Technology Corona update iOS 13.5 is official

Corona update iOS 13.5 is official

iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13. (Photo: Shutterstock)

May 22nd, 2020, 10:28 am

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Apple has officially released the iOS 13.5 corona-related update. This includes, for example, the interface required for tracing apps.

In the corona crisis, tracing apps, which could be used to monitor possible infection chains of Covid-19, are a tried and tested means of preventing the virus from spreading further. So far, the publication of such an app, whose use is also endorsed by Health Minister Jens Spahn, has failed due to a missing interface in the mobile operating systems from Google and Apple. The iPhone company has now completed the contact tracing API – and is distributing the corresponding update.

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iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 ready

After the Golden Master version of the iOS 13.5 update, which contains the API, was only released for developers on Monday, it is now being officially rolled out. The same applies to iPadOS 13.5. In addition to the API, Apple also provides innovations for Face-ID and Facetime with iOS 13.5, also due to corona crisis.

In iOS 13.5 there is the new option Covid-19 contact protocol in the settings under data protection and there under Health. The function is deactivated by default, you can only activate it if an authorized app is activated.

Apple explains how it works

The associated statement from Apple states that the iPhone uses Bluetooth and sends randomly generated IDs in the vicinity. In addition, the device collects the same ID from devices of other users. This allows you to anonymously understand which user had whom. The ID should be automatically deleted after 14 days. How the ID is evaluated and the notification in the event of a corona infection is in the hands of the national tracing apps.

In addition to the interface, Apple is also launching an already announced Face ID function for mask wearers with iOS 13.5. In this case, the change to passcode entry should be faster than before. This also applies to applications such as the app store, which rely on authentication via Face-ID. Another innovation concerns facetime calls in conference mode. Here the size of the video images is no longer automatically changed when a participant speaks. In addition, minor errors, such as in the mail app on the iPad, have been eliminated.

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