World Corona virus live ticker: +++ 23:49 Czech Republic opens...

Corona virus live ticker: +++ 23:49 Czech Republic opens borders for business travelers +++

The Czech Republic plans to reopen its borders to business travelers from the EU on Monday. However, the length of stay is limited to 72 hours. According to the State Department, seasonal workers can also enter, but their freedom of movement is restricted in the first 15 days. The government in Prague had previously announced an accelerated easing of the corona measures. The exit restrictions should now end on May 25th instead of June 8th as previously planned. Libraries and zoos should be allowed to open again as of Monday. In the Czech Republic, 7188 coronavirus infections and 213 fatalities were recorded as of Friday.

+++ 23:06 London police recorded a marked increase in domestic violence +++
According to the police, reports of domestic violence and reports to aid organizations in London have increased by a quarter in the past six weeks. There are about 100 arrests per day because of this. However, many of those affected also shy away from reporting violence, a police spokeswoman said. Some would have financial worries if the family’s main earner was arrested during the lockdown.

+++ 22:16 Air France KLM receives billion aid +++
Air France KLM receives billions in government support from France and the Netherlands for the coronavirus crisis. French economy minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Friday an aid package of seven billion euros for the domestic airline. This is linked to conditions that would make Air France “the most environmentally friendly airline on the planet,” he told TF1. In addition, a package worth five billion euros is being worked on for Renault.

+++ 21:37 Kretschmer: restaurants may open at the end of May +++
Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer considers the reopening of restaurants at the end of May to be conceivable. Gastronomy needs prospects, said the CDU politician in the ARD. “That is not possible now. But for the end of May I am definitely considering it here in the Free State of Saxony,” said Kretschmer. Always against the background that the infection numbers are manageable, he added. You have to get “normal with the virus” as long as there is no vaccine. If you find that the infections “go through the roof”, you will take some measures back.

+++ 21:05 court overturns opening ban for outlet centers +++
The outlet center in Neumünster may open again after an unassailable decision by the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Administrative Court (OVG). The closure of the shops for reasons of infection protection violates the principle of equal treatment, the court said. The 3rd senate of the court had decided to issue an interim order to the state of Schleswig-Holstein, thereby putting the state law requirement for closure out of action. The outlet center consists of 122 individual shops, 121 of which are less than 800 square meters. It is not clear to the court why the implementation of special hygiene and access measures in an outlet center cannot be guaranteed at least as much as in pedestrian zones, shopping streets and shopping centers, the court said.

+++ 20:28 Germany has more than 100,000 recovered +++
Germany reports a total of 5,460 fatalities, 191 more than the previous day. The number of new infections rises less sharply for the second day in a row and stands at 2354. 45,405 people are currently infected. Far more people, 101.501, are now considered to have recovered.

+++ 20:16 The number of new deaths in France falls slightly +++
According to health chief Jerome Salomon, the number of new deaths in France increases by 389 to 22,245. The day before, there were 516 new fatalities. The country also reports 1,773 new infections, 120 more than the previous day. A total of 122,577 infections are confirmed.

+++ 20:03 study on Remdesivir is probably earlier than expected +++
First results of a highly anticipated study by the US government on a possible drug against Covid-19 could be earlier than expected, according to a scientist. The drug remdesivir from the US group Gilead Sciences is being investigated. Results are now expected “sometime from mid to late May,” says lead researcher Andre Kalil. Several studies are ongoing on Remdesivir. So far, there is no clear knowledge about its effectiveness.

+++ 19:31 Iceland: first day without corona infection since the end of February +++
No new coronavirus infections have been reported in Iceland for the first time in 24 hours since the end of February. This emerged from the current corona figures from the Icelandic authorities. There have been only 14 new infections over the past five days. A total of 1789 corona cases have been recorded in Iceland, 1542 of the sick are now healthy again. Ten people with Covid 19 disease have died on the North Atlantic Island so far.

+++ 19:14 Italy reports more infections, but fewer deaths +++
The number of known new infections in Italy is increasing again. The disaster control office gives it 3021 after 2646 the day before. By contrast, the number of new deaths dropped to 420 after 464, the lowest since March 19. A total of 25,969 deaths and 192,994 infections were recorded in Italy.

+++ 19:03 Great Britain: Number of deaths increases the day before +++
In the UK, another 684 people died from coronavirus in hospital within 24 hours. This increases the number of official deaths to 19,506, according to the UK Department of Health. The government had recently said the epidemic in the country had reached its peak. However, Friday’s numbers are again higher than the previous day when 616 people died. Critics complain that the death toll in the UK is incomplete. The official statistics only record the dead in hospitals, but not the people who die at home or in nursing homes as a result of a coronavirus infection.

+++ 18:45 Corona outbreak on another US Navy ship +++
The U.S. Navy is fighting another coronavirus outbreak on a ship. At least 18 crew members of the “USS Kidd” tested positive for the corona virus, the Navy said on Friday. A soldier had previously shown symptoms and was brought to San Antonio, Texas, for treatment on Thursday. A team of doctors is now on board the ship to conduct tests and track who the infected person was in contact with, Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said at a press conference on Friday. Because of the spread of the corona virus, the US aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” has been anchored off the Pacific island of Guam for weeks. In the meantime, all of the approximately 5000 crew members have been tested for the virus. The total number of infections found is 840. A sailor of the aircraft carrier had died as a result of a coronavirus infection.

+++ 18:18 Baden-Württemberg is considering opening the border to France +++
The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior is considering conditions to gradually reopen the border to France. “If the situation in Alsace and Baden-Wuerttemberg continues to align, even if shops in France open again, the border protection measures can be reduced bit by bit,” said Interior Minister Thomas Strobl after a conference call with the President of the Grand Est region, Jean Rottner. “We can then think, for example, about which of the currently eleven border crossings between Baden-Württemberg and France can be opened again one after the other,” said the CDU politician. The rules should be coordinated across borders, and border measures at the German-French border should be reduced as soon as possible, said the German chairman of the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly, Andreas Jung.

+++ 17:58 Bundestag sessions soon via remote control? +++
In order to keep the Bundestag able to act even in the event of a corona-related failure of many deputies, the possibility of a “hybrid parliament” is now being examined. Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble proposed in a round with the group chairmen a model in which MEPs who could not attend a meeting were allowed to vote from home using a kind of remote control, said FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Lindner. This should now be examined in a working group with the parliamentary directors.

Christian Drosten and his research team have gained new insights into the corona virus.

(Photo: dpa)

+++ 17:32 Drosten: reference to background immunity against Corona +++
According to Berlin-based virologist Christian Drosten, mild or asymptomatic corona courses could be associated with previous infections with cold coronaviruses. Referring to a study by a Charité colleague, the scientist in the NDR podcast confirmed that there appears to be a certain immunity in the population. When examining defense cells in pre-pandemic samples, Rust’s team would have seen that 34 percent of the patients had reactive T cells that recognized certain parts of the new coronavirus, so to speak. Drosten warned: Under no circumstances should one conclude that a third of the population is immune. Further explanations for mild or asymptomatic courses are also that the affected people got fewer viruses in the beginning or are in better shape overall.

+++ 17:18 USA: Number of Covid 19 deaths rises to more than 50,000 +++
The number of corona deaths in the United States has exceeded the 50,000 mark. According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 50,030 people have died as a result of an infection. The United States is by far the country with the most confirmed corona deaths worldwide.

+++ 17:09 For the first time in a month: South Korea reports no new deaths +++
South Korea has not reported a new Covid 19 death for the first time in a month. As ABC News reports, the competent authority has also announced only six new infections. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed corona infections is currently 10,708.

+++ 16:53 Berlin district wants to block streets for playing +++
The district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg wants to block up to 30 streets on Sundays and public holidays from May 1st. Between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m., the streets near the playgrounds should be open for play and pedestrians, the district office said. “The urge to move children can be given in better here under the conditions of infection protection,” says a message from the left, deputy district mayor Knut Mildner-Spindler. According to a spokeswoman, residents may still pass the streets. Accordingly, from April 27, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg wants to publicly advertise that neighborhood initiatives are committed to implementing the closures.

+++ 16:22 Merkel calls for donations for vaccine research +++
Chancellor Angela Merkel participated in a call for donations for corona research. For a development of a vaccine against the coronavirus, but also for therapeutic agents and diagnostic methods, a “considerable financial gap” of eight billion euros still needs to be closed, she said in a live stream of the World Health Organization (WHO). “I call on everyone to support this great global goal.” Merkel explained that everyone had to live with the pandemic until a vaccine was found. It is important that the serum is then “distributed to all parts of the world”. “It will be a huge effort.” The WHO desk is preparing a corresponding EU donor conference on May 4, with Merkel as co-host. The EU Commission wants to collect at least 7.5 billion euros for a vaccine.

+++ 16:09 Looming mask shortage in Spain due to dumping price +++
In Spain, which was particularly hard hit by the Corona crisis, protective masks and disinfectant gels could soon become scarcer after the state set price caps. The maximum permissible maximum prices were introduced to prevent usury. Simple masks must therefore not cost more than 96 cents and a bottle of disinfectant gel with 150 milliliters at a maximum of 3.15 euros. “I buy the masks for 1.21 euros. How am I supposed to sell them for 0.96 euros,” quoted the newspaper “El Mundo” Miriam Gómez, owner of a shop. She is ready to sell for some time at the purchase price, but not below it. The same applies to disinfectant gel. Manufacturers of masks also express themselves similarly. “At this price, we can not manage, it is not worth it, and some companies will get out of production,” the newspaper quoted voices from the umbrella organization of the Spanish textile industry.

+++ 15:42 ministry: family visits are valid reasons for travel +++
Despite the travel restrictions in the Corona crisis, family visits should remain possible across borders, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. There have been difficult individual cases in recent weeks that have had a major impact on family life – for example, when spouses wanted to visit each other or parents had children. The Federal Police therefore received a decree on April 17 stating that a trip to family members is a valid reason for entry. This also applies to registered civil partnerships. “But this is by no means a relaxation, it is a clarification of certain individual cases in order to avoid family hardships.” Due to concerns about the spread of the corona virus, there are still extensive controls and entry bans at German external borders. There are exceptions for goods traffic and commuters.

+++ 15:24 According to nicotine study: France wants to prevent hamster purchases +++
France has initially restricted the sale of nicotine patches and other replacement products to prevent hamster purchases. The reason was “health risks from excessive consumption or abuse according to media reports about a possibly protective effect of nicotine” before the lung disease Covid-19, according to a published decree. According to the decree, the sale of nicotine plasters, chewing gums or other substitutes on the Internet is completely prohibited. Until May 11, pharmacies are only allowed to supply quantities that are sufficient for a one-month treatment of nicotine addiction. Health Minister Olivier Véran called on the French not to stock up on the plasters. He recalled that “there are 70,000 deaths from tobacco in France every year”.

+++ 15:10 Bremen relies on “insight” +++ when it comes to wearing a mask
The state of Bremen relies primarily on the common sense of the citizens in the mask requirement that will apply from Monday. The authorities essentially trusted “people’s insight”, Mayor Andreas Bovensculte emphasized after a Senate meeting. There will therefore be no controls or fines in the beginning. In Germany, this is generally the case with most of the rules, the SPD politician said. “Also in life we ​​don’t put a police officer behind every citizen.” However, it is observed how the obligation is followed. If it turns out to be necessary, the introduction of “warnings” is also an option. “But we actually rely on people’s insight.”

+++ 15:00 Online application for compensation for loss of corona +++
Anyone who suffers a loss of earnings due to the Corona crisis will be able to apply for compensation online in most federal states in the future. As of next week, employers and the self-employed should be able to provide all the necessary information and upload evidence on the website, as the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced. The procedure was developed in cooperation with the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hesse, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein want to gradually participate. Anyone who is quarantined or who is not allowed to work due to their own infection is entitled to compensation and therefore suffers a loss of earnings. Since the end of March, the regulation has also applied to people who have to look after their children because of daycare or school closures and therefore cannot work.

+++ 14:40 According to Trump’s statement: warning about the use of disinfectants +++
The British consumer goods group Reckitt Benckiser is forced to warn against the use of disinfectants for the treatment of the coronavirus. “Under no circumstances” should disinfectants be administered to the human body – either by ingestion or injection, or in any other way, says the company, whose brand Sagrotan belongs to. The notice was released after statements by US President Donald Trump, who at his White House press conference yesterday encouraged researchers, among other things, to investigate ways to inject disinfectants directly into people. Reckitt Benckiser made no connection between the reference and Trump’s statements. The company only said that speculation and “social media activity” had prompted requests for internal disinfectant delivery. The Civil Protection Agency in Washington State also issued a warning about the use of disinfectants or cleaning agents. “Don’t make a bad situation worse,” the agency said.

Read more about Trump’s press statement here.

+++ 14:33 Brandenburg again allows demos up to 50 participants +++
Brandenburg once again loosens the rules for demonstrations. From May 4th, outdoor gatherings of up to 50 participants will be possible in the federal state. The cabinet decided this during a conference call. However, the approval of the relevant competent authority is required in each individual case. For a week, demos with up to 20 people were allowed again.

+++ 14:23 Federal government negotiates with Apple over Corona app +++
The federal government is negotiating with Apple about the requirements for a corona tracing app. It is about the company opening the interface to enable the use of an app, said deputy government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer. The app is designed to show smartphone users whether they have come into contact with people infected with corona. “We need interface access,” said Demmer. Apple and Google had announced that they would change this by May, which the Federal Government welcomed. According to their own statements, both groups want to make their operating systems compatible for mobile phones in order to make the Corona apps successful. However, it had previously been said in the federal government that, unlike Google, there would be problems opening the interface at Apple.

+++ 14:17 Merkel at today’s WHO online conference on Covid 19 research +++
Chancellor Angela Merkel is still participating in a video conference with other heads of state and government at the invitation of the WHO. As part of the press-open video conference, health organizations want to present an international initiative for the research and development of vaccines and drugs against the coronavirus as well as diagnostic options. There will also be an appeal to finance drug development.

+++ 14:00 Biden fears postponement of the US election +++
US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden fears that President Donald Trump will postpone the US election. “He’ll try to put the election back somehow, he’ll find some reason why it can’t be held,” Biden said. The former Vice President of Barack Obama referred to Trump’s threat to veto emergency aid for US Post. This is an example of the President’s intention to “do everything he can to make it very difficult for people to vote,” said the 77-year-old. Background: Experts see postal voting as a good alternative to the classic ballot box to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during voting. Trump, on the other hand, argues that postal voting increases the risk of electoral fraud.

Here you can read more about it.

+++ 13:55 Ramelow criticizes inconsistent approach +++
Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow has complained about the inconsistent way in which the countries fight coronavirus. “It is not as synchronized as I would have liked,” he said. The left-wing politician cited mask duty as an example. This was first decided by individual federal states such as Saxony and Bavaria on their own. It is now valid in all 16 federal states. “We should have said together in the video section: We are doing this now,” said Ramelow. One could not give an impression of the unity.

+++ 13:45 media: Italy relaxes anti-corona measures +++
According to media reports, Italy plans to gradually relax its anti-corona measures over the next four weeks. For example, companies that manufacture agricultural and forestry equipment should be able to start operating again on April 27. According to “Corriere della Sera”, construction sites as well as the textile and fashion industry are scheduled to resume operations on May 4, and shops will reopen a week later. Bars, restaurants and hairdressers can welcome customers again from May 18. The government initially did not confirm the reports. During the gradual easing, however, strict hygiene measures and distance rules still apply. Shops with an area of ​​up to 40 square meters can only receive one customer at a time. Customers in bars and restaurants must keep a distance of one meter. In addition, the air conditioners should not be switched on as they contribute to the spread of the virus.

Here you can read more about it.

+++ 13:41 NRW: “We are not rushed” +++
Who did Chancellor Angela Merkel mean when she spoke of some states being “too brisk” in the easing. In any case, NRW does not feel addressed. The country rejects allegations that the contact restrictions were pushed back. “North Rhine-Westphalia was as loyal to the country (..) as few federal states,” said Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann. The state government had “100 percent” adhered to the decisions of the federal and state governments to relax – with the exception of furniture stores, for example. In NRW, customers have been able to go back to the shops since last Monday and, in contrast to other federal states, to furniture and baby specialty stores with larger sales areas. According to his knowledge, this did not affect the infection process, emphasized Laumann.

+++ 13:34 Turkey: home flights for stuck Germans +++
For Germans who are stuck in Turkey because of the Corona crisis, according to the consulates, there are a few more commercial flights home shortly. SunExpress will offer flights from Ankara and Izmir on April 27, 28, 29 and 30. Flights from Adana, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir are scheduled to start on May 5, 6 and 7, according to the website of the German representations in Turkey. As with some short-term flights before, those interested have to book the tickets themselves online again. Accordingly, the consulates help with “letters of support” – for example for people under the age of 20 or over 65 who are prohibited from going out in Turkey in the Corona crisis. “It is not known whether there will be more travel options in the near future,” it continues.

+++ 13:21 services in Bavaria from May 4, subject to conditions +++
Under strict conditions, public services in Bavaria should be allowed again from May 4, despite the ongoing corona crisis. This was announced by Head of State Chancellor Florian Herrmann (CSU) on Friday during a state parliament session in Munich.

+++ 13:15 Poland leaves schools and universities closed +++
To protect the Corona virus from spreading further, Poland is extending the closure of kindergartens, schools and universities until May 24th. The epidemiological conditions did not allow reopening, said Education Minister Dariusz Piontkowski. The written Abitur will begin this year on June 8th, the oral exams will be dropped. Distance learning is to continue for pupils of all school types.

+++ 13:12 over 100 million new protective masks arrived +++
In view of the corona epidemic, additional supplies of protective equipment for medical personnel have been procured from the federal government. A total of 108 million protective masks have now come to Germany and most of them have been distributed, the Ministry of Health said. Such material is scarce worldwide. For this reason, the German government had started supplementary central procurement in March and has also reserved regular air freight capacities to the important manufacturing country of China.

+++ 12:59 Spain creates hope +++
In Spain, the number of new corona deaths has dropped to its lowest level in a month. The government said 367 people died of Covid-19 within 24 hours. A total of 22,524 people have died since the virus broke out in Spain, the third highest number of victims worldwide after the USA and Italy.

+++ 12:56 Schulze for “innovation bonus” +++
In the discussion about further government aid for the car industry, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze has spoken out in favor of an “innovation bonus”. “I can well imagine an innovation bonus for car manufacturers to promote cars with alternative drives,” said the SPD politician. “Rewards for car fleets of social services that switch to electric cars would also make sense.”

+++ 12:39 vortex over drug Remdesivir +++
Early study data on the therapy of the lung disease Covid-19 with the drug Remdesivir cause vertebrae. The effect of the US drug originally developed against Ebola is currently being investigated worldwide. A report on the WHO side briefly led to uncertainty. A study had been summarized there, according to which the remedy was unsuccessful. Manufacturers and medical professionals are now warning of premature conclusions. The drug has brought initial success to patients at Munich Clinic Schwabing, says Clemens Wendtner, chief physician of the local clinic for infectious diseases. According to conservative estimates, half of his patients have benefited, Wendtner said. It appears that seriously ill people could be taken off the ventilators earlier. Remdesivir manufacturing company Gilead Sciences also rejected reports of a setback. There was no approval for the publication of the paper by the WHO. The study was terminated prematurely due to low participation, so no statistically meaningful conclusions were possible.

Here you can read more about it.

+++ 12:38 DFB Cup final not on May 23 in Berlin – date open +++
The DFB Cup final cannot take place on May 23 in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium as planned. As the German Football Association announced after a video conference of the Presidium, the competition will remain indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic and the final date is open.

+++ 12:29 Spahn insists on cash from corona tests +++
Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to involve the health insurance companies in financing the comprehensive coronavirus tests. “I think that it is also the responsibility of the health insurance companies to pay there,” said Spahn. With a view to the AOK’s refusal to participate accordingly, he emphasized: “The legislator still decides what the health insurance companies pay and what not.” Financing will also be discussed with the Bundestag. The debate was “nevertheless correct and important,” said Spahn. Testing is one of the keys to why Germany has managed reasonably well through the previous crisis. The AOK argues that it is a general civil protection measure for which the federal states are responsible.

+++ 12:11 court overturns compulsory schooling for fourth graders in Hessen +++
Fourth graders in Hesse don’t have to go to school as of Monday. The associated risk of infection with the corona virus violates the children’s right to equal treatment, the Hessian Administrative Court in Kassel has just judged. According to the Hesse Corona Ordinance, the schools will remain largely closed until May 3rd. There is an exception for exams. Fourth-grade elementary school students, among others, should also start school again next Monday. The urgent request of a student directed against this was now successful. The fourth graders would be at higher risk of infection than the other elementary school children, who would only have to go back to school a week later. The fourth graders would not have to take exams either, and there is no other objective reason for the unequal treatment. Therefore, the fundamental right of children to equal treatment was violated, the VGH decided. The urgent decision is uncontestable.

+++ 12:06 Bavaria: Breach of mouth protection costs up to 5000 euros +++

Breaches of the duty to protect mouth protection to protect against infection with the corona virus can now cost up to 5000 euros in Bavaria. This is clear from the updated catalog of fines. Accordingly, if there is no mouth-nose protection in buses, trains and shops, 150 euros will be charged. It is particularly expensive for shopkeepers who do not ensure that their staff wear a mouth-to-nose cover: the catalog of fines provides for a payment of 5000 euros for this. In the fight against the corona virus, all federal states are now putting on a mask requirement in parts of public life. In Bavaria, this begins on Monday in local public transport and in shops – from the age of six. But it is enough to wear a scarf or a tight-fitting cloth.

+++ 11:57 Sweden’s government threatens to close restaurants +++
The government of Sweden is threatening to close the previously open restaurants in Stockholm for disregarding the recommendations in the fight against the spread of the corona virus. Interior ministers Mikael Damberg said restaurants and sidewalk cafes in the capital should from now on be checked more closely to ensure that they complied with the recommendations of the national health authority. The agency’s stipulations are not advice, but guidelines that should be followed. “Otherwise, these factories will be closed,” said Damberg. In Sweden, measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus are much more permissive, which is why pubs, restaurants and cafes, among other things, may remain open. However, the authorities and government had urged that the bars ensure a sufficient distance between their guests and only serve their customers at the table. Regardless, media reports said there had been crowds at various bars and restaurants in Stockholm over the weekend. Sweden had more than 2,000 Covid 19 deaths reported yesterday.

Here you can read more about it.

+++ 11:55 beaches near Sydney closed again +++
In the metropolitan area of ​​the Australian coastal metropolis Sydney, three beaches were closed again a few days after they opened because people did not abide by the corona rules. The suburb of Randwick only allowed visitors again on Monday – provided that only sports are allowed and no more than two people gather. But that didn’t work. The beaches were closed on Friday. “We want to keep them open for sports, but that won’t work if people come here to have a fun day,” a city spokesman said.

+++ 11:51 About every fifth New Yorker already had Corona +++
The number of corona infected people in New York is apparently much higher than previously thought: According to an investigation, one in five residents in the US metropolis may have been infected with the virus. In a large-scale study, 21 percent of New York’s antibodies to the pathogen were detected, said Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the entire state of New York, it was almost 14 percent. That would mean that around 2.6 million people have been infected in the state in the past few months – ten times more than the number of positive corona tests. In New York City alone, there would be 1.7 million people. “It is critical for every state to know exactly how high the infection rate is,” said Cuomo, referring to discussions about easing exit restrictions.

+++ 11:35 Karliczek for mask requirement in schools and Saturday lessons +++
Federal Education Minister Anja Karliczek has called for a mask requirement for schoolchildren – “wherever schoolchildren cannot keep the distance”. She told the “Spiegel” that this was particularly the case in the school bus, on the way into the building and in the hallways. Such a mask requirement must also apply to first graders, says Karliczek. In addition, she was open to teaching students on Saturdays to compensate for the hours lost due to the Corona crisis. “The school year should not be a lost school year for the children,” she emphasized. “And if it is better that children go to school alternately, so only every other day, you might need Saturday to teach every three times a week.”

+++ 11:25 Almost 185,000 Covid 19 deaths worldwide +++
Almost 2.7 million people worldwide have been infected with the corona virus in the past few months. Verifiable, because nobody knows how high the number of unreported cases worldwide is. Around 185,000 people have died so far from or with Covid 19 disease.

+++ 11:03 WHO Europe praises “strong leadership” by Merkel and Spahn +++
The European Office of the World Health Organization WHO has praised the work of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Health Jens Spahn in the corona crisis. “What we see is that the health systems, which were already in the strongest position before the pandemic, are now also the best at dealing with them,” said WHO regional director Hans Kluge on ZDF. “Of course we also have that in Germany under the strong leadership of Health Minister Spahn and the Federal Chancellor and that can only be praised.” Kluge also warned that countries should always act in the event of easing “that they always prepare the health system for a second wave”.

+++ 10:52 “Corona Airlift” ended +++
A good five weeks after the Federal Government’s return campaign began, the last aircraft of the “Corona Airlift” landed in Germany. The plane, chartered by the Federal Foreign Office, returned from Cape Town in South Africa in the morning. This marks the end of the largest part of the most extensive return campaign in the history of the Federal Republic. A total of around 240,000 people from different countries had returned. The German embassies worldwide are now taking care of the remaining cases abroad in a second phase.

+++ 10:36 RKI: Relaxation only when only a few hundred cases per day +++
The Vice President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lars Schaade, speaks of a paradoxical situation in Germany: In the pandemic, Germany is in a good position, a lot has been achieved. However, this led to many people questioning the requirements imposed. But: “We must not be careless now,” warns Schaade. “This must not lead to a landslide in further easing.” The contact blocks and distance rules would have to be observed. “I would say that it is necessary for this number of cases to drop to a few hundred a day before one can think about largely relaxing the measures,” said the RKI vice chief. Only “when there are only a few cases – one or two cases a week – is it sufficient to quickly identify these cases and do a search for contacts,” says Schaade. In Bavaria it was possible to narrow down this cluster in this way. “As long as these levels are not so low, it will be necessary to take additional social measures so that the virus does not start to multiply explosively again.” You have to “find a balance between measures as they are socially appropriate and accepted and the R-value.”

+++ 10:32 RKI: Test a lot more +++
The Robert Koch Institute recommends, according to institute vice director Lars Schaade, that everyone who has respiratory problems – be it a sore throat – should be tested for Covid-19. “As soon as there are symptoms of the respiratory tract, a test should also be carried out,” said Schaade. There is enough test capacity, the cold season is over and more hits can be expected.

+++ 10:30 mood among German companies “catastrophic” +++
The mood on the executive levels of the German economy deteriorated much more than expected in April due to the measures to contain the corona pandemic. The Ifo Business Climate Index fell to 74.3 (March revised: 85.9) points, the lowest level in the series dating back to 2005. Economists interviewed by Dow Jones Newswires had forecast a drop to 80.0 points. A level of 86.1 points had originally been reported for March. “The corona crisis hits the German economy with full force,” commented the economic researchers. “There has never been a stronger decline,” said Ifo President Clemens Fuest. “The mood among German companies is catastrophic.”

+++ 10:12 study: are children immune to corona? +++
Under the leadership of Heidelberg University Hospital, a study is now to find out to what extent children in Baden-Württemberg are affected by the coronavirus and how extensive they spread the virus. Current studies from China and the current bulletin of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin suggest that children and adults can develop Covid-19 and transmit the virus. The Heidelberg study now examines one child between the ages of one and ten and one parent, said Prof. Georg Hoffmann, head of the Heidelberg Children’s Clinic. 2,000 households are to be included in the test. Prerequisite: The test subjects must not have already tested positive for Corona.

+++ 09:53 “Economy” warn against money wasting +++
The head of the “economic modes”, Lars Feld, warns the federal government in the fight against the coronavirus against exaggerations. He told the “Handelsblatt”: “Above all, what is currently being discussed is problematic. One has the impression that each industry wants specific support.” The hospitality industry wants the reduced VAT rate that has now been decided. The auto industry is again asking for a scrappage premium, and retailers are demanding consumer vouchers. “You could go on with it almost indefinitely – who doesn’t have it yet, who wants it again.” If you went this route further, you would hardly be able to capture it afterwards, politically, Feld warned. This also applies to social policy measures, such as raising short-time working benefits or extending the period of unemployment benefits.

+++ 09.45 France’s parliament seals aid package +++
The French parliament approved an aid package of 110 billion euros in the Corona crisis. After the Paris National Assembly, the Senate also adopted the government’s “emergency plan” with a large majority. It is intended to alleviate the “economic and social consequences of the crisis”, as stated in the updated budget for the current year.

+++ 09.40 Ramelow against plans to continue the soccer Bundesliga +++
Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow criticized the plans to continue the Bundesliga in May. “I am against first privileging those who put the most money on the table,” said the Prime Minister. Basically, Ramelow emphasized: “When we re-enter everyday life, we should not outdo ourselves with speed.” The decisive factor is what helps to curb the corona virus, said the left-wing politician.

+++ 09:33 Bavarian prisoners sew masks +++
Prisoners in Bavarian prisons are said to produce up to seven million simple mouth-to-nose masks annually. The country has already equipped the workshops of several correctional facilities with 65 high-speed sewing machines with a total value of around 150,000 euros. According to the Ministry of Justice, the production, in which more than 100 women and men are caught, has been organized in cooperation with companies in the textile industry.

+++ 09:20 Germany: 100 new deaths overnight +++
The number of people infected with the coronavirus increased to 150,811 overnight. However, only every third person is still infected, and almost 100,000 people have recovered. The death toll increased to 5,369.

+++ 08:55 “Kitzloch” host apologizes – a little +++
The Austrian Ischgl was one of the corona hotspots in Europe. From here, the virus spread to many regions and countries on the continent. Covid-19 had already broken out in Ischgl in early March, but the ski lifts, hotels and bars remained open for days. In the après-ski bar “Kitzloch” in particular, dozens of vacationers are said to have been infected. Kitzloch host Bernhard Zangerl now admits: “It would have made more sense to close earlier.” Zangerl told the “Bild” newspaper that he and others had relied on the authorities and the instructions from the doctors. After the first Corona case, they said that Zangerl should only disinfect his bar and replace the employees. “In retrospect, it can of course be assessed differently,” says Zangerl.

+++ 08:44 Spahn: “Uncertain and uncertain situation” +++
After the first easing of everyday restrictions in the corona crisis, Health Minister Jens Spahn pointed out that the risks were still lurking. An “uncertain and uncertain situation” still prevails, even if the dynamics of infections in this country have been slowed down, said Spahn. One of the most important keys on the way to a “new everyday life” is now the planned smartphone warning app for tracking possible infection chains. It will be digitally understood what the health authorities are already doing on the basis of applicable law. He therefore advocated a “pragmatic approach” in the discussion about data protection and data security. On the subject of mouth and nose protection, Spahn said that it is important to use such everyday masks made of fabric correctly, such as correct and regular disinfection. He sees no bottlenecks: According to his impression, the offer for such everyday masks is good, both online and in normal trade.

Read more about the app here.

+++ 08:19 Ryanair boss O’Leary: We have enough money +++
Irish low-cost airline Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is confident. “We went into crisis with almost four billion euros in cash on the balance sheet. Even if we don’t have any sales by the end of the year, we still have enough money, especially after support measures such as short-time work benefits have been introduced in most EU countries “he said to the” Handelsblatt “. At the same time, he ruled out applying for state aid and added: “We do not believe that any airline should receive state support.” It didn’t make sense to him why an airline still needed state aid if one could use short-time work. Lufthansa is meanwhile negotiating an aid package that, according to insiders, will amount to almost ten billion euros for the entire group. O’Leary said: “I think airlines like Lufthansa and Air France are using the Covid crisis to enrich themselves with huge amounts of money from the state.”

Read more about the situation at Lufthansa here.

+++ 07:45 US expert: Sunlight apparently kills the coronavirus +++
According to a US government adviser, direct exposure to the sun should lead to the rapid death of the new corona virus. Government scientists have observed in an experiment that UV radiation appears to kill the pathogen quickly, said Department of Homeland Security science and technology advisor William Bryan. Bryan explained that the supposedly lethal effect of UV rays on the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen was observed both when the virus spreads in the air and on surfaces. In doing so, he fueled hopes that the spread of the pathogen could subside in the summer months. According to Bryan, the experiment with UV rays took place at the National Center for Bio-Defense and Countermeasures in Maryland. The study has not yet been published and has yet to be evaluated by other scientists. A key question here is what intensity and wavelength the UV light had and whether the experiment correctly reproduced the natural lighting conditions in summer.

+++ 07:40 1.6 million households did not pay April rent +++
The number of defaulting tenants has skyrocketed. At least this is the opinion of the survey company Civey, which has carried out a survey that is representative of the owner association Haus & Grund. According to this, 6.9 percent of tenants in April no longer met their payment obligations. This corresponds to around 1.6 million households nationwide. Usually the number is between 2.0 and 2.5 percent.

+++ 07:29 oil price continues to rise strongly +++
Anyone who has bet on rising oil prices in the past 48 hours can continue to look forward to. Oil prices continue their significant recovery from the previous day. However, the key factors are currently no easing of weakness in demand and excess supply, rather the political tensions between the United States and Iran are causing rising risk premiums for crude oil. In Asian trade, a barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea type Brent now cost $ 22.48. That was $ 1.15 more than the previous day. The US variety WTI was traded at $ 17.70 per barrel. It was $ 1.20 more than on Thursday. However, oil is still trading at a very low level.

Crude oil wti 17.00

+++ 07:25 Berlin relies on facade cinema +++
The cinemas are closed nationwide. Some Berliners can still watch films in large format – from their own window or balcony. The “Window Flicks” project organizes a facade cinema in alternating courtyards. On Thursday evening “Loving Vincent” ran over the artist Vincent van Gogh on a house wall.

Facade cinema in Berlin.

(Photo: dpa)

+++ 07:02 pandemic hits Brazil with full force +++
For the first time, Brazil has had to report more than 400 coronavirus deaths within 24 hours. According to figures from the Ministry of Health in Brasília, the number of people who died between Wednesday and Thursday was 407. This is the highest number for this period since the Covid 19 pandemic began. A total of 3313 people have died in Brazil in connection with the coronavirus, according to official information. Almost 50,000 people have been registered in the largest country in Latin America; among other things, the actual numbers are likely to be much higher due to the lack of tests.

+++ 06:55 Soon more than three million unemployed? +++
The Institute for Labor Market and Vocational Research (IAB) considers an increase in the number of unemployed to over three million possible. “The next few months will be very difficult,” says IAB chief of analysis Enzo Weber. “If things go badly, unemployment figures could temporarily exceed the three million mark again in 2020.” Just yesterday, the United States had to report 4.4 million new jobless claims. As a result, nearly 27 million people in the United States lost their jobs within a month.

Here you can read more about it.

+++ 06:25 President of the doctor: plan vaccine distribution early +++
Physician President Reinhardt has warned of early planning for the award of a vaccine against the coronavirus. Concepts for a “staggered distribution” of the serum should already be developed, said the President of the Federal Medical Association of the Funke Media Group. It is particularly important to protect health care workers first. However, there is still a long way to go before an approved vaccine is available. “And it is certain that we will not have sufficient vaccine doses available to all citizens at once,” he emphasized. It is therefore necessary to set criteria for the award now. The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) recently approved a first clinical trial of a vaccine candidate from the Mainz-based biotechnology company BioNTech. PEI President Cichutek is also not expecting a vaccine before next year.

+++ 06:14 More crew members infected by cruise ship +++
Among the crew members of a cruise ship in the repair dock in Japan, a further 43 people were infected with the corona virus. As the local authorities in southwestern Nagasaki announced, 91 of the 623 crew members of the Italian “Costa Atlantica” have now tested positive for the pathogen. Passengers were not on board the ship that arrived there for repair in January.

The “Costa Atlantica” in the port of Nagasaki.

(Photo: imago images / Kyodo News)

+++ 05:33 Head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns of disinformation +++
The President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, warns against false information about the corona crisis from abroad. “For many countries, the corona pandemic is an opportunity to position themselves globally in an advantageous manner. In doing so, they are spreading disinformation that has been incorporated into the previous narratives,” Haldenwang told the editorial network in Germany. Without naming certain countries by name, the head of domestic intelligence emphasizes the increased vigilance of the protection of the constitution. “Even if we are currently not aware of any targeted disinformation campaigns against Germany scattered by other intelligence services, we are keeping a close eye on this danger. We monitor the corresponding activities of all the countries in question.”

+++ 05:18 WTO: 80 countries limit exports of protective equipment +++
According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), 80 states and customs areas have restricted or stopped the export of masks and other protective equipment. Among them were 72 WTO members, but only 13 of them had informed the organization about these steps as required. The lack of cooperation could result in some states being cut off from urgently needed deliveries.

+++ 05:02 Left Party demands bonus for nurses +++
The Left Party is demanding that not only the elderly, but also the nurses be paid a premium for their work in coping with the coronavirus pandemic. “Great things are being done in all areas of nursing,” left-wing health politician Pia Zimmermann told the editorial network in Germany. “It would be a fatal signal to now only grant a financial bonus as a symbolic recognition in elderly care,” she emphasizes. For example, there has been a decline in employment growth in nursing since 2017. “This is also due to the lack of appreciation.”

+++ 04:44 Chinese central bank cuts further interest rate +++
The Chinese central bank is taking another cut in its key interest rate. The interest rate for medium-term loans will decrease to 2.95 from 3.15 percent, she says. Commercial bank loans are due after one year, but can be extended to another two years. The central bank had recently turned the interest rate screw several times to boost the Chinese economy with cheaper money. This contracted by 6.8 percent in the first quarter due to the Corona crisis.

+++ 04:22 Duterte extends lockdown for Manila +++
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte extends strict exit restrictions for the capital Manila until May 15. Conversely, restrictions would be relaxed in less regions affected by coronavirus infections, his spokesman said. Duterte is thus following the recommendations of the crisis team. About 70 percent of the country’s 6981 officially reported cases were registered in Manila.

+++ 03:48 over 1000 corona dead in Mexico +++
In Mexico, the number of coronavirus deaths rises to over 1,000. So far, 1,069 people have died in connection with the lung disease Covid-19, the Ministry of Health said. 11,633 people were tested positive for the coronavirus. The first case in the Latin American country was registered in early February. The pandemic in Mexico is expected to peak in the second week of May.

+++ 03:20 China reports six new infections +++
China reports six new coronavirus infections. These were found on Thursday, after there were ten the day before, the National Health Commission said. This brings the total number to 82,804. Two of the new infections are reported to be imported cases from overseas travelers. The number of deaths remained unchanged at 4632. This means that for the ninth day in a row there have been no new deaths from the coronavirus.

+++ 02:52 Trump: Can you inject people with disinfectants? +++
US President Donald Trump encourages researchers in the fight against the novel coronavirus to test injecting disinfectants directly into people. Such a procedure would most likely be life-threatening. Trump told journalists that it would be “interesting” to look into it. At a press conference immediately before, a government expert had explained that bleaching and disinfectants quickly killed the pathogen Sars-Cov-2, for example on dry metallic surfaces such as a door handle.

Here you can read more about it.

US President Donald Trump finds the idea of ​​injecting disinfectants directly into people “interesting”.

(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

+++ 01:53 Fed facilitates access to short-term loans +++
The US Federal Reserve makes it easier for commercial banks to access their loans in the corona crisis. To this end, the requirements for short-term so-called intraday loans would be relaxed, she announced. This is to ensure that lending will continue during the coronavirus pandemic. To this end, it temporarily waives the limits on unsecured loans and overdraft fees for banks that are eligible for this program.

+++ 01:32 Ecuador: number of infected twice as assumed +++
The number of coronavirus cases in Ecuador is twice as high as previously thought. Around 11,000 new infections have been added to the 11,183 cases previously reported due to delayed test results, says Health Minister Juan Carlos Zevallos. The death toll is estimated at 560.

+++ 01:17 US government: progress in corona control +++
The U.S. government sees progress in curbing the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. There are promising signs of progress, says US Vice President Mike Pence. “We believe that we could do much better as a nation by early summer – with much of this coronavirus epidemic behind us.”

+++ 00:58 study: pandemic could lead to massive increase in child mortality +++
According to experts, the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a significant increase in child and maternal mortality in poorer countries. The mortality rate could increase by 45 percent, according to a study published by the specialist magazine “Lancet”. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, up to 1.2 million children and 57,000 women could die from complications during pregnancy or childbirth in the next six months.

+++ 00:41 US House of Representatives blesses fourth aid package +++
After the Senate, the US House of Representatives is now giving the green light for a fourth aid package in the fight against the corona crisis. MPs approve a $ 500 billion bailout law, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The decision is made by a clear majority of 388 votes to five. The Senate already agreed on Tuesday.

+++ 00:26 report: active ingredient Remdesivir fails in a clinical study +++
The active ingredient remdesivir fails in a clinical study as a remedy for the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the virus. According to the “Financial Times”, the health of the patients was not improved. The newspaper cites a summary of the study, which was apparently accidentally available on the World Health Organization (WHO) website for a short time. According to the clinical trial in China, 158 people were treated with remdesivir, while a control group of 79 patients did not receive the drug.

Here you can read more about it.

+++ 00:05 newspaper: Johnson wants to lead government again from Monday +++
Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to run government again from Monday, according to a media report. As the “Telegraph” reports, the 55-year-old politician plans to return to his office on Downing Street in London at the start of the week. Johnson had already arranged for meetings with individual cabinet ministers for the coming week. Johnson had Covid-19. Secretary of State Dominic Raab led the government during his stay in the hospital and his rest in Checkers, the British government’s country house.

Update 12:20: British Health Minister Matt Hancock denied Johnson’s return to his office on Monday. Johnson is “in very good shape” and is recovering well from his Covid 19 disease, said Hancock. However, a decision about the time of his return has not yet been made.

+++ 23:49 Czech Republic lifts exit restrictions after court decision +++
The Czech government has surprisingly lifted the exit restrictions that have been in effect for weeks. That will apply from Friday, says Health Minister Adam Vojtech. Since March 16, citizens have only been allowed to go to work, to go shopping, to the doctor or to go for walks in green areas. This was intended to limit the spread of the novel corona virus.

+++ 23:33 Italy: football season should be extended until August +++
The season in Serie A is to be extended until August 2nd. The Italian Football Association has announced plans by President Gabriele Gravina. Football has been resting in Italy since March 9th. It is one of the worst affected countries by the coronavirus pandemic. Twelve match days are still outstanding in the fight for the Italian championship. The league and the association are considering May 4 as the date for a new training session. Game operations could resume three or four weeks later, but again without spectators.

+++ 23:11 Intel is targeting growth despite the corona crisis +++
The world’s largest chip manufacturer Intel also wants to score points in the corona virus pandemic. After a leap in profits at the start of the year, growing sales and earnings are expected in the current quarter, the US company said. Specifically, Intel expects $ 18.5 billion in earnings per share of $ 1.10. Last year, sales were $ 16.5 billion and earnings per share were $ 1.06.

+++ 22:57 Italy expects a budget deficit of 10.4 percent in 2020 +++
Italy expects a budget deficit of 10.4 percent of economic output (GDP) this year. A deficit of 5.7 percent is then expected for the coming year, according to a draft forecast. Public debt will therefore reach 155.7 percent of GDP this year and 152.7 percent in the coming year. The planned waiver of an increase in VAT, which should not be offset by other taxes or cut spending, will contribute to this.

+++ 22:15 Bund ready for further industry aid +++
The federal government signals the states willingness to provide further assistance for certain sectors. “It shows that the federal and state governments work together to support the economy and employees in the crisis,” said Bremen’s Senator for Economic Affairs Kristina Vogt and the Federal Ministry of Economics after a special conference of economic ministers. The discussion had shown that in particular the hotel, restaurant and event industry, showmen and the travel industry need further help and the federal government has also signaled readiness here. Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier said that a close exchange between the federal and state governments is essential. “The immediate programs for small businesses and solo professionals are experiencing high demand in the economy.”

Note: You can read about the most important developments from the previous day on the current situation relating to the global coronavirus pandemic here.



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