Corona patient who was ‘liberated’ from hospital by anti-vaxxers dies

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In Ireland, 75-year-old former DJ Joe McCarron has died as a result of being infected with the corona virus. McCarron was the subject of a mind-boggling action by anti-vaxxers. The man, himself a corona denier, was persuaded to leave the hospital on September 14 by the anti-vaxxer and anti-vaxxer who lives in Ireland. foreign activist Antonio Mureddu.

The Italian distributed images of his action online. He had convinced McCarron that the hospital wanted to “lock him up” in intensive care and that he would die there. Hospital staff protesting the action were verbally abused and intimidated by the anti-vaxxers. Doctors warned that McCarron’s life was in danger if he withdrew from medical care.

Two days after the ‘liberation’, McCarron returned to the hospital with severe respiratory symptoms. He died on Friday. The police are investigating the action of the Italian fascist. The relatives have expressed their disgust at the action of the anti-vaxxers. They also apologized to the hospital staff and thanked them for all the care.

The Italian is part of the Freedom on the Land Movement, an extremist libertarian group that believes, among other things, that laws only apply to those who agree to them. The movement grew out of American racist anti-government groups.

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