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Wastewater monitoring projects in sewage treatment plants are stagnating

Although the federal government wants to expand the system, projects to monitor corona in wastewater are stalling in Hesse. At the turn of the year, sampling was stopped at most locations. According to the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, it is not yet clear what will happen next. “First of all, the general conditions of the federal project have to be laid down,” says Wiesbaden.

The leading researcher in this field is “in the meantime more or less disillusioned”, as Prof. Susanne Lackner, Professor of Water and Environmental Biotechnology at the Technical University (TU) Darmstadt, said. Germany is “once again getting in the way of the implementation or expansion of the concept”.

Nationwide, 170 sewage treatment plants are to supply data in the future, according to the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs there are currently 25, the only Hessian location is Büdingen. In the next year, nine more locations are to be added in the state, “covering about 40 percent of the Hessian population,” as the Ministry of Social Affairs explained.

Young woman in a laboratory working with equipment and test tubes

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