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Grünsfeld.The year 2019 was once again very positive, as treasurer Christoph Kraft announced at the presentation of the figures. The last annual financial statements after the cameralistics were again really good.

“Despite major investments, it was a very positive year,” said Grünsfeld’s mayor Joachim Markert when presenting the figures to the local council. “In terms of debt per inhabitant, we and Boxberg are in the Champions League,” he said happily about the continuous reduction in debt over the past ten years. At the end of 2019, the debt burden per inhabitant was only 246.86 euros. Twelve years ago it was just under 1000 euros.

Per capita debt is falling

This is mainly due to the positive development in trade tax, said Kämmerer Christoph Kraft. Here they closed 2019 with a good 2.9 million euros. In 2010 it was 800,000 euros. Nevertheless, he warned of the coming year. “In 2021 you have to tighten your belt”. And Mayor Markert added: “We had got used to the good income situation”.

2020 also developed splendidly at the beginning, “but then Corona came and tore large gaps in the communities”, Kraft mentioned the background. Especially for the coming year he sees great challenges for the local council, which has to spend the available money wisely. For 2020, business tax income of 2.7 million euros was planned, but will ultimately end up at 1.8 million euros.

But 2019 was another year with positive numbers. It closed with total assets from the property budget and administrative budget of 14.16 million euros. That is around 5.8 percent above the budget. This additional expenditure was compensated for because of the increased income from taxes and grants. For the first time, 1.932 million euros could be added to the asset budget. A sum that had never been seen before. The general reserve was also increased by 1.715 million euros and stood at 2.39 million euros at the end of the year. “No loans had to be taken out,” said Kämmerer Kraft.

No borrowing

In terms of investments, it was above all the children’s campus, the renovation of the bridge in Eichendorffstrasse, the design of the square in Paimar, the conversion to LED street lighting, the family center and the acquisition of land that devoured very large sums of money. Many projects are only calculated on a pro rata basis, according to Kraft, as only the sums that were incurred in 2019 were included. You didn’t have to take out a loan for 2020 either, Kraft already looked a little ahead. He dared to doubt whether this could also be maintained in 2021, because Corona would tear a large hole in the financial cushions of the municipalities. A shortfall in income of 11.1 percent for taxes and nearly 25 percent for trade tax is expected. This did not surprise the local councils, because they walk through the city with open eyes and see what income can come. The annual financial statements were unanimously approved.

From the beginning of January Milena Dix will be appointed as a further registrar. The municipal council appointed them after establishing the legal requirements. She complements Mayor Joachim Markert, Christina Wenz and Reiner Himmel.

The parking situation behind the town hall was addressed again. Despite the widening of the parking spaces, near accidents still occur when pulling out of a parking space. The confusion at this point is simply very great, says Thomas Heer. He asked to try to remove the existing front yard of the property behind in order to gain more space. there is

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