World Corona / USA: sudden turnaround in New York? Statistics...

Corona / USA: sudden turnaround in New York? Statistics give hope

The USA is more severely affected by the corona crisis than any other country. This can be seen from the numbers of infected and dead people. Here are all the developments from the country.

Update, April 16, 6:32 a.m .: I’m particularly strong from that Corona pandemic affected U.S. state New York there are increasing signs of a turnaround. The number of patients in hospitals is declining, said Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday (please refer below).

Cuomo warned, however, that the state was not yet out of the worst, that it was still in a “monumental Health crisis“. He instructed New Yorkers to wear a mask or other type of face protection in places where people can get in touch. The number of deaths per day remains constant at a high level. From Tuesday to Wednesday (April 15), 752 people died in the state with 19 million inhabitants.

The majority of these dead come from the metropolis New York City. So far, significantly more people could have died there than previously thought. The big city on the US east coast added its statistics on the Fatality on Tuesday (April 14) added 3778 “likely” Covid 19 deaths. This brings the total death toll in New York City to over 10,000 – these likely deaths are in the official statistics of the state but not yet included. The additional numbers include, among others, sick people who died in the emergency room, at home or in a care facility, however Not officially positive on the virus have been tested.

When a pregnant woman tests positive for the coronavirus, doctors in the United States have to make a decision.

Corona virus in the USA: hospitals in the state of New York have not yet been overwhelmed

Update from April 15, 7:35 p.m .: I’m particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic New York State The hospitals have not been overwhelmed as previously feared. “The health system has stabilized,” said the governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday at his daily press conference. “The fear of overwhelming the health system has not materialized.” This is mainly due to the huge efforts of everyone involved. For example, the hospitals would have more than 50 percent additional capacity for Patient created within just a month.

The total number of patients with the novel Corona virus are infected and in hospital, has dropped again in the state with 19 million inhabitants and is now at 18,335, Cuomo said. However, around 2250 people were added between Tuesday and Wednesday. 752 people died during this period. In total there are now more than 11,000. More than 500,000 people have been tested for infection in New York, significantly more than in the rest of the world USA.

Corona crisis in the USA: Hopkins reports unprecedented record numbers – but Trump is sticking to the plan

Update from April 15, 9.50 a.m .: In the USA are the details of Johns Hopkins University According to more people who died of coronavirus infection than ever before within 24 hours. Until Tuesday evening (local time), the university’s experts in the United States recorded 2228 deaths. The previous high was reached with 2108 dead last Friday. Since the beginning of the epidemic were in the US, according to the university almost 26,000 people due to a Covid-19 infection lost his life.

The United States is among the worst affected by the corona virus.


Despite the shocking corona numbers, US President has Donald Trump a gradual and early relaxation of the corona restrictions provided in promising. On Tuesday night (local time), Trump announced in his daily briefing that some states could remove their restrictions on public life before the end of the month. In other more severely affected countries, it will probably take longer, he said. Trump also announced that the new guidelines for this will be published shortly. The decision then lies with the governors of the states.

The US president, however, acknowledged that human safety and health has priority in lifting the restrictions imposed by the corona epidemic. So far, there have been hardly any problems with the corona virus in large parts of the country, Trump said. The numbers of confirmed new infections and deaths “are starting to go down,” he said. Currently apply from the government in Washington recommended protective measures until the end of April. Trump wants to loosen the restrictions as soon as possible to slow down the already dramatic slump in the American economy. By Tuesday evening (local time) there were around in the US, according to information from Johns Hopkins University 600,000 infections.

Coronavirus in the USA: Trump welcomes recovered Covid 19 patients

Update from 10:25 p.m .: US president Donald Trump has several in the White House recovered corona patients and asked them about their respective disease course. “They went through a lot,” Trump said at the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting, describing the corona virus as a “common disease”.

“I was afraid for my life,” said Karen Whisett, a Democratic MP in Michigan. She also told the president that family members had been rejected by several hospitals despite being infected with the coronavirus.

Another sufferer, Darshin Patel, said that during the course of his illness he had learned to use certain stimulus words such as “fever” in order to be taken seriously by the doctors and to finally get a test. “Accepting that I had it was the hardest, I think,” he said.

Update from 7.30 p.m .: The criticism of Donald Trump because of its crisis management in the Corona crisis is in the USA continuiously louder.

Among other things, because the US President wants to bring his daughter Ivanka into a team of experts after the corona virus shutdown * – but not a single virologist.

A Trump press conference in the White House has now escalated *.

Corona in the USA: More than 550,000 people infected with Sars-CoV-2

April 14 update: In the US, according to the current count, the Johns Hopkins University in a period of 24 hours again more than 1500 People died from a coronavirus infection.

The USA is now the strongest of the pandemic affected country. Accordingly, more than 550,000 people are with the novel pathogen Sars-Cov-2 infected.

The very high number of infections in international comparison is also due to the fact that a lot of testing is carried out in the USA. It has the worst New York State where more than 10,000 people already suffer from the coronavirus-induced lung disease Covid-19 died.

The New York governor Andrew Cuomo delivers himself with US President Donald Trumpwho in the matter of Shut downLoosening “all-encompassing power” claimed just a violent dispute.

Meanwhile, Trump wants to appoint a team of experts to help get the US economy back on track after the corona shutdown. One Virologists one searches in vain – daughter Ivanka is there for it.

Corona / USA: Trump friend dies of Covid-19 – he should therefore rethink his tactics

Update from 10.55 p.m .: Donald Trump lost an apparently good friend in the Corona crisis. Of the Entrepreneur Stanley Chera died on Saturday of the aftermath of the global virus, according to several US media reports. He turned 78 and made his fortune in the real estate industry. Like Trump, Chera was born in New York City and supported the US President with donations.

Also read: Well-known US photographer (48) dead: “I never thought I would get something like this”

The Republican had recently spoken about a friend of his who was a little older than him getting sick and fell into a coma be. Politico quotes the 73-year-old like this: “I have some friends who incredibly sick are. We thought it was just a mild version. But one even passed out and is in a coma. And one wonders: ‘How could that happen?’ ‘Apparently the most powerful man in the world was talking about Chera here. For whom he now mourns. Like his three sons and numerous other people.

The course of Chera’s illness is said to have even prompted Trump to refrain from his tactics of easing soon. The controversial politician may now be taking the virus more seriously than ever before.

Update from 9:58 p.m .: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear in the picture talk about the corona crisis that the pandemic must also have consequences for those who caused it. “There will be a time when those responsible will be held accountable. I am very confident that this will happen, ”said the 56-year-old, who has been in office for almost two years.

At the same time, he emphasized the close and fruitful integration with Germany: “Working in times like these great partners like Germany and Chancellor Merkel alongside the United States to get good results. “

The reports of a confiscation of a load of protective masks destined for Berlin by the USA were clearly criticized by Pompeo: “We – not only in this case – False news and disinformation seen in the media. Some of it was certainly unintentional, people, maybe even among the German government officials, just might not know exactly. But some of the disinformation was intentional. This is dangerous.”

Coronavirus in the USA: More than 10,000 dead in the state of New York

Update from 8.30 p.m .: The number of Fatality im particularly affected New York State is now five digits. Governor Andrew Cuomo said at his daily press conference that so far 10,065 people in the 19 million state on the east coast died of coronavirus. There were 671 new victims between Sunday and Monday, fewer than in the days before. “The number is practically flat, however at a terrible level of pain, grief and worry. “The total number of infections in New York is now 195,031.

Update from 8:13 p.m .: On the US aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” is the first corona victim to complain about. A crew member said during the day died of complications from Covid-19the U.S. Navy said. The positive test, whose identity was not given, was therefore on Friday morning Found unconscious and brought to the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Corona virus in the USA: Trump is exposed – but could become a winner

First report from April 13, 7:29 p.m .:

Munich – They see themselves from the self-image USA at the top of the world. In all respects. In the Corona crisis The Land of Infinite Opportunities actually lists two statistics that the nation is anything but proud of – but rather stirs up despair and fear. Because officially no country has nearly as many with the corona virus Infected, nowhere else more people died Covid-19.

Corona virus in the US: Trump is said to have reacted too late to development

The frightening numbers of more than half a million sufferers and more than 20,000 fatalities must also President Donald Trump get chalked. The strong man in the White House doesn’t just prove his worth in many appearances Knowledge gaps in virological and epidemiological questions, but is said to have responded to the development much too late in the election year and thus did not prevent the spread of the virus quickly enough. Appropriate warning signals had been given much earlier.

This was the last allegation New York Timeswhat Trump himself brusquely called via Twitter “Fake news“Dismissed. However: Anthony Fauci, President’s advisor on corona issues, confirmed to “CNN”: Yes, human lives could have been saved if public facilities closed earlier would have been. He literally exposed Trump.

Really knows about viruses: Trump advisor Anthony Fauci is director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases.

© dpa / Alex Brandon

Corona in the United States: Donald Trump initially suspected the Democrats’ campaign tactics

Virologist Fauci also revealed that there had been great reservations in the state apparatus at the beginning that shut down public life. Trump had dismissed the first reports of a corona epidemic as fanciful and accused the Democrats of him drive out of office with this wrong game to want. But then it turned out that the virus is real and by no means part of a questionable campaign tactic.

Trump – this impression made his hesitant behavior in the crisis – did it first and foremost about maintaining his power and only then for human life. White House first, so to speak. Ironically, in these difficult hours, voters follow his controversial path more than ever: Trump’s popularity ratings are better than ever in his tenure *. US citizens seem to cling to state power – even if it sometimes seems overwhelmed and haphazard. Since his very likely competitor in the battle for the presidency, Joe Biden, for the time being has largely disappeared from the scene, the Corona crisis could be Trump four more years in the Oval Office to back up.

Race against time in the Corona battle: New York is at risk of mass extinction.


Corona USA: Trump flirts with easing restrictions

After all, the billionaire entrepreneur * from the particularly badly battered New York City no longer gives the impression of underestimating the situation. Even if he’s always with the opportunity The current restrictions will be eased soon of public life flirtatious. After all, you have to throw a small bone down to your voters – no matter how gnawed it is. But Trump has long seemed to be aware of his special responsibility in the crisis: As the first president, he called a state of emergency in all 50 states at the same time out.

However, what could still fall on his feet is that which is simply not legally required for millions of US citizens Health insurance. An unpopular, because extremely expensive topic, which Trump had only tackled once: when he did that of his predecessor Barack Obama passed law – known as “Obamacare” – wanted to abolish again. So far in vain.

Nevertheless, it is feared that The number of infected people in the US is unknown especially large because many citizens simply do not want to pay the costs for a treatment or mostly cannot. So the corona virus turns into double specter – for health and financial reasons.

You can find all previous developments in the USA in our disused news ticker. A minute chronology of Trump’s corona failures puts the president under pressure. You can find out about international economic developments in our news ticker.

At you will find further information on the symptoms *, the risk of infection *, the tests * and the quarantine measures *.

The virus has led to a family tragedy in the United States: a woman loses her husband and son within three days. How did the corona virus spread? Apparently it came to Germany early.

A Munich doctor clears up wrong Corona information and explains the status on topics such as immunity, undisclosed number and exit scenario. *

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


Rubric list picture: © picture alliance / dpa / Mary Altaffer


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