Corona: researchers before vaccine breakthrough in Bavaria – doctors reveal details

Researchers from Erlangen have now taken a big step forward in researching a vaccine against the coronavirus. The first details are now known.

Update from 10.13 a.m.: You can read all the information about the corona virus in Bavaria and the press conference of Markus Söder and Winfried Kretschmann in our new news ticker for the Free State.

Update from April 23, 7.45 a.m.: The heads of government of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, Markus Söder (CSU) and Winfried Kretschmann (Greens), will advise on this Thursday (12 noon) in Ulm about the Corona crisis. The working dinner in the town hall should be about the next steps, it said from the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry. Afterwards (1 p.m.), the heads of government want to go live to the public on the Internet.

Söder had spoken out in favor of cooperation between the two countries in his government statement earlier this week. “Because we’re in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg go very closely side by side and one on one because we have a similar development. “

In quick succession, both federal states decided this week to introduce a mask requirement in public transport and when shopping from next Monday. In other areas, such as store openings, the procedure is different in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Bayern have been more conservative so far and take more time to relax. The Bavarian retail trade had criticized the procedure as a great injustice. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Swabia fears that the opening of the catering trade will be similar.

Chancellor Angela Merkel warns that the states are loosening too quickly – they are moving on “the thinnest ice”.

Corona in Bavaria: Researchers from Bavaria are on the verge of a vaccine breakthrough – doctors publish details

Update from 8:38 p.m .: When is there one Coronavirus vaccine? This question currently dominates the headlines, it is still unclear when it can be expected. Like now Southgerman newspaper reports, researchers from Erlangen are on the brink of a breakthrough. As the newspaper continues to report, the vaccine could be available by the end of the year.

The doctors say that the vaccine will still have to be tested in the coming months. Like thisSouth German newspaper further reported, the researchers at the University Clinic Erlangen have now managed to recover a “passive vaccine” from the blood Covid-19-To manufacture patients.

Using a clinical studyThe use of the agent must be checked, which can start in at least six months.

Update from 8:25 p.m .: Bavaria Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) has this Wednesday School timetable for Bavaria after the corona lockdown * presented – and we summarized it.

Corona virus: Eight of the ten worst affected counties in Bavaria

Update from 4:46 p.m .: Eight out of the ten of Corona virus the worst affected counties are in Bavaria. Are strong beer festivals the cause of the hotspots? *

Update from 4 p.m .: The number of newly infected people seems to be leveling off at a medium double-digit level: 69 new people were born in Munich on Wednesday (April 22) Corona cases approved. So far, a total of 5,332 infections have been reported in the state capital.

This figure includes 3,650 people who have already recovered, 766 Munich residents COVID-19 patients, all of whom had to be admitted to hospital and 116 deaths. The number of the latter has increased by eight compared to yesterday.

Meanwhile, not everyone in Bavaria still adheres to the exit restrictions. Probably around 15 people have one Birthday party celebrated on a ruined castle near Tettnang (Lake Constance district) and Corona rules resists.

When the police informed by witnesses arrived on Wednesday morning, the majority of the guests had already run away or were hiding. The officers caught three young people. According to a police spokesman, they revealed the names of their fellow celebrants. Proceedings against violations of the Infection Protection Act are initiated against all of them.

Corona virus in Bavaria: mask requirement too late? No “fashion accessory”

Update from 3.10 p.m .: The one that applies nationwide in Bavaria from Monday Mask requirement in stores and local transport, according to the Munich Corona experts Clemens Wendtner should come weeks ago.

“I’m glad that it happens now,” said the chief physician of the clinic for infectious diseases in the Munich clinic Schwabing, who was the first in Germany in January Corona patients had treated. Wendtner warned people to comply with the new regulation. “This is not one Fashion accessory. The purpose of the piece of cloth is to protect people. ”

Read: Bavaria’s secret central warehouse for medical protection equipment is located in the Munich district. Strict safety precautions guard it – especially important in corona times: the mouthguard.

Corona in Bavaria: Over 39,000 infections in the Free State

Update from 2.38 p.m .: In Bavaria, 39,190 people are now positive for that Corona virus Sars-CoV-2 been tested. So far 1443 people have died who were infected with the pathogen.

This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen on Wednesday (at 10 a.m.) on its website. The estimated number of people recovered was 23,860.

After the Oktoberfest cancellation by Söder: Aiwanger suddenly demands Mini-Oktoberfest – and triggers indignation

Update from 13:08: The Oktoberfest 2020 was canceled. But does that also mean a replacement without replacement? Oktoberfest fans may still have hope – at least if it is after Hubert Aiwanger * goes.

The economics minister revealed in the picture an interesting plan. Somehow Oktoberfest * must also exist in 2020. He brought a replacement commemorative Oktoberfest into play *: “I am absolutely in favor of worrying now about how we can tackle a small replacement commemorative Oktoberfest”. The Freising City Council holds this Susanne Günther nothing. The Greens politician Bavaria’s minister of economics attacks sharply via Twitter: “Such statements are so counterproductive, because the danger is becoming increasingly marginalized. And it is already noticeable in the behavior of many ”.

Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter regretted the rejection of the Oktoberfest in an interview * – the Oktoberfest has a high economic value, in 2018 alone 1.23 billion euros. “But a festival with around six million guests and a virus that might spread here again rapidly and worldwide would be irreparable damage to the image of the Oktoberfest and also for Munich. A health hazard to visitors to the Meadows must not exist. ”The festival has been canceled 24 times since 1810.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: First city with mandatory mask – solution for daycare fees

Update from 11:52 a.m .: In the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim and in the city, customers in shops or local passengers have been wearing mouth-nose protection since Wednesday. The city and district are the first in Bavaria to make use of an authorization that Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced on Monday in his government statement in the state parliament. Accordingly, so-called corona hotspots, i.e. regions with particularly high numbers of infections, can impose a mask requirement.

Many customers had come with face masks before, a business owner reported in the morning. However, not every visitor has a mask yet – possibly not all of them would have noticed the disposition.

Corona crisis: Free State finds solution for daycare fees

The Bavarian government and childcare providers have agreed on the relief for parents in the next three months in the Corona crisis. “There is a flat-rate relief for the porters, graded according to crèche, kindergarten, after-school care and day care,” said Social Minister Carolina Trautner (CSU) on Wednesday in Munich. In return, the contributions for the months of May, June and July would not be collected from the parents. However, this only applies to parents who did not use emergency care during the respective months.

In addition, work is currently being carried out on a concept for gradually opening childcare. “I get advice from an expert panel of doctors, educators, psychologists,” said Trautner. Questions of mouth protection, group sizes and the use of high-risk groups – such as older carers – would also be discussed.

Corona crisis in Bavaria: Minister of Education informs about school openings

Update from 10.46 a.m .: “The Corona crisis has a firm grip on us”, Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (free voters) began the press conference on the subject School openings. “School is a place of communication, of social interaction”, so it was particularly sad that school closures had to be arranged. Piazolo still thinks this is the right way. There would be no quick return to normal.

The Graduation classes be the first to return, they make up around 14 percent of the students. From May 11th, the classes that will graduate next year and the fourth grades of Primary schools. You have to think a lot about how to proceed with the other classes. The hope is to bring all classes back. But: “It is better to drive in sight,” said Piazolo, so he would not announce a plan several weeks and months in advance. Keep that Infection events further in mind. “We are starting the class with care”.

Corona crisis in Bavaria: hygiene plan for school openings

There is a special one Hygiene plan. The final classes are divided, 10 to 15 students are taught maximum. This ensures the distance. There is also a special seating arrangement and no group work. There are rules for going to school, breaks and going to the toilet. Chronically ill students do not have to take part in lessons, they should be able to learn at home. Teachers belonging to the risk group also do not have to take face-to-face classes.

Piazolo asked parents not to put pressure on their children. “We are aware that there are deficits,” said Piazolo. These gaps, which may have widened, must be filled after the crisis. At school you should also talk about Corona.

Masks are mandatory on the way to school – in public transport. But not in the schools themselves. Michael Piazolo thinks this makes sense, for example when arriving in the school building. In the classroom itself, however, it is probably rather difficult for students and teachers.

Corona crisis in Bavaria: Minister of Education speaks to school openings

Update from 10.15 a.m .: Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (Free Voters) speaks at 10.30 a.m. at a press conference to reopen the schools. The press conference is available here in the live stream and ticker. *

Update from 9.33 a.m .: The Oktoberfest 2020 is officially canceled. Munich OB Dieter Reiter (SPD) explains in an interview how to proceed and whether the Oktoberfest 2021 will even be extended. *

Corona virus spread through local elections? AfD with allegations

Update, April 22, 6:42 p.m .: Did the local election on March 15 cause massive spread of the corona virus in Bavaria? This allegation is made in an AfD report based on figures from the Robert Koch Institute. The AfD accused the state government on Monday that the elections were “demonstrably a massive source of infection”. An article has appeared on the PolitPlag online portal with the thesis that the number of infections in Bavaria has skyrocketed due to the local elections.

In the first Bavarian city, masks are mandatory from Wednesday – refusers face fines

Update, 7:35 p.m .: Who against that Mask requirement in Bavaria Florian Herrmann, head of state chancellery, faces a fine. “You have to see the height,” says the CSU politician. You will from Ministry of the Interior incorporated into the Corona fine catalog in the coming days.

Herrmann emphasized that the police but also the staff in Buses and Tracks be asked to check compliance with the mask requirement. This will be done similarly to the controls of the previous ones activities against the spread of the Corona pandemic. From next Monday (April 27th) there will be a duty in the Free State to cover mouth and nose in shops and in public transport.

From which Age the Mask requirement should apply, initially provided for confusion. At first it was said that it was valid from the age of seven – later it was clarified: the obligation to wear a mask should apply to children from the age of seven – i.e. from the sixth birthday of the Child.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Technical University of Munich starts large antibody study

Update, 6.02 p.m .: The starts with biannual blood tests of hospital staff Technical university (TU) Munich one of the largest antibody studies in Germany for the Corona virus. The study is expected to provide data on the stability of antibodies over two years, thus helping Protective measures for hospital staff and patients. As reported by the TU, voluntary blood tests of the staff should take place every six months Clinic right of the Isar as well as associated scientific institutes are tested.

The aim of the study is to identify the specific antibody status for Sars-CoV-2 and its stability can be determined over two years. At the same time, a questionnaire should show which infection risks the employees both face Covid 19 stations as well as on normal stations or in logistics and administration. “Since we have more waves of pandemic expect, the studies will be carried out several times in the course of the process, ”explained molecular immunologist Percy Knolle, one of the two heads of the study. From the Results should be derived how long antibodies after a survived infection can protect against re-infection.

“Corona risk too high”: Söder blows off Oktoberfest – In the first city, a mask requirement applies from Wednesday

Update, 4:36 p.m .: The Mask requirement comes to Bavaria (please refer below) – and starts in a city and a district tomorrow (Wednesday, April 22). In Upper Bavaria Rosenheim is wearing Masks, Scarves or shawls that cover your mouth and nose, from then on in local public transport and when visiting shops.

All over Bavaria applies the Mask requirement only from next Monday (April 27th). Apart from Rosenheim, the Lower Bavarian region is thriving Straubing Before: Masks are mandatory from Thursday (April 23). The reason for the premature introductions are probably high numbers of infected people. In city and district Rosenheim the numbers are still increasing – they are among the top 10 in Germany. Under these framework conditions, it is justified and necessary to put the mask requirement into effect early, ”explains the head of the civil protection leadership group, Hans Meyrl.

“Corona risk too high”: Söder blows off Oktoberfest – age rule for mouth protection set

Update from 2:53 p.m.: In Bavaria, the number of people infected with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus rose to 38,618. This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen on Tuesday (at 10 a.m.) on its website. The number of deaths infected with the virus rose to 1,354. According to the state office, an estimated 18,850 people are recovered.

Also read: The Oktoberfest 2020 was canceled due to coronavirus. Toni Roiderer’s hacker tent at the Oktoberfest will not be available this year. The host takes it with composure.

Corona virus in Bavaria: reactions to Oktoberfest cancellation

For the Bavarian hospitality industry, which is already badly hit anyway, the cancellation of the Oktoberfest a new bad news. Association managing director Thomas Geppert said on Tuesday that the decision “must not lead to total damage to the hospitality industry, the industry needs the reduced VAT rate more than ever and one Rescue fundThe cancellation is “not only a huge loss for the city, but far beyond.” Due to the economic interdependence, “large parts of the economy would clearly feel this loss”.

In the opinion of the Showman not be the blueprint for other folk festivals. “The end of the Munich Oktoberfest 2020 must not automatically mean the end of all German folk festivals,” demanded the German Showmen’s Association on Tuesday.

The Munich business consultant and Wiesnchef Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) regrets the cancellation of the Oktoberfest, but sees it as the right way. A move or a reduced festival was not an option, said Baumgartner on Tuesday. “Because of the lengthy preparatory work involved in planning and awarding, the Oktoberfest can neither be postponed nor in another format,” said the festival manager. “Organizing an emergency party would permanently damage the Oktoberfest brand. The Gesamtkunstwerk Oktoberfest either exists entirely – or not at all. ”

The Oktoberfest is officially canceled and the corona crisis is penetrating more and more into everyday life. Florian Thomä, showman at the Oktoberfest, has a grim forecast * – well after the Oktoberfest. The federal government is planning the next anti-corona package.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Mask requirement in Rosenheim from Wednesday

Update from 1:52 p.m .: In Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria, a mask will be required from Wednesday due to the corona pandemic. It applies in the city and district “for all visits to shops and for the use of public transport,” said the municipalities on Tuesday. The two local authorities are thus making use of an authorization that the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) announced on Monday in his government statement in the state parliament for so-called corona hotspots, i.e. regions with particularly high infection rates.

“The number of infected people in the city and district of Rosenheim is still increasing and is among the top 10 in Germany. Under these conditions, it is justified and necessary to put the mask requirement into effect early, ”said the head of the civil protection leadership group, Hans Meyrl. From Thursday there should also be a mask requirement in Straubing in Lower Bavaria. Here too, the number of cases is currently very high

Corona virus in Bavaria: mask requirement applies from the age of seven – fines can result in a violation

Update from 1:25 p.m .: The press conference has ended. From Monday (April 27), according to Florian Herrmann, Head of State Chancellery, a mask requirement applies to public transport and shops – for everyone from the age of seven. Compliance should be checked, and violations are subject to a fine. The height is still unknown. Finance Minister Albert Füracker provided information on the financial aspects of the corona pandemic. An aid package worth EUR 500 million was decided in the cabinet. The help for artists already announced by Markus Söder and the assumption of daycare fees for three months are just as much a part of this as help for private hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.

Corona virus in Bavaria: If you violate the obligation to wear a mask, you will be fined

Update from 1:10 p.m .: There is a demand for the mask requirement: how is it controlled and what penalties are imminent? The mask requirement applies from Monday, until then details have to be discussed. The plan was that the breach of duty with one fine is occupied – the amount is still unclear. It should also Controls give. In public transport, personnel could possibly take control – or the police, says Herrmann.

Füracker explains that there is financial aid for the catering and hotel industry as well as in the economy. Emergency aid can be requested and accessed. There are still quick loans, especially for small companies, he explains.

Update from 1:05 p.m .: Herrmann answers a question about how those affected can get help from the artist or how the assumption of the daycare fees works exactly. Details still have to be discussed, the aim – as with emergency aid – is to implement it as unbureaucratically as possible.

Corona virus in Bavaria: 500 million euros in aid decided

Update from 12.55 p.m .: Finance Minister Albert Füracker provides information on the financial aspects. Söder had already announced further aid yesterday that it had been approved today. Additional help was granted in the area of ​​health care, including for rehabilitation facilities. Private hospitals that have kept their beds empty are provided with one flat rate supported. An aid program for the municipalities has also been launched.

Also a Aid program for art and culture was decided. Artists receive 1000 euros per month for a maximum of three months. Music schools should also be supported. Daycare fees will also be taken over for three months, as Söder had already announced in the government declaration. Youth hostels at risk of existence should be supported. Sports clubs and associations also receive support, as Füracker explains, through the Club fee happen. “We are investing around 500 million euros from our Corona special fund here,” summarizes Füracker. You can only afford that because you’ve managed well in recent years. But you would now have to go into debt. All measures would lead to 3.4 billion in revenue shortfalls in the state budget. One relies on Bavaria’s economy to prosper again after the crisis.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: mask requirement applies from the age of seven

Update from 12.40 p.m .: State Chancellor Florian Herrmann and Finance Minister Albert Füracker will report on the results after the cabinet meeting. The meeting dealt exclusively with the fight against the corona pandemic, said Herrmann. There has been relief since this week, so measures must be taken to prevent it from spreading. From next week it will therefore be “mandatory in public transport and shops to wear a mouth-and-nose cover,” says Hermann. The mask requirement has therefore been decided – from the age of seven. A scarf is sufficient.

Oktoberfest 2020 canceled: hard blow for Oktoberfest hosts

Update from 12:04 p.m .: The cancellation of the Oktoberfest is a hard blow for Oktoberfest hosts, showmen and market buyers. “The cancellation hits us all hard,” said the spokesman for the Oktoberfest hosts, Peter Inselkammer, in a first reaction on Tuesday. It’s not just about the financial side. The Oktoberfest is also a very emotional thing. “We are close. The Oktoberfest is a matter close to the heart. We look forward to it all year round and prepare ourselves. ”The Oktoberfest embodies life in Munich like no other event.

There will also be no Oktoberfest light with fewer visitors, as was discussed in the Munich media. The distance rules could hardly have been implemented in the Oktoberfest tents – and would also have disturbed the mood. “What I can’t imagine is a half-empty beer tent,” said Inselkammer.

After Oktoberfest cancellation by Söder and Reiter: Gillamoos postponed

Update from 10:51 a.m .: In the morning, the Oktoberfest cancellation by Markus Söder and Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter was announced at a press conference. Bavaria’s prime minister had also promised further consequences. “Of course, the same applies to festivals that are in this period, such as the one Gillamoosthat we have to make a similar decision about. ”

Now the city of Abensberg has reacted: “Looking at the press release by Prime Minister Markus Söder on Tuesday, April 21, we find that the Gillamoos 2020 has to be postponed to next year. We will inform you in detail about further measures at the beginning of May ”, can be read on the website of the city of Abensberg.

Kindergartens and primary schools remain closed indefinitely in the Corona crisis. But why actually? Are children the feared virus throwers at all? *

“Corona risk too high”: Oktoberfest officially canceled – and Söder announces further consequences

Update from 10:02 a.m .: In addition to the Oktoberfest, according to Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), other popular festivals in the Free State are also facing cancellation in late summer and autumn. If the Oktoberfest could not take place, then this also applies to “similar festivals” that were to take place in Bavaria during the same period, Söder said on Tuesday at a joint press conference with Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) about the Oktoberfest cancellation. “We also think it would be irresponsible to do that there. You can’t make a beer tent at the Oktoberfest, but somewhere else. “

“It’s not just about the Oktoberfest, we also have a few other festivals that are also short on time, be it Gillamoos or others that we have to make a similar decision here,” emphasized Söder. The Gillamoos folk festival in Abensberg was supposed to take place in early September. But the autumn festival in Rosenheim has also been planned for late August to mid-September. According to Söder’s statements, their formal rejection seems to be only a matter of form. Others, such as the Gäuboden folk festival in Straubing, have already been canceled.

Corona pandemic: Oktoberfest in Munich officially canceled – Söder and Reiter announce decision

Update from 9:19 a.m.: The Oktoberfest 2020 in Munich is canceled. Prime Minister Markus Söder announced the decision at a press conference in the morning with Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter. They are both big fans of the Meadows. “Normally we would be very interested that this festival takes place. But we live in special times, ”said Söder. “We have agreed that the risk is simply too great.”

“It is a sad day for me,” said Reiter. “It’s a bitter pill,” he said – also with a view to that economy. “Everyone will painfully miss the Oktoberfest in their wallets”. According to the city, the Wiesn 2019 had an economic value of around 1.23 billion euros.

Corona virus in Bavaria – Oktoberfest in Munich canceled: “That is a bitter pill”

Update from 9.13 a.m .: The press conference has ended.

Update from 9.10 a.m .: “The city of Munich has to invite,” explains Söder. As long as no contracts have been concluded, there is no legal claim, it is said on request. The city therefore does not expect complaints.

Update from 9.06 a.m .: Now Munich’s mayor speaks Dieter Reiter and praises the cooperation with the Free State. “It is a sad day for me,” said Reiter. “The Oktoberfest 2020 will not be able to take place ”. 70 percent of the visitors to the Oktoberfest come from Bavaria, for many it is the highlight of the year. “It’s a bitter pill,” says Reiter. This also has negative effects on the economy. “Everyone will painfully miss the Oktoberfest in their wallets”.

Oktoberfest hammer: Söder announces Oktoberfest cancellation 2020

Update from 9:02 a.m.: The press conference begins. Prime Minister Markus Söder is the first to speak. Söder and Reiter are the “biggest fans” of the Oktoberfest, explains Bavarian Prime Minister. They would be very interested in it taking place. “But we live in different times,” said Söder. “We have agreed that the risk is simply too great,” explains Söder. You can on the Oktoberfest don’t keep your distance. It was therefore decided together “that the Oktoberfest will not take place this year.”

Update from 8.29 a.m .: Will the Oktoberfest 2020 be canceled? The signs are thickening. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder and Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter inform at nine o’clock. The press conference is available here in the live stream.

Corona virus in Bavaria: is the Oktoberfest in Munich about to be canceled?

Update from April 21, 7.41 a.m .: Prime minister Markus Söder (CSU) and Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) inform on Tuesday about their deliberations on the possible cancellation of the Oktoberfest. The State Chancellery canceled one press conference for 9 a.m. In the past few days, both politicians had questioned whether that Oktoberfest in Corona times can take place. “We both have a similar assessment that we are very skeptical about whether a festival in size, with internationality and under the conditions makes any sense,” said Söder on Monday in his Government statement in the state parliament. Last week, Reiter announced a decision for the Oktoberfest in April.

Other popular festivals have also been canceled, including that Gäuboden folk festival in Straubing. It always starts on the second Friday in August and, with around 1.4 million guests, is one of the largest festivals in the Free State. Last Wednesday, the federal and state governments decided to initially ban major events until the end of August. The Oktoberfest is planned from September 19 to October 4 – therefore the Oktoberfest would be feasible. Until then, however, experts see too little time to develop drugs and vaccinations.

Corona virus in Germany: hope for the Bundesliga?

Update, 5.30 p.m .: There is still hope for them Bundesliga? Opposite the picture has Markus Söder voiced about it. Like North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet, Söder spoke in favor of a Bundesliga comeback from May 9. The decision was a “tightrope walk”, according to the Bavarian Prime minister. One should not act lightly. Even ghost games are a tightrope walk. “Ghost rounds” are “perhaps conceivable” from 9 May at the earliest. Söder also wants to secure the Bundesliga decision from Robert Koch Institute.

Meanwhile, there is growing evidence that the Oktoberfest in Munich is being canceled due to the Corona crisis. Markus Söder and Munich’s OB Reiter will be informing tomorrow’s Tuesday (April 21) in a joint press conference on the Oktoberfest.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Straubing as a pioneer in the obligation to wear a mask – shopping only with a mask

Update from 3.20 p.m .: Straubing leads the way at Mask requirement in the Free State: As of Thursday (April 23), people in the Lower Bavarian city are only allowed to go shopping with a mouth-nose mask or scarf. The city announced on Monday. The reason for this is the particularly high number of infections. Throughout Bavaria, mouth and nose masks or scarves should be mandatory in shops and local public transport from next week, such as Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in Munich in his government statement said.

Meanwhile, the hardware stores in Bavaria reopened on Monday (April 20). The Hagebaumarkt in Freising, for example, experienced a real rush *.

Update from 2:33 p.m .: The number of people infected with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus has now risen to 38,232 in Bavaria. The State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen announced this on Monday (as of 10:00 a.m.) on its website. The number of deaths infected with the virus rose to 1,299.

Corona virus in the Free State: FDP criticizes Söder and the Bavarian government

Update from 2.10 p.m .: The FDP in the state parliament has accused Prime Minister Markus Söder and his government of an increasingly incomprehensible lurching course in the current corona crisis management. As far as traceability is concerned, “Bavarian politics has unfortunately got worse over the past few days,” said parliamentary leader Martin Hagen on Monday in the state parliament in Munich. He accused Söder of not sufficiently loosening the restrictions in the retail sector. While nurseries, for example, should open now, flower shops would have to remain closed.

Hagen also did not accept Söder’s reason for not wanting to continue opening large department stores and shopping centers, because otherwise too many visitors would arise in the city centers. Instead of a blanket ban, as in other federal states, there would have to be small-scale concepts, such as opening permits for individual days according to industries or house numbers. Everything else is not accurate and creates injustices. Finally, a concept is also needed in the area of ​​gastronomy and the hotel industry. Hagen warned that people from Bavaria would soon go shopping in neighboring countries: “Bavarian retailers are unfortunately looking into the tube because we open the shops in Bavaria a week later than our neighboring countries.”

The first restrictions in the wake of the Corona crisis are being reduced. At the same time, new measures are being taken. What about the obligation to wear a mask in Bavaria?

Corona virus in Bavaria: Free State will introduce mandatory masks from next week

Update from 12.17 p.m .: Bavaria is the first federal state in West Germany to introduce a mask requirement in all shops and public transport. From next week on there should be Mouth-nose protection, Everyday masks or even scarves are mandatory, said Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) on Monday in a government statement in the state parliament. “It’s generally called one Mask requirement“This will apply to all public transport and to all shops that are already open. This also includes supermarkets.

If some municipalities in Bavaria want to order the mask requirement this week, this is also possible, said Söder. This is with regional Hot spots with high contagion numbers makes sense. He cited Straubing in Lower Bavaria as an example; here the partial mask requirement is to be introduced as early as this week. That was announced to him by the municipality.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder announces mask requirement

Last Thursday, the black and orange cabinet had agreed in accordance with the general federal-state line that it was not a general mask requirement, but a “Mouth protection requirement” should give. Accordingly, the urgent recommendation to wear a face mask in shops and in public transport should apply. Söder had only said in the subsequent press conference that if that was not enough, “then we should consider wearing a mask”.

Now Söder said: “Appeals alone will probably not be the necessary safeguard.” That is why the first West German state has now decided to take this step. At the weekend, the state board of free voters then called for a quick mask requirement in shops and in public transport. The state chancellery had not responded to the demands on Sunday – a spokesman was not ready to comment. Despite the disagreement about the obligation to wear a mask, the parliamentary group leader of the free voters in the state parliament, Florian Streibl, emphasized the unity of the black and orange state government. “Even today it shows how the Bavarian coalition stood four weeks ago. It is behind the state government. It stands behind the actors of the state government, and it stands so well that, as we have seen today, no sheet of paper fits between the coalition partners. Not even a newspaper sheet, ”said Streibl on Monday in the state parliament.

Announcement of Söder: Bayern jumps into the corona crisis in daycare fees

Also announced Söder assume that parents in Bavaria will not have to pay any kindergarten or daycare fees for at least the next three months, as long as they are due to the Corona crisis are closed. He argued that a government-mandated closure should not place a financial burden on parents. Even the around 30,000 Artistwho are also organized in the artists’ social security fund are to receive more help in the future – Söder agreed that they should receive 1000 euros per month. While cultural institutions are already being helped with the measures taken to date, there is admittedly a group that “falls through every grid,” said Söder.

According to the Söder government declaration: Greens call for other solutions for children

After weeks of school, kindergarten and day-care center closings, the Bavarian Greens are calling for limited contact options even for the little ones in the country. “Children don’t just need mom and dad, children need children to play,” said Green Group leader Ludwig Hartmann on Monday in the state parliament in Munich. “Children need children like the air they breathe.”

The incisions of the past weeks were necessary to make the corona infection curve manageable and to protect the health system from an impending overload, Hartmann emphasized. But now you have to reconcile both: the manageability of the infection curve and the interests of children and parents, especially single parents. This requires pragmatic solutions.

Among other things, Hartmann called for an extended opening of daycare centers, specifically of up to a third of the capacity – but at different times and only in small groups, always with the same contact persons. It is not about starting the full program straight away, he emphasized. Hartmann also suggested that two or three families should be allowed to join together to form “care communities”. That would be a path that can be taken, he argued.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Streibl (free voters) criticizes AfD

Update from 11:58 a.m .: Florian Streibl (Free Voters) thanks employees in the health system, in health offices and in the public service, which is applauded by the state parliament. One must now learn to live with the danger of the virus. He welcomed the decision to contact, especially single people would benefit from it. This way you avoid emotional stress due to the isolation. The support of artists is also important, because “Art and culture gives hope”.

Update from 11.46 a.m.: Florian Streibl from the Free Voters first goes into the statements of the AfD parliamentary group. “That was the unsuccessful attempt to suck political nectar out of the crisis,” he criticizes. Katrin Ebner-Steiner had previously criticized the Bavarian government. She would have failed to close the borders prematurely and cancel events such as strong beer festivals and is now acting as a savior.

How to sew a mouth covering yourself. Instructions with materials that everyone has at home – and also for people who can’t sew or don’t want to.

According to Söder’s government statement: Hartmann demands a different solution for children

Update from 11.10 a.m .: Ludwig Hartmann, Group Chairman Alliance 90 / The Greens speaks after Markus Söder and explains: “It was right that we acted quickly and correctly in Bavaria”. He also finds words of praise for the citizens of the Free State. “This is solidarity that is lived,” he particularly praises younger people who have protected older people by voluntarily restricting themselves.

The Greens want to work for better pay for nurses, Hartmann continues. Then he talks about loosening. There is a fine line between a caring and a patronizing state – especially for the smallest, other solutions are needed: “Children don’t just need mom and dad, children need other children to play with”. A month or two is an eternity for children. Among other things, he suggests small groups. Elementary school children should be able to meet their teacher, Hartmann thinks, for example to discuss homework.

Hartmann goes on to say that one has to differentiate between Discos and restaurantswho, for example, offers a lunch table. But that is not a criticism, the group leader continues.

Söder holds government statement: “Corona stays, Corona does not sleep. But neither do we “

Update from 11 a.m .: “Corona stays, Corona doesn’t sleep. But neither do we, ”concludes Söder. “Hopefully we have weathered the worst, but we are not through”. There is no reason for recklessness. “I understand everyone who wants to be faster”, but he ask for understanding. “We have to find a way to bring everything together. Freedom and security, ”explains the Prime minister further. “Peace and patience help and take us further”. The crisis can only be overcome together, said Söder at the end of his government statement.

Update from 10.55 a.m .: Bavaria puts on the largest protective shield in its history – a total of 60 billion euros, Söder announces. The Free State was doing well and investing reserves. The aim now is to support the economy, save jobs and maintain prosperity.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Free State wants to support artists

Update from 10:51 a.m.: The economy would suffer massively from the corona crisis, explains Söder. “It’s about jobs and it’s even about our entire prosperity.” One spoke with the chambers and the unions – on an equal footing. There are also consultations with scientists. “It will be a harder time than most think,” Söder announces. It will be worse than the financial crisis. “Hold on now and then take off,” announces Söder.

Update from 10.47 a.m .: According to Söder, the sports package will be doubled to also help sports. Also the Culture should be supported. Businesses and institutions get help, however Artist would not benefit from it. You will therefore receive 1000 euros per month for the next three months. It is based on the Baden-Württemberg concept, says Söder.

Söder on Corona crisis: Bavaria steps in with daycare fees

Update from 10.45 a.m.: Bavaria jump in Daycare fees a. Söder explains that if the state ordered a closure, Bavaria would like to help parents with the fees. Bavaria is therefore stepping in for three months in terms of fees.

Update from 10.42 a.m .: There are different suggestions for holidays, for example, there is a shortening in the room. Bavaria, however, is very reserved. It also says: “We don’t want anyone to stay seated because of Corona”. The Nemergency care to be expanded, a concept is to be developed this week. “So far, almost 60 percent of the emergency spaces offered have not been used,” said Söder. So you still have buffers.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: No emergency or average high school diploma

Update from 10:39 a.m.: So far it has not been a normal school year “and it will also not be a normal school year”, said Söder. He still thinks the school closings are correct, the numbers would have shown this. “We are also particularly cautious with schools”, there must be delayed measures. You don’t want a rush. Exam preparation should begin on April 27. There would have been discussions starting this week, but there would have been protests from students and teachers. There should not be an emergency Abi or average grade. Primary schools and daycare centers remain closed.

Update from 10.36 a.m.: Söder declares that church services will be discussed in the next few days. He could imagine that from May 3, services could be possible with conditions. This applies to all religions. A responsible solution would also be needed for Ramadan.

Freedom of association is an important asset alongside religious freedom. A solution had to be found very quickly in this area, because “fundamental rights also apply in difficult times.”

Söder holds government declaration on Corona: catering and hotel industry remain closed

Update from 10.33 a.m .: Gastronomy and the hotel industry must remain closed, says Söder. This is difficult for the industry. Gastronomy was a hub for viruses, ”says Söder, leading apres-ski or Strong beer festivals at. Söder hopes for relief at Pentecost, but this is only a hope. There is currently no timetable. “But we help the catering trade,” said the Prime Minister. The value added tax should be reduced there to seven percent.

Large events are prohibited until August 31. About the Oktoberfest Söder will talk to Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter. But it was doubtful whether it could take place under the current circumstances.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder announces mask requirement

Update from 10.30 a.m.: Söder had previously spoken in favor of a mask requirement, but in the end it became the compromise of a mask requirement. This week is voluntary. From next week – when the shops open – there will be a mask requirement. It applies, among other things, in shops and public transport. A scarf is sufficient, it is only important that it covers the mouth and nose. “If we make it easier, it is important to strengthen protection.” The mask requirement therefore applies from April 27th.

Update from 10:28 a.m.: Söder explains why only shops up to 800 square meters are allowed to open. It is feared that otherwise there will be mass crowds in cities. The numbers will be monitored in the next few weeks. “If the numbers deteriorated significantly, we might have to decide otherwise,” said Söder about possible consequences.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder wants to exchange ideas with the Prime Minister of BaWü

Update from 10.25 a.m .: Measures are to be continued, but there will be relief. Söder explains that the philosophy is to make it easier in stages. “Corona remains deadly,” says Söder, every single death would hurt. “Attention and caution is the concept for the future”. Söder meets with that Prime Minister of Baden-Württembergto exchange ideas.

Until May 4th the Exit restrictions be extended. Keep your distance and no group formation is the most important. Another contact person (outside the household) is now allowed. In shops and schools one does not make a “hasty cold start”. Ease is important – also from an economic point of view. Hardware stores and garden centers may open.

Only from next week will there be car, bicycle and book retailers. This would open almost 80 percent of the trade.

Update from 10:22 a.m .: Söder is grateful that no uncontrolled exit debates are being held, because then there is a risk of relapse. The measures would have a strong impact on social coexistence and social life, but the Bavarian government has a close eye on this. The proportionality is constantly checked. “We are advised,” explains Söder. Numerous experts would help the government make its decisions.

“I understand everyone who wants normalcy again as soon as possible. I want so much myself freedom as necessary, ”explains Söder. However, his oath of office required that Bavaria be protected. The measures are constantly being checked. “The interim result is cautiously positive,” summarizes Söder.

Government statement on Corona: Söder thanks medical staff and all citizens

Update from 10.19 a.m .: “Many thanks to everyone who helped in the clinics,” said Söder. The Landtag applauds. In addition to thanks to the medical staff, thanks also to the Bavarian citizens. “But also my request not to let up now. Patience saved lives ”, impatience could destroy this again. “It’s not over, it’s all a fine line (…). Corona remains – unfortunately. “As long as there is no vaccine or medication, caution and patience are the most important.

Update from 10.16 a.m .: “Since the beginning of the crisis, we have carried out over 370,000 tests in Bavaria,” explains Söder. Around 12,000 tests are currently being carried out every day, and health authorities have been massively increased. “Our hospitals have held up extremely well so far,” says Söder. The number of intensive care beds with breathing apparatus was increased by 17 percent. In the meantime, other operations can also take place, explains the Prime Minister. Bavaria also wants to help others in need, such as additional patients from France and Italy if necessary.

According to Söder, there is a slight hope. “Without our actions, Corona would have run over Bavaria,” he explains. “We saved Bavaria from the worst!”

Markus Söder’s government statement on Corona: “I was worried”

Update from 10.13 a.m .: Prime minister Markus Söder begins with his government statement. “Corona keeps the world in suspense,” he explains. Doctors would have to make decisions about life and death like in times of war. “Fortunately we have gotten better so far,” Söder continued. “But that was not certain,” he explains. In his first government statement, he reports, it was completely unclear “whether we can do it. I was worried and admit: I am still, ”said Söder. The Doubling rate was 3 days at the time, currently it is 34 days.

Update from 10:05 a.m .: Ilse Aigner opened the session. “Our basic rights apply, but they are limited,” said Aigner. All restrictions should be removed as soon as possible, but also very carefully.

The first easing of the shutdown apparently fueled calls for further steps. Chancellor Angela Merkel is now criticizing the “opening discussion orgies”.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder does not want to contribute to opening up the catering trade

Update from 9.34 a.m .: For the time being, Markus Söder does not want to support opening up the catering trade, despite the request by the Minister of Economics, Hubert Aiwanger. “Our timetable remains prudent and prudent,” says CSU General Secretary Markus Blume (live at Welt) in the state parliament. Apparently there is movement in the mask requirement.

At 10 a.m., Prime Minister Markus Söder then made a government statement in the state parliament.

Corona loosening in Bavaria: rush for business? “Please not all in one day” – Söder says

First report from April 20, 8:45 a.m.

Munich – Output restrictions have been in effect in Bavaria for several weeks to ensure that the Corona virus contain. The catering trade had to close and hardware stores, garden centers and shopping centers also had to close.

Today’s Monday (April 20) kick off first Easing in force in the Free State. It is now allowed to meet again with a person with whom you do not live in a household. Hardware stores, garden centers and shops with an area of ​​up to 800 square meters are also allowed to reopen.

Garden centers can open again: rush of customers? “Please not all in one day!”

Biggest concern of the Bavarian Gardening Association (BGV): a rush of customers. “Please not all in one day!” Said association manager Jörg Freimuth of the German Press Agency (dpa).

The association sent around 10,000 protective masks to its member companies on Friday, with another 10,000 to follow on Tuesday. They are designed for customers and staff. As in supermarkets, there are Access restrictions and shields at the cash registers. In order to avoid overcrowding and queues, many companies have avoided advertising.

Corona crisis in Bavaria: Markus Söder with second government declaration

A month after the first government declaration on the corona virus Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) also on Monday (10 a.m.) in the state parliament on the Consequences of the pandemic speak. The focus is likely to be on the easing of anti-corona measures adopted by the cabinet last week – and effective today -.

The Free State is taking its corona restrictions away more slowly than the rest of the federal states. Söder justified this several times with the special situation in which Bavaria stuck in the current crisis. No other state has more infections and more deaths from Sars-CoV-2 known.

After Söder government declaration on Corona – criticism should also be an issue

After the government’s declaration, the plenary session also had deliberations on the supplementary budget and other legislative proposals by the state government during the corona pandemic. The second supplementary budget in a few weeks is necessary because the Free State wants to significantly increase its financial aid to the economy. In total he sees Rescue package a volume of 60 billion euros in front.

The latest criticism from the Supreme Audit Office is also likely to come up. The authority had complained, among other things, that to finance the planned in the rescue package Bayern funds Debt should be included in an extra budget and not directly in the state budget. Such a shadow budget is beyond the important parliamentary control.

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