Business Corona ticker: trade association warns of bankruptcy in Germany

Corona ticker: trade association warns of bankruptcy in Germany

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According to an industry survey, every third company is threatened with its existence. Consumers would be very reluctant to go shopping. The development in the live ticker.

Despite the fact that shops are open, consumers are reluctant to shop – to the detriment of retailers.

+++ Frozen products particularly in demand in the corona crisis +++

Frozen products are particularly popular in the corona crisis. Bremerhaven-based food producers Frosta and Iglo have increased their production by up to 30 percent in recent weeks. The most popular are fish fingers.

+++ trade association warns of many bankruptcies of retailers +++

Despite open shops, the shopping mood among consumers in the corona crisis did not return from the perspective of the German Trade Association (HDE). “There are only needs purchases, nothing more,” said managing director Stefan Genth on Friday.

The retail trade continues to suffer massively from weak sales and from low customer frequencies.

Stefan Genth, Trade Association Germany

For businesses outside the food trade, the crisis is far from over. According to an industry survey by the association, every third company sees its existence as “massively threatened and urgently needs further financial aid from the state”. Around a third of the approximately 600 participating dealers currently had a maximum of 50 percent of the previous year’s period. Another quarter earned between 50 and 75 percent.

The HDE sees one reason for the reluctance of customers in the conditions for trading in the crisis. All stores nationwide are now allowed to reopen across the entire sales area. However, depending on the size, only a certain number of customers may enter the stores. In addition, employees and consumers must wear mouth-to-nose covers. The HDE called for a state rescue fund with non-repayable grants.

+++ Health Minister Spahn wants more tests in hospitals and nursing homes +++

The Federal Ministry of Health is working on expanding the corona tests in hospitals and nursing homes. In May he wanted to present a regulation that would enable preventive series tests in hospitals and nursing homes, health minister Jens Spahn (CDU) told the daily newspaper “Die Welt”.

“When patients and residents are admitted or transferred, Sars CoV-19 testing should be the norm,” he said. In the event of an infection in the facility, all staff, residents and patients should be smeared as a precaution. Symptom-free contacts of infected people should also be entitled to a test for the first time.

+++ CDU opposition: Corona crisis management works well in Bremen +++

Bremen’s largest opposition party, the CDU, has given the red-green-red state government’s crisis management overall good grades in dealing with the corona pandemic. “It worked well in Bremen and there is nothing to complain about,” said CDU parliamentary group leader Thomas Röwekamp of the German Press Agency. But this is mainly due to the disciplined behavior of the Bremen team.

On the other hand, Röwekamp saw no reason to praise one year after the citizenship election in other political fields – for example, schools, care facilities with daycare centers and apartments for middle class families. “A wasted year. No sign of a new start,” he said.

In the mayoral election on May 26, 2019, the CDU had become the strongest force in Bremen for the first time in over seven decades. During the coalition negotiations, however, the SPD, the Greens and the Left had agreed on the first red-green-red alliance in West Germany.

+++ Quiet “Father’s Day” in the state of Bremen +++

The police have had an overall positive record after “Father’s Day” during the Corona pandemic. Despite the nice weather, people were said to be very disciplined. The celebrants have decided not to take part in the traditional wagon tours in large groups this year. Although there were a lot of people on the road, there were no significant rule violations. Accordingly, the catering trade has largely followed the hygiene regulations and distance rules.

It was not until around midnight that a significant incident occurred: In the area of ​​the Sielwall intersection there was a gathering of up to 150 people, mostly alcoholic, young people. This was preceded by physical injury before a snack at the Sielwall. A guest had complained about his food, after which he was attacked with a fist by a snack bar employee. He had to be treated by rescue workers. More and more people flocked to the Sielwall during the ad recording. The minimum clearances according to the legal regulation were no longer observed. After being contacted by the police, dismissals were issued and appropriate administrative offense proceedings were initiated.

Father’s Day during Corona: Wagon Tour or Customized?

Video from May 21, 2020

Two men, son and father, sitting on a bench while toasting with beer.

Two men, son and father, sitting on a bench while toasting with beer.

More information about the video

+++ Tourism researcher expects price increase for domestic trips +++

According to the Bremen tourism researcher Rainer Hartmann, many people will not travel at all or stay close to their hometowns. The reason is the fear of a corona infection. Therefore, it will be difficult to find something in Germany in the main season, domestic travel will probably be more expensive. Main travel destinations such as the North and Baltic Seas as well as the Alpine foothills would also experience mass tourism.

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