World Corona Turkey: Erdogan causes outrage with fundraisers - serious...

Corona Turkey: Erdogan causes outrage with fundraisers – serious reproach in the room

To minimize the economic damage caused by the effects of the corona virus, President Erdogan has called for a fundraiser.

  • The Sars-CoV-2 * coronavirus also spreads in the Turkey still out.
  • president Recep Tayyip E
    rdogan the population has therefore called for donations.
  • Before that, however, the 66-year-old stamped fundraisers from his political competitors.

Update from April 14, 2020, 7.26 a.m .: Due to the Corona pandemic has Turkish houses of Parliament a controversial Bill to release tens of thousands of prisoners approved. As a result of the acceptance by the deputies, the draft “became law”, was an official Twitter message of the parliament in Ankara on Monday evening. Human rights groups had previously sharply criticized the bill because of it does not include political prisoners.

The law introduced by the government sees that Release of about 90,000 inmates from crowded prisons because of the corona pandemic. Some of them are to be placed under house arrest, while others are to be released from prison early. According to the human rights organization Amnesty International, a total of 279 MPs voted for the law, 51 against. An amnesty activist wrote on Twitter that no opposition amendment had been accepted.

First report from April 13, 2020:

Ankara – The number of Infected with the novel Corona virus Sars-CoV-2 in Turkey has continued to increase in recent days. There are now almost 57,000 confirmations Infections. The government of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan therefore ordered comprehensive curfews * on Friday.

These measures are designed to slow the spread of the virus, as is also practiced in many other European countries.

Coronavirus in Turkey: Erdogan calls on people to donate

It also has Erdogan also launched a fundraising campaign to compensate for the damage caused by the Corona crisis *. Under the motto “Biz Bize Yeteriz” (“We are enough”), the Turkish president has asked the population to donate to help the needy. What sounds like Erdogan’s unselfish action gets a bland aftertaste on closer inspection.

Because before Erdogan his fundraising campaign started, among other things the mayors of the metropolitan cities of Ankara and Istanbul took their own initiative and launched their own regional fundraising campaigns. The success did not fail to materialize. So announced Ekrem Imamoglu, the mayor of Istanbulthat almost 887,000 euros had already been raised within one and a half days. reports, designated the government of Erdogan however, these calls for donations are illegal and freeze the donation accounts. According to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, municipalities are not entitled to collect donations independently according to Turkish law. Erdogan himself spoke of the fact that one cannot tolerate a “state within a state”.

Coronavirus in Turkey: criticism of President Erdogan – votes instead of health

The fact that both the mayors of Ankara and Istanbul, as well as those of the nine other municipalities in which donation campaigns were banned, belong to the largest opposition party, the CHP, is particularly delicate. Critics therefore assume that the government’s donation campaign will take the wind out of its sails and take the initiative itself.

The CHP was outraged by the government’s actions. In her opinion, collecting donations from municipalities and municipalities is anything but illegal. Erdogan and his government would deliberately sabotage the measures taken by the municipalities. “Instead of promoting public health, it is now just about votes,” attorney Dogan Erkan from the Institute for Legal Studies (TODAM) told him Focus and warned of the consequences *.

All previous developments of the corona crisis in Turkey can be found here.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

fd, AFP

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