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Corona virus infection killed twice, can harm mental health, the research claims – NewsVideo24

New Delhi: Corona virus worldwide) The infection is increasing. Many people lose their lives with this virus, so there are many who recover and return home. Studies have been carried out on people suffering from the virus, the results of which are surprising.

Research has shown that delirium (speaking fainting) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during hospitalization or recovery after people suffering from a coronavirus infection. ) Like mental health problems.

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Research published in The Lancet Psychiatry covid – 19 journal, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (The results of the study, which was conducted on patients who were hospitalized for MERS, were published.

This peer review study 65 and 7 new studies awaiting peer review were analyzed. This included data from more than 3,500 people who had any of these three diseases. This review includes the same cases that were hospitalized.

Researchers at University College London (UCL) in the UK found that one in four patients were hospitalized for COVID – 19 delirium can occur during an illness.

The after-effects of COVID-19 recovery are not yet known, so long-term risks such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety are based on studies on SARS and MERS that may or may not apply to patients with Kovid – 19. It could be possible.

The study also says that most people with Kovid – 19 will not have any mental health problems here, even in severe cases of hospitalization. But with such a large number of people getting sick, the global mental health impact can occur naturally.

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On average, one in three patients with SARS or MERS had PTSD within three years, especially if they had more physical health problems.

Depression and anxiety rates were also high. The study found that almost 15 percent of people had symptoms of depression. 15 More than one percent of infected people had chronic fatigue, mood swings, sleep disorders or an inability to concentrate and forget things.

In the hospital, symptoms such as confusion, nervousness and loss of consciousness occurred in some patients with coronavirus infection.

Almost 28 percent of patients admitted to SARS and MERS reported confusion. And early results suggest that chatter can be a common problem in COVID patients – 19.

Researchers found that worry about the disease was associated with poor mental health. Health workers suffered from most mental health problems than anyone else.


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