Seiten ist Schritt für Schritt aufgeführt, was in einem Pandemie-Fall zu tun sei – doch Trump hat das einfach ignoriert. Die Form hat ihm wohl nicht gefallen, wie er und seine Pressesprecherin jetzt zu erklären versuchten.

Trotzdem zeigte Trump sich jetzt „entschlossen, dass Amerika voll und ganz auf alle künftigen Ausbrüche (von Krankheiten), von denen wir hoffen, dass es keine geben wird, vorbereitet sein wird. So soll der Vorrat an Masken „dramatisch“ aufgestockt werden, wie er bei einem Auftritt in Allentown im US-Bundesstaat Pennsylvania ankündigte. Nie wieder werde ein Präsident leere Regale oder abgelaufene Produkte erben, versprach er. Ein erneuter Seitenhieb gegen Obama.

Erst Ende April hatte Trump seinen Amtsvorgänger beschuldigt, er habe „schlechte, kaputte Tests“ hinterlassen – ungeachtet der Tatsache, dass das Corona virus erstmals Ende 2019 auftauchte.

Corona-Krise in den USA: Donald Trump droht China

+++ 20.45 Uhr: Gut steht es in der Corona crisis nicht um die Beziehung zwischen China und den United States. Nun drohte US president Donald Trump gar mit einem cancellation the Beziehungen zu Peking. Gegenüber dem Sender Fox Business sagte Trump, er wolle „im Augenblick“ nicht mit dem chinesischen Präsidenten Xi Jinping sprechen. Denn er sei „sehr enttäuscht“ über Chinas Haltung in der Coronavirus pandemic. Auf Vergeltungsmaßnahmen der USA angesprochen nannte Trump nichts Konkretes, drohte aber: „Es gibt viele Dinge, die wir tun könnten. Wir könnten alle Beziehungen abbrechen.“

Im Vorfeld preschte Donald Trump immer wieder mit harten Vorwürfen gegen China in front. Er warf Peking vor, wichtige Informationen über die Ausbreitung des Corona virus zurückgehalten zu haben. Außerdem hätte China das Virus stoppen können, aber das sei nicht passiert, sagte Trump im Interview mit Fox Business. Auch warf die US-Regierung China vor, mit Hilfe von Hackern Forschungsergebnisse zu möglichen Corona-Impfstoffen and Covid-19-Medikamenten ausspionieren zu wollen. Die neuen Drohungen des US-Präsidenten dürften das Verhältnis der beiden Staaten weiter verschlechtern.

Corona in den USA: Weißes Haus reagiert auf Vorwürfe von Coronavirus-Whistleblower

+++ 18.44 Uhr: Noch während die Anhörung des Coronavirus-Whistleblowers Rick Bright vor dem US-Kongress läuft, hat die Trump-Administration reagiert und einige Vorwürfe zurückgewiesen. The Press officer of Weißen Hauses Kayleigh McEnany warf dem Whistleblower im Sender Fox News vor, nicht aufgepasst zu haben. Die Vorwürfe, die Regierung sei nicht vorbereitet, würden nicht stimmen. Die Regierung habe bereits vor Beginn der Corona-Pandemie ein Dokument mit Maßnahmen im Falle einer Krise verfasst. Auch sei Schutzausrüstung zu Verfügung gestellt worden, beispielsweise habe Donald Trump gewährleistet, dass mehr als dreimal so viele Respirators in der Gesundheitsindustrie zur Verfügung stünden, als in einem durchschnittlichen Jahr.

Dagegen steht die Aussage des Coronavirus-Whistleblowers Rick Bright der die Regierung beschuldigt, dass Menschen ihr leben verloren hätten, weil die Regierung nicht rechtzeitig reagiert habe. Da zu wenig Respirators vorlägen, würden viele Angestellte in Krankenhäusern mit Masken arbeiten, die nicht den notwendigen Standards entsprächen. According to the Whistleblowers war bereits 2007 klar, dass im Falle einer Pandemie in den United States nicht genug Atemschutzmasken zur Verfügung seien.

Coronavirus-Whistleblower: Die Trump-Regierung hat in der Corona-Krise versagt

Update vom Donnerstag, 14.05.2020, 17.55 Uhr: In a Whistleblower-Anhörung sagte Doktor Rick Bright am Donnerstag (14.05.2020) vor dem US-Kongress out. Er war Direktor der BARDA einer dem US-Gesundheitsministerium untergeordneten Behörde, bevor er auf einen Posten in das Nationale Gesundheitsinstitut (NIH) der USA versetzt wurde.

Wie er bei der Anhörung im Kongress noch einmal unterstreicht, wurde er versetzt, weil er sich weigerte, ein Medikament gegen das Corona virus für eine breite Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Denn das Medikament Chloroquin war noch nicht ausgiebig in klinischen Studien getestet worden. Bei einem Einsatz in der breiten Öffentlichkeit außerhalb von Notsituationen im Krankenhaus, sei die Gefahr für die Patienten zu hoch gewesen, so der Whistleblower. Denn Nebenwirkungen und Risiken hätten weder überwacht werden können, noch wäre es möglich gewesen, Coronavirus-Patienten bei Problemen rechtzeitig zu helfen. Das war für Doktor Rick Bright nicht zu verantworten. Vor allem Präsident Donald Trump hatte sich damals für den breiten Einsatz von Chloroquin stark gemacht.

Außerdem warnt der Whistleblower Rick Bright davor, dass keinen Plan gegeben habe und immer noch keine nationale Strategie gebe, das Corona virus zu bekämpfen. Auch eine designierte Behörde fehle. Die Trump-Regierung habe versagt, rechtzeitig die kritischen Schritte zu gehen. Schon im Januar sei absehbar gewesen, dass ein Mangel an Schutzausrüstung bevorstehe, wenn man nicht augenblicklich handelt. Rick Bright habe bei Vorgesetzten und auf höherer Ebene immer wieder versucht, auf dieses Problem aufmerksam zu machen. Aber immer wieder wurde er vertröstet. Auch seien zu wenig finanzielle Mittel in die Forschung to the Corona virus geflossen, was die Entwicklung eines Corona-Impfstoffes nachhaltig verlangsamt habe. Derzeit stellen Abgeordnete des US-Kongresses dem Coronavirus-Whistleblower weitere Fragen.

Hochrangiger US-Beamter warnt Kongress und spricht von „dunkelstem Winter“ der Geschichte

Erstmeldung vom Donnerstag, 14.05.2020, 14.40 Uhr: Washington – Ungeachtet eindringlicher Warnungen ranghoher Gesundheitsbeamter will US-Präsident Donald Trump die Wiedereröffnung von Schulen und Universitäten vorantreiben. Das neue Schuljahr solle wie geplant im Herbst beginnen, zumal das Coronavirus* laut Donald Trump „sehr wenig Auswirkungen“ auf jüngere Menschen habe „Wir müssen unsere Schulen öffnen“, sagte Trump auch in einem am Donnerstag ausgestrahlten Interview mit dem Sender Fox Business. „Wir müssen unser Land öffnen.“ Ausdrücklich widersprach er dabei Experteneinschätzungen, die vor übereilten Schritten warnen.

USA: Donald Trump widerspricht Experteneinschätzung vor übereilten Schritten in der Corona-Krise

Hochrangige Beamte mahnten dagegen zur Vorsicht. „Ohne klare Planung und Umsetzung der Schritte, die ich und andere Experten umrissen haben, wird 2020 der dunkelste Winter der jüngeren Geschichte sein“, warnte Rick Bright, ehemaliger Direktor der dem Gesundheitsministerium untergeordneten Behörde BARDA, in einer vorab verbreiteten Aussage für einen Ausschuss des Repräsentantenhauses. Er sollte am Donnerstag im Parlament angehört werden.

Bright kritisierte Trumps Corona policy scharf. Es sei eine „unbestreitbare Tatsache“, dass im Herbst das Corona virus erneut auftreten werde. Mit einem gleichzeitigen Ausbruch der Grippe wäre dies eine „beispiellose Belastung“ für das Gesundheitssystem. Das Land sei wegen Trumps irreführender Kommunikation und einer fehlenden landesweiten Strategie wie gelähmt. Wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse müssten die Strategie für den Kampf gegen das neuartige Corona virus definieren, „nicht Politik und Vetternwirtschaft“.

Corona in den USA: Donald Trump diskreditiert Rick Bright via Twitter

Donald Trumps Reaktion via Twitter* ließ nicht lange auf sich warten. „Ich kenne den sogenannten Whisteblower Rick Bright nicht, habe ihn nie getroffen oder von ihm gehört. Aber für mich ist er ein verärgerter Mitarbeiter, der von Leuten, mit denen ich gesprochen habe, weder gemocht noch respektiert wurde.“ Er solle laut Trump „nicht mehr für unsere Regierung arbeiten“.

Bright wurde im April nach eigenen Angaben als Direktor der Behörde geschasst, weil er sich weigerte, von Trump gepriesene Behandlungsmethoden für die Lungenerkrankung Covid-19 zu unterstützen, die nicht wissenschaftlich belegt waren. Er wurde auf einen Posten im Nationalen Gesundheitsinstitut (NIH) versetzt. Trump erklärte, er kenne den Beamten gar nicht.

Marvin Ziegele mit dpa

* ist Teil des bundesweiten Ippen-Redaktionsnetzwerks

Die USA waren bereits in tiefer Sorge, doch Anthony Fauci sagt, zwischen ihm und Donald Trump sei alles in Ordnung.

Rubriklistenbild: © AFP


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