Corona virus live ticker: +++ 08:17 England introduces mask requirement in shops +++

A general mask requirement is introduced in shops in England. The measure will apply from July 24, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office. There is increasing evidence that wearing breathing masks in closed rooms protects against the coronavirus, it said. Violations of the mask requirement can be punished with fines of up to 100 pounds, around 109 euros. A mask requirement has been in force in England since June 15th. The UK government is only responsible for the Corona measures in England. In the rest of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the measures are taken by the regional governments there.

+++ 07:22 study: pandemic confuses internal clock +++
Many people perceived the passage of time differently than usual during the first corona wave. According to a study by British scientists published in the journal “Plos One”. A team from the John Moores University in Liverpool interviewed around 600 people in Great Britain between April 7 and 30 in an online survey on their sense of time, mood and personal circumstances. More than 80 percent of those surveyed stated that the time of the contact restrictions was either faster or slower than usual for them. Those who were older and dissatisfied with the extent of their social contacts often went slower. Those who were younger and happier were more likely to experience an acceleration of events. This result is particularly interesting because previous studies have shown that in retrospect, older people usually perceive a period of ten years as shorter than younger people.

+++ 06:34 A total of 43 corona cases in the NHL +++ I
In the North American professional ice hockey league NHL, a total of 43 players have now tested positive for the corona virus. According to the NHL, a total of 4934 samples were taken from more than 600 players. In these tests, 30 players were tested positive. The NHL said it knew “13 other players who tested positive for COVID-19 outside of the ‘Phase 2’ protocol.” All players who tested positive were or were in quarantine, the names of the persons concerned were not mentioned. The teams have been moving into their training camps since Monday. The season is scheduled to resume on August 1st.

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+++ 05:11 BDI doubts rapid recovery of the economy +++
BDI President Dieter Kempf dampens expectations of an economic recovery in the corona pandemic. “The slow upward trend in the economy is no reason to be overconfident. The economy will not return to pre-crisis levels until 2022 at the earliest,” he told the editorial network in Germany. “The full focus must be on economic recovery and strengthening the industrial base,” he adds. In all projects, politics must use the compass of the social market economy as a guide, says Kempf. “It is crucial to always link state entry into individual companies to a clear exit plan.” Kempf continues: “The growing tendency towards state directism is a major concern of the German economy.”

+++ 04:32 England introduces a mask requirement in the trade +++
After much hesitation, England is now introducing a mask requirement in shops in the coronavirus pandemic. The measure is expected to enter into force on July 24, the PA news agency reports. Health Minister Matt Hancock will comment on Tuesday. Those who do not comply with the new rule must face a fine of up to £ 100. “There is growing evidence that wearing a mask indoors can help protect people and their surroundings from the corona virus,” said a government spokesman.

+++ 03:38 infected more than 4000 people in US detention centers +++
Coronavirus is spreading more and more in US detention centers. According to the private operators of the refugee camps, more than 3,300 of the 22,580 people in detention and 880 employees are infected with the virus. There have been reports of employee rationing of personal protective equipment, inadequate medical care, and delayed testing, said Senate Homeland Security Committee chairwoman Kathleen Rice at a hearing. The US Immigration Service ICE did not comment on the infection numbers and allegations.

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+++ 02:45 Brazilian President Bolsonaro feels “very good” +++
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro feels “very good” despite his coronavirus infection. He announced that he would resume work as soon as he was tested negative for the virus. He would continue to isolate himself for so long. He neither feels breathless nor has he lost his sense of taste, he told CNN Brasil. Another corona virus test is scheduled for Tuesday.

+++ 01:53 USA: vaccine production could start at the end of summer +++
According to the government, drug manufacturers in the United States could start producing an effective coronavirus vaccine by the end of summer. A pharmaceutical official explains that the pharmaceutical companies are on the right track. The United States is funding Operation Warp Speed ​​to develop several vaccine candidates and therapies.

+++ 01:01 Brazil reports almost 73,000 deaths +++
The corona virus continues to spread in Brazil. According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of infections rose to 1,884 million from 1,864 million a day earlier. The number of deaths increased to 72,833 out of 72,100 within 24 hours. Brazil has the highest number of infections and deaths worldwide in the coronavirus pandemic after the United States.

+++ 00:24 Also Houston star Westbrook infected with Corona +++
The nine-time Allstar Russell Westbrook of the Houston Rockets from the North American professional basketball league said that he had “tested positive for the corona virus”. The test had been carried out before the team left for the restart of the league in Orlando. “I’m feeling good right now, I’m in quarantine and I’m happy to be able to join my teammates when that’s over,” said the Point Guard.

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+++ 22:59 KFC closes branches in Florida +++
The fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) closes all business premises in Florida again and only serves customers at the car counter. In a letter to franchisees that Reuters has insight into, this practice is also recommended for other hard-hit states like Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas.

+++ 22:07 New closings: California returns in lockdown +++
California Governor Gavin Newsom orders stricter measures against the pandemic because of an increase in Covid 19 cases. In all counties of the most populous US state, bars, cinemas, zoos and museums have to close, and restaurants have to stop serving in closed rooms. Particularly affected groups also have to shut down churches, gyms and hairdressers. California has almost 40 million inhabitants, roughly half as many as Germany.

+++ 21:44 Germany reports 238 new infections +++
After the weekend, all federal states delivered current figures on the infection events on Monday. According to the calculation, the federal states report a total of 238 new confirmed infections and five new deaths in connection with a corona infection. There are currently 5,953 infected and 9,069 deaths.

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