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Corona virus: love in times of corona – couples are separated by borders

The corona crisis has sealed off numerous nation states. This also separates numerous lovers. The latest developments in the news blog.

At the beginning of the year, the coronavirus broke out in the Chinese province of Hubei and spread from there across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people are infected and tens of thousands are killed worldwide. The infection curve in Germany should be kept flat so that the health system does not collapse. The RKI has adapted its recommendations for wearing a mouthguard.

Lovers meet at the German-Swiss border

A date on the cordon – because of the Corona crisis, for many couples on the border between Germany and Switzerland, this is currently the only way to even meet. If one partner lives in Germany and the other in the Confederation, a trip to a friend is simply not possible at the moment. The federal police also carry out temporary border controls with Switzerland in order to curb the spread of the corona virus. “Visits are not permitted,” said the authority. “This also applies if both partners live and work in different countries and have regularly visited each other up to now.”

Konstanz: Christina from Germany and Alex from Switzerland talk on the German-Swiss border between Konstanz and Kreuzlingen. The couple is separated by a border fence and can only meet that way. (Source: dpa)

In Constance on Lake Constance, numerous couples – but also relatives or friends – have met at the provisional border fence in the past two weeks in order to be able to spend at least a little time together. Among them are Olivia and Andy, who met there for the first time. “At least that’s how we can see ourselves,” says the 40-year-old. The two first met online four months ago. “It’s difficult,” says Olivia. “We just make calls, there is no other way.” A hug does not replace a phone call.

Laboratories have capacities for Covid 19 tests: material is scarce

Despite the increasing number of corona tests, many laboratories still have sufficient capacities according to industry information. There are no shortages of personnel, as laboratory examinations in other areas are currently declining strongly, a spokesman for the professional association of German laboratory physicians (BDL) told the German Press Agency in Cologne: “If you don’t have to go to the doctor now, you won’t.” However, material procurement is now causing problems.

“Consumables such as swabs and plastic plates have become scarce and expensive,” says Fabian Wisplinghoff, medical director of a large Cologne laboratory. By working with several suppliers, he has so far been able to compensate for bottlenecks. In the laboratory, the employees are currently evaluating around 5,000 corona tests every day. “But we could do twice as many,” said Wisplinghoff.

Chancellery Minister: Germany is a tanker that is turning slowly

Chancellor Minister Helge Braun considers it open whether the Corona crisis can be overcome in the foreseeable future. “We can not yet say whether it will work, but we are fighting for it,” the CDU politician told the editorial network Germany (RND / Friday). The decisive factor is how much the infection process can be slowed down and whether it will be possible to create additional capacities in the healthcare system. “The country is like a tanker that is turning very, very slowly. So we have to wait a while.” But he is confident that many people have changed their behavior.

It is also unclear how federal and state governments dealt with the restrictions now imposed after Easter. “You can also think of other measures that are not perceived as aggravating, but that help us to break the chain of infection,” said Braun. “It is important to find contact persons for infected people so that there are no further infections.” Mobile phone data could be helpful.

Teachers’ Association: schools limited for the foreseeable future

In view of the Corona crisis, the German teachers’ association is expecting a longer exceptional situation for schools. “For the foreseeable future, the schools will no longer be the same as they were before Corona,” association president Heinz-Peter Meidinger told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Friday). “School concerts, excursions, school trips – none of this will happen for the time being.”

If the schools should be gradually opened again after the Easter holidays, according to Meidinger, the final classes could come back first. “Then spatial equalization would be possible. Gradually, depending on the development of the infection protection rules, the other class levels could be added again.”

United States records worldwide corona deaths within a day

In the United States, the highest number of deaths due to the novel corona virus has been recorded within one country within 24 hours. According to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, 1,169 additional deaths were registered between 8:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday and Thursday evening at the same time. Here Read more.

Spahn hopes to fight malaria drug in the fight against coronavirus

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) raises hopes for the malaria drug Resochin from Bayer in the fight against the coronavirus. There are “first indications” that certain medications like Resochin “seem to help fight medically severe corona diseases,” said Spahn of the Internet broadcast “Bild Live”. However, further studies are necessary because every drug has side effects, the minister emphasized. Resochin is the Bayer trade name for the active ingredient chloroquine, which has long been used against malaria.

Spahn expressed the expectation that an effective drug against Covid-19 would be launched “significantly earlier” than a vaccine. The development of a serum is “more challenging”. It could take twelve months to get a vaccine. Resochin, on the other hand, has been known for decades. “We know the effects and side effects,” said the minister.

Wuhan residents are said to reinforce safeguards

High officials call on the residents of the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus epidemic, to step up protective measures and to avoid leaving their homes. On the mainland of China, the number of daily cases has declined sharply since the crisis peaked in February, so that Beijing was able to start up the country’s industries again. However, officials are concerned about the risk of a so-called second wave, as dozens of new Covid 19 cases involving overseas travelers are reported every day. China has reported 31 new confirmed coronavirus cases, including two locally transmitted infections. In addition, four new deaths were reported on Thursday, all in Wuhan.

Ship “Zaandam” entered port in Florida

The odyssey of the “Zaandam” cruise ship affected by the corona virus is over. The “Zaandam” docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Thursday. The majority of the passengers are said to be flown out of the city near Miami. However, some sick people should also receive medical care on site or remain on board for quarantine, as the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Dean Trantalis, announced. Read she here more.

The “Zaandam” is located in a port in Fort Lauderdale: After an odd journey, the cruiser was now allowed to moor in Florida. (Source: Wilfredo Lee / AP / dpa)

London Heathrow Airport closes a runway

In view of the corona virus crisis and the associated lower air traffic, London’s Heathrow Airport will close one of its two runways from Monday. It is about increasing resilience and security for employees, passengers and cargo during the Covid 19 outbreak, a spokesman for Europe’s largest airport said late Thursday evening, as the PA news agency reported. The two runways would be used alternately every week.

The spokesman emphasized that the airport would remain open – even if there were significantly fewer flights worldwide. It could continue to play an essential role in providing vital medical supplies and food for the country during this unprecedented pandemic.

Minister of Labor Heil is considering raising short-time benefits

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil is ready to talk about an increase in short-time work benefits if companies are otherwise in need of existence in the virus crisis. “My appeal to employers in this situation is clear: do not throw people out! You have the easier rules for short-time work with which we build bridges over this crisis. If necessary, we build them even longer,” said the SPD politician of the “Rheinische Post”. There are already many collective bargaining or company agreements to increase short-time work benefits from 60 or 67 percent (for employees with children) to 80, 90 or 100 percent of wages. “But there are also industries in which this is difficult or controversial.” The state also assumes 100 percent of the social security contributions for short-time workers.

He would talk to employers and unions about how they could pass this advantage on to employees, “but also about whether we could raise the short-time allowance again,” said Heil. The main thing is to protect those who already have low wages from unreasonable wage losses.

Federal court refuses to move US area code to Wisconsin

A federal court refuses to postpone Wisconsin’s Democrat preselection for next week’s presidential candidacy for the virus pandemic. Conducting the nomination competition on Tuesday would create “unprecedented burdens” for voters and election workers, but it is not appropriate for a federal court to delay nationwide elections, judge William Conley said. However, he extended the time for absentee voting. Democratic US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had asked the state of Wisconsin to postpone the area code scheduled for Tuesday due to the virus epidemic.

Field hospitals in New York are supposed to treat Covid 19 patients

Field hospitals set up by the US military in the east coast metropolis of New York are now supposed to treat patients suffering from lung disease Covid-19, contrary to the original plan. The government is responding to a request from the affected state, US President Donald Trump said Thursday evening (local time) at the White House. “All of America is helping the people of New York in their hour of need,” said Trump.

Corona survey: Large majority find government intervention correct

The vast majority of people in Europe and the United States believe that government intervention in the fight against the corona virus is correct. 85 percent think they are sufficient or would like even stronger restrictions. This emerges from a YouGov survey commissioned by the newspaper “Die Welt” (Friday) in eight European countries and the USA. I.

In Germany, 44 percent believe the measures are sufficient, even stricter measures call for 41 percent – a total of 85 percent. 7 percent are in favor of fewer measures. Approval is also very high in the particularly badly affected European countries, Spain (92 percent), Italy and France (90 percent).

Another corona virus test at Trump negative

Another corona virus test was also negative for US President Donald Trump. This is announced by the Presidential Office. Trump had received a delegation from Brazil in the first half of March in which a person was infected with the virus.

Virus on US aircraft carrier: military exports captain of the office

The US Navy replaces the commander of the aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt”. Captain Brett Crozier has raised the alarm after a coronavirus outbreak and demanded the evacuation of a large part of the crew. Among other things, Crozier had pointed out that there are no quarantine stations on the warship on which more than 4,000 soldiers are serving. The Navy accuses Crozier of having addressed the letter to recipients outside the chain of command.

Report: Hundreds of people infected with corona in old people’s homes in Stockholm

According to a media report, the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 has spread to a worrying extent in a number of old people’s homes in the Swedish capital Stockholm. A nursing service told SVT on Thursday that there were now 250 elderly people with a corona infection in the homes he looked after in the Stockholm region, including many with previous illnesses. So far, 50 of them have died, said the head of the Familjeläkarna service, Stefan Amér.

University reports more than a million known cases

The number of infections worldwide has exceeded the million mark, according to the American Johns Hopkins University. It has doubled in the past eight days. More than 51,000 people have died from the viral disease.

At least 880 dead in retirement homes in France

More than 880 people have died of Covid-19 disease in social institutions such as old people’s homes since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in France. However, this number is only preliminary, since not all institutions could have yet provided exact figures, said health director Jérôme Salomon on Thursday evening. It is the first time that the French authorities have reported the number of Covid 19 patients who died outside of hospitals.

Rehabilitation clinic in NRW asks for help

A rehabilitation clinic in North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 100 patients and carers infected with the coronavirus has asked their district for help. The clinic at Detmold can no longer ensure the care of patients, said a spokesman for the Lippe district on Thursday. According to the announcement, a crisis team is now examining the gradual transfer of patients. According to the district, the clinic recently reported 78 infected patients and 27 positively tested employees. 84 patients and five doctors tested negative. 17 patients are still waiting for the result.

A rehabilitation clinic in North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 100 patients and caregivers infected with the coronavirus has asked their district for help (symbol image). (Source: imago images / Sven Simon)A rehabilitation clinic in North Rhine-Westphalia with more than 100 patients and caregivers infected with the coronavirus has asked their district for help (symbol image). (Source: Sven Simon / imago images)

Robert Koch Institute now recommends mouth protection

The Robert Koch Institute changed its view of wearing face masks during the Corona crisis. If people wear a mask as a precaution, even without symptoms, this could reduce the risk of viruses being transmitted to others, according to the website of the federal authority. But that is not scientifically proven. Previously, the RKI had only recommended mouthguards for people with acute respiratory diseases.

Not everyone who is infected with Sars-CoV-2 also notices that, it said. Some infected people do not get sick, but could still pass on the pathogen. Rules for coughing and sneezing, hand hygiene and the minimum distance should continue to be observed even with masks. In addition, there is no sufficient evidence that mouth-nose protection or a self-made mask protects you from infection.

A young woman in Berlin wears a face mask: The Robert Koch Institute has changed her view of this. (Source: dpa)A young woman in Berlin wears a face mask: The Robert Koch Institute has changed her view of this. (Source: dpa)

1,000 deaths in Germany exceeded

According to data from the health authorities, more than 1,000 people in Germany have now died from the consequences of the coronavirus, have found research from The numbers are particularly high in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia, each with over 200 deceased.

Stuttgart Airport will be closed from Monday

Stuttgart Airport will be closed for a good two weeks from Monday due to the Corona crisis. The cessation of flight operations was approved from April 6 to 22, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Transport announced on Thursday. The closure is a result of the current corona pandemic.

German clinics are increasing the number of intensive care beds – three quarters are equipped with ventilators

Because of the Corona crisis, the clinics in Germany have increased the number of intensive care beds from around 28,000 to around 40,000. About 30,000 and thus three quarters of them are equipped with ventilators, Gerald Gass, head of the German Hospital Society (DKG), told Rheinische Post on Thursday.

Russian President declares April the month of paid vacation

In order to keep the infection rate in Russia as low as possible, Russian President Vladimir Putin now declares April to be the paid vacation month.

According to the French newspaper Liberation, a Chinese plane was supposed to bring respirators to France. At the last minute there was a financial offer from the United States that exceeded that of the French. The masks should therefore now be on their way to the USA.

Harvesters may come to Germany subject to conditions

In order to prevent impending crop failures, 40,000 seasonal workers from Eastern Europe are to be allowed to travel to Germany this month and next. Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) agreed on Thursday.

According to a concept paper from the two departments, workers are only allowed to enter in groups and by plane. A health check is also planned. If there are indications of a corona infection, entry should be refused. The newly arrived helpers must therefore work separately from other employees in the first 14 days after their arrival and may not leave the company.

Investments after the crisis: Olaf Scholz holds out the prospect of an economic stimulus package

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz wants to boost the economy after the Corona crisis with an economic stimulus package – but also sees the companies themselves as their duty. The companies that are now supported by the state should not forget this solidarity, he warned. “We want to make sure that – if we have overcome the health crisis, if we have secured the jobs, the companies, if things go up again – this will also be supported with economic measures,” said the Vice Chancellor in Berlin on Thursday. The goal must be a policy “in which high investments play a role and in which the welfare state is expanded and not dismantled”.

Scholz drew a positive interim balance of aid from the federal government. The KfW development bank not only received numerous applications for support, the majority had already been approved. According to KfW, there have been 2,500 applications to date with a total volume of EUR 10.6 billion. In most cases, it is about loans up to three million euros, for which simplified conditions apply. Almost 2,100 applications have already been approved and 750 million euros have been committed.

Altmaier: German gross domestic product could suffer more than in the 2009 financial crisis

The Federal Ministry of Economics expects a severe recession in Germany due to the corona crisis. The gross domestic product could shrink more this year than during the financial crisis in 2009, says economics minister Peter Altmaier in Berlin. At that time, the economy slumped by 5.7 percent.

Von der Leyen activates EU aid amounting to 100 billion euros

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen has once again announced aid worth billions against the economic crisis. “Only the strongest answers will be enough in this coronavirus crisis,” said von der Leyen when her initiatives were presented in Brussels. “We have to use every means available.” The EU is mobilizing a total of 2.7 trillion euros: “This is the EU’s biggest reaction to a crisis in history,” said von Leyen.

Every euro available in the EU budget must be activated against the crisis. All EU rules would be relaxed so that the money could flow quickly and effectively. A new “solidarity instrument” would also activate 100 billion euros for jobs and companies – this means the announced short-time instrument called “Sure”. “We are pooling our forces with the member states to save lives and protect income,” said von der Leyen.

Berlin: gym opens despite ban – police on duty

A fitness studio in Berlin has defied the regulations in the Corona crisis. Read more about this here.

France checks the counting of corona deaths

After many deaths in French nursing homes become known, it is checked whether the official statistics show too low numbers. The health authority has announced that it will now count when someone has died of the virus in a nursing home or in their own home. According to official information, around 4,000 people in France have succumbed to the lung disease so far. However, only dead people in hospitals are counted. The authorities have so far been reluctant to associate deaths outside of clinics with Covid-19 in view of old age and previous illnesses. The health authority responsible for the east of France had recently stated that the virus had been detected in 411 of 620 nursing homes in 411 at the end of March. 570 people died there. Around one million people live in the approximately 7,000 retirement homes in France.

Number of corona deaths in European countries reaches new records

The number of corona deaths in Belgium rose significantly and exceeded the thousand cases on Thursday. The Belgian health authorities in Brussels said that 1,001 people infected with the novel corona virus had already died. This doubled the death toll within three days. The significant increase is also due to the fact that some deaths in retirement homes were registered retrospectively. This means that more corona deaths were counted in the country with a population of 11.4 million than in its large neighboring country, Germany. A total of 15,348 infections were detected in Belgium.

Spain has also recorded a new record of deaths from the corona virus. The Ministry of Health announced at noon that 950 people had died within 24 hours. This means that around 10,000 people in Spain have already died of Covid-19. At the same time, however, the number of cured patients climbed to a record high: almost 4,100 people have been discharged as healthy since Wednesday.

German economy could last “shutdown” for eleven weeks

According to an Ifo survey of 155 economists, Germany could hold up company closings across the board for around eleven weeks. This is how long the economy could cushion a shutdown “before the risk of economic destabilization becomes too great,” say the Munich researchers. Almost half of the economists are of the opinion that the company closings should be ended after a few weeks due to excessive economic costs – “on average eight weeks are mentioned as the upper limit”.

The aid packages of the federal government are considered appropriate by the professors surveyed at German universities. “Now we really have an emergency and we have the scope to react,” said Niklas Potrafke, Ifo expert on public finance.

Over 10,000 people in Spain died of corona infection

More than 10,000 people have died in Spain from a virus infection. The health ministry said that the number of fatalities rose from 9053 to 10,003 in one day. The corona virus has now been detected in 110,238 people. As of Wednesday, 102,136 confirmed cases of infection.

Söder: We will need billions of masks

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder predicts that the fight against coronavirus in Germany will require billions of masks in the long term. “We will need an enormous amount of masks in the long run. I believe that in the end we will need billions of masks in Germany,” said the CSU chief in Weng (Landshut district) in Lower Bavaria on Thursday.

First you need the masks for the medical staff and then primarily for old people’s and nursing homes, said Söder. But you also need the masks “in broad development at some point when it comes to occupational safety and health, togetherness”.

Infection numbers in NRW are increasing again

The number of proven corona infections in North Rhine-Westphalia has risen again more strongly. It grew from Wednesday to Thursday at 1,255, according to the NRW Ministry of Health. On Thursday (10:00 a.m.), a total of 17,254 people were infected with the coronavirus. On Wednesday it was just under 15,999. The death toll increased by 29 to 197 on Thursday.

The number of new infections fluctuates very strongly. While the increase was around 1,200 last Friday to Saturday, the increase in the number of cases remained below the thousand mark per day earlier this week. Now the pace of growth picked up again.

Aldi has pasta delivered with special trains from Italy

The Aldi supermarket chain has around 200 tons of pasta coming from Italy and uses special trains from the DB subsidiary DB Schenker. Due to the corona virus, the supply chains are under pressure and at the same time the demand for durable foods such as pasta is increasing, Aldi Süd said in a blog. Replenishment is secured, further deliveries on the way. “So there is no reason for pasta hamsters!”

Steinmeier: “Crisis awakens our deepest fears”

“This crisis arouses our deepest fears”: In a video message about the Corona epidemic, the Federal President addressed the suffering of many industries. (Source: Federal President’s Office)

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is impressed by the ingenuity and solidarity of many people in the Corona crisis. “Yes, this crisis arouses our deepest fears,” he said in a video message released Thursday. “But it also creates the best in us. We must stick to that, dear fellow citizens.”

“If we can do this together, then our society will not fall apart in this crisis, but on the contrary: Then it will grow closer together,” the President said with conviction. “With all my heart, I would like to thank everyone who helps!” You can find the video at the top of the blog.

Von der Leyen admits mistakes in dealing with the crisis

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has admitted the European Union’s mistakes in dealing with Italy in the corona crisis and promised billions in aid for short-time workers. “The Union will provide up to a hundred billion euros in aid to the hardest hit countries, starting with Italy, to compensate for the reduction in short-time workers’ wages,” von Leyen wrote in an article for La Repubblica (Thursday). “All member countries will help make this new instrument (…) possible.”

“It must be recognized that in the early days of the crisis, given the need for a common European response, too many thought only of their own problems,” wrote von der Leyen. “It was harmful behavior that could have been avoided.” Meanwhile, Europe has changed the pace. “We have done everything possible to get European countries to act like a team and ensure a coordinated response to a common problem,” wrote the German politician.

The Corona crisis has shown that von der Leyen at the top of Europe is out of place, writes editor Jonas Müller-Töwe.

Greece quarantines refugee camps

Greece has quarantined a refugee camp in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. The migration ministry announced that 20 asylum seekers had previously tested positive for the causative agent of the lung disease Covid-19. So far, none of the people have symptoms. The tests would continue. Up to 2,500 people are currently living in the Ritsona refugee camp, 75 kilometers northeast of Athens. According to the ministry, freedom of movement in and out of the camp should now be restricted for 14 days. The police will monitor this.

63 people were tested for the virus after the pathogen was detected in a 19-year-old migrant who gave birth to a child in Athens. It was the first confirmed case among thousands of asylum seekers living in overcrowded camps in the country. They are considered to be particularly at risk. Experts fear that the people there will not have access to important medical care.

Czech Republic extends border controls

The Czech Republic initially extends the border controls on Germany and Austria introduced in mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic until April 24. The cabinet in Prague decided that. The Ministry of the Interior receives additional funds equivalent to around 655,000 euros for border security. The extensive entry ban for foreigners and the exit ban for Czech citizens had already been extended until Easter Sunday. Exceptions apply to truck drivers and, for example, commuters who work in the healthcare sector.

The curve of new infections flattens – Spahn is skeptical

The number of patients who have been shown to be infected with the coronovirus appears to be growing more slowly in Germany than before. Currently, 77,981 people in Germany have been tested positive (as of Thursday, 9.50 a.m.). Around 5,000 to 6,000 new infections are still reported every day – but since the number of new infections remains relatively constant with increasing numbers of patients, the exponential increase in the curve seems to have stopped at least.

Federal Minister of Health Spahn remains skeptical: The flattening of the growth rates is not a final trend, said the CDU politician in a podcast published on Thursday with journalist Gabor Steingart. This could also be statistical effects, reporting effects. The severely restrictive measures, such as school or business closures, were not too long ago, Spahn emphasized. Some of them could not yet be noticed in the statistics. “If we say the direction is right, if it continues permanently, we will see that for the next few days.”

Hospitals create 10,000 new ventilation places

The German Hospital Society (DKG) assumes that the number of intensive care beds increased to almost 40,000 in the Corona crisis. About 15,000 to 20,000 of these are free, said DKG President Gerald Gaß of the “Rheinische Post” (Thursday). “At the beginning of the pandemic, we had around 20,000 beds with a ventilator. In the meantime, we should be around 30,000.” Some of the ventilators were brought from other areas – for example from recovery rooms, some were newly procured, some of them had been retired. “I am confident that in the next two weeks we will have a device for all Covid 19 patients who need ventilation.”

The Bundeswehr stands ready with 15,000 soldiers for Corona help

The Bundeswehr has set up a 15,000-strong team to provide civilian help in the virus crisis. They are preparing to help when civilian forces are exhausted, said Federal Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on the ARD. The “contingent Corona” should be used in the medical sector and logistics. However, the Bundeswehr is already helping in general, for example by caring for civilian patients in the Bundeswehr hospitals. The Bundeswehr’s core tasks, such as deployments abroad, would continue as usual.

Festivals “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” should take place

The plans for the twin festival “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” in early June continue despite the Corona crisis and the current contact restrictions. “” Rock am Ring “and” Rock im Park “2020 are taking place as planned, and preparations are in full swing,” said a spokeswoman for the Live Nation agency on request. “We are of course closely monitoring the situation and will follow the instructions of the health authorities.” Die Gesundheit von Künstlern, Fans und Mitarbeitern habe oberste Priorität und steht bei allen Überlegungen an erster Stelle. Hier lesen Sie mehr.

Klöckner calls for voluntary help with harvesting

Angesichts fehlender Saisonarbeiter in der Landwirtschaft hat Bundesagrarministerin Julia Klöckner die Bundesbürger zur freiwilligen Teilnahme an der Ernte aufgefordert. “Es werden Helfer gebraucht”, sagte die CDU-Politikerin der “Augsburger Allgemeinen”. She pointed out that the federal government had extended additional earnings limits for harvesting aid and had decided to further simplify labor law. Auf die Kampagne, an der sich ihr Ministerium beteiligt, hätten sich bereits knapp 42.000 Menschen gemeldet. But 300,000 helpers would be needed. However, farmers had pointed out that unskilled German volunteers could hardly replace seasonal workers from Eastern Europe on an equal basis.

Neuseeland lässt Ausländer ausreisen

Tausende wegen der Coronavirus-Krise in Neuseeland festsitzende Ausländer, darunter auch viele Deutsche, werden von Freitag an den Pazifikstaat verlassen können. The Wellington government, which had initially stopped return flights, announced a plan to do so. This will enable the “safe and orderly departure of tens of thousands” of stranded people, said Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

“Es ist klar, dass viele hierher gereiste ausländische Bürger nicht die Ressourcen oder Möglichkeiten haben, sich selbst zu isolieren und deshalb nach Hause zurückkehren wollen”, ergänzte er. The plan allows other governments to organize return flights. However, the health requirements of New Zealand would have to be observed.

Around 12,000 Germans are stuck in New Zealand, more than anywhere else. There, travelers from the South Sea islands were also drawn together to be able to fly back to Germany. The Federal Foreign Office launched the return campaign from New Zealand on Saturday with a first flight. All other planned flights were then surprisingly canceled.

Tausende Häftlinge in US-Gefängnissen isoliert

Wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie sind in allen Bundesgefängnissen der USA Isolationsmaßnahmen verhängt worden. Die betroffenen insgesamt fast 170.000 Häftlinge dürfen mindestens 14 Tage lang ihre Zellen und Trakte nicht mehr verlassen, wie die für die Haftanstalten der US-Bundesregierung zuständige Behörde BOP mitteilte.

Zuletzt hatte sich der Erreger in US-Bundesgefängnissen ausgebreitet. In einer Haftanstalt im Bundesstaat Louisiana starben mindestens zwei Insassen an der von dem Virus ausgelösten Lungenkrankheit Covid-19. Nach BOP-Angaben steckten sich bislang mindestens 57 Häftlinge und 37 Mitglieder des Wachpersonals in den Haftanstalten der US-Bundesregierung mit dem Coronavirus an.

Tausende sollen von US-Flugzeugträger evakuiert werden

Wegen der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus sollen tausende Besatzungsmitglieder vom US-Flugzeugträger “USS Theodore Roosevelt” evakuiert werden. Der amtierende Marine-Staatssekretär Thomas Modly sagte am Mittwoch, rund tausend Seeleute hätten das am US-Stützpunkt der Pazifikinsel Guam liegende Kriegsschiff bereits verlassen. Die Zahl solle in den kommenden Tagen auf 2.700 erhöht werden. Das Coronavirus hatte sich auf der “USS Theodore Roosevelt” zuletzt rasch ausgebreitet. Mehr als 90 Infektionen wurden bereits bestätigt.

Rund tausend Besatzungsmitglieder sollen aber an Bord bleiben: “Wir können nicht und werden nicht alle Seeleute von Bord nehmen”, betonte Modly. “Auf dem Schiff befinden sich Waffen, Munition, teure Flugzeuge, und es hat einen Nuklearreaktor.” Insgesamt hat der Flugzeugträger eine Besatzung von rund 4.800 Seeleuten.

Mehr als 200.000 Corona-Fälle in den USA

In den USA stieg die Zahl der bestätigten Infektionen mit dem neuartigen Coronavirus am Mittwoch auf mehr als 200 000 – so viele wie nirgendwo sonst auf der Welt. This comes from data from the Johns Hopkins University. Am Mittwochabend (Ortszeit) verzeichnete die Universität mehr als 213.000 Fälle und mehr als 4.700 Tote.

Verband spricht von katastrophalen Folgen für Prostituierte

Mit dem derzeitigen Berufsverbot für Prostituierte hat laut dem Berufsverband für die Sexarbeiterinnen “katastrophale Folgen”. “Die Frauen auf dem Straßenstrich trifft es am allerschlimmsten”, sagte Nicole Schulze vom Vorstand des Berufsverbands erotische und sexuelle Dienstleistungen. Sie fielen durch alle Soforthilfen durch, da sie häufig gar nicht registriert seien. Auch Hartz IV könnten viele nicht beantragen, weil sie die Voraussetzungen nicht erfüllten.

Schulze said she gets dozens of calls every day from women who have run out of money for food. Oft handele es sich um Migrantinnen, die nicht in ihre Heimatländer zurück könnten, weil Grenzen dicht seien. That is why Schulze launched a call for donations on the Leetchi platform on the Internet. Rund 2.000 Euro seien bisher zusammengekommen. Zudem habe sie die Beratungsstelle Ara in Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz) mit ins Boot geholt, an die auch gespendet werden könne. “Die Frauen brauchen schnell Hilfe”, sagte Schulze. Ihnen drohe neben Hunger die Obdachlosigkeit. Bundesweit sind laut Schulze rund 38.000 Prostituierte angemeldet. Die tatsächliche Zahl liege aber deutlich höher.

Philippinen: Schuljunge druckt Schutzvisiere für Krankenhäuser

Ein Schuljunge auf den Philippinen nutzt seine Freizeit, um mit seinem 3D-Heimdrucker medizinische Plastik-Visiere herzustellen. Marcus Chu, 16, hat bislang mehr als 80 der Gesichtsschutze gefertigt und zeigt Fotos, wie sie bei medizinischem Personal zum Einsatz kommen. Chu sagte, sein 3D-Drucker sei ein Weihnachtsgeschenk, das genau zur richtigen Zeit gekommen sei. “Ich habe das Gefühl, dass es meine Chance ist, endlich in einer sehr ernsten Situation zu helfen, auch wenn es nur ein kleiner Beitrag ist”, sagt der Zehntklässler.

Zunächst verwendete er ein Open-Source-Design, das er im Internet fand, um die Rahmen herzustellen, findet aber schließlich einen Weg, das Design so zu optimieren, dass der Gesichtsschutz schneller und mit weniger Materialeinsatz produziert werden kann. Seine Familie hat die Schutzvisiere an vier Krankenhäuser in Manila gespendet.

Trump sagt Kreuzfahrt-Passagieren im Drama um die “Zaandam” Hilfe zu

The US government plans to take a portion of the passengers off the Zaandam cruise ship, on which the coronavirus has spread and which is in waters off the US state of Florida. Präsident Donald Trump kündigte am Mittwoch in Washington an, kanadische und britische Staatsbürger würden von dem Schiff geholt und an die Behörden ihrer Heimatländer übergeben. For this purpose, medical personnel are sent on board. Here lesen Sie mehr.

Trump erwägt Einstellung des Flugverkehrs in Virus-gebeutelte Städte

Donald Trump erwägt als Maßnahme im Kampf gegen das Corona-Virus unter anderem die Einstellung des Flugverkehrs in Städte mit vielen Coronavirus-Infektionen. “Wir schauen uns das sicherlich an, aber wenn wir das wirklich umsetzen, greifen wir hart in eine Branche ein, die dringend benötigt wird”, sagt Trump auf einer Pressekonferenz im Weißen Haus. Such a plan could shut down traffic at airports in New York, New Orleans and Detroit.

US-Militär verstärkt Präsenz an Grenze zu Mexiko

Das US-Militär verstärkt seine Präsenz an der südlichen US-Grenze zu Mexiko. Die zusätzlichen Soldaten sollten den Grenzschutz dabei unterstützen, das Land vor möglicherweise infizierten Migranten, die über die Grenze gelangten, zu schützen, sagte der Kommandeur des Nördlichen Kommandos der Vereinigten Staaten, General Terrence O’Shaughnessy, am Mittwoch (Ortszeit) bei einer Telefonkonferenz mit Journalisten. Lieutenant-General Laura Richardson added that there were 540 soldiers who were to be sent to the border “very soon”.

Klimakonferenz in Glasgow wird wegen des Coronavirus verschoben

Die UN-Klimakonferenz wird wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie verschoben. The British government announced on Wednesday evening. The conference was supposed to take place in Glasgow, Scotland in November. Here lesen Sie mehr.

Ein Radfahrer fährt über eine fast leere Straße. Die UN-Klimakonferenz in Glasgow wird wegen des Coronavirus verschoben. (Quelle: dpa/Andrew Milligan)Ein Radfahrer fährt über eine fast leere Straße. Die UN-Klimakonferenz in Glasgow wird wegen des Coronavirus verschoben. (Quelle: Andrew Milligan/dpa)

Russian plane with medical supplies lands in New York

In New York ist am Mittwoch ein russisches Militärflugzeug mit medizinischen Gütern gelandet. Wie die russische UN-Vertretung in New York mitteilte, hatte die angesichts der Coronavirus-Pandemie entsandte Maschine “medizinische Masken und medizinische Ausrüstung an Bord”. The cargo plane landed at John F. Kennedy Airport.

Trump warns: drug cartels could take advantage of crisis

“We cannot allow the drug cartels to take advantage of the pandemic to threaten American lives,” Trump said at the White House on Wednesday evening (local time). Additional destroyers, warships, airplanes and helicopters would therefore be used. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said it would almost double the capacity in the Eastern Pacific and the Caribbean to fight smuggling routes.

Generalstabschef Mark Milley verwies auf Geheimdienstinformationen, wonach Kartelle die Krise ausnutzen wollten, um Drogen nach Amerika zu schaffen. “Sie werden nicht in dieses Land eindringen”, sagte er an die Adresse der Drogenkartelle.

Thirteen EU countries fear democracy

Germany and twelve other EU countries have expressed concern about corona emergency measures that could violate the rule of law, democracy and core values. Dies geht aus einer Erklärung hervor, die das niederländische Außenministerium am Donnerstagabend im Namen der 13 Länder veröffentlichte. Darin heißt es: “Notmaßnahmen sollten auf das Nötigste begrenzt sein, sie sollten verhältnismäßig und befristet sein, regelmäßig überprüft werden und die genannten Grundsätze und internationalen Rechtsverpflichtungen respektieren. Sie sollten nicht die freie Meinungsäußerung oder die Pressefreiheit beschränken.”

In Ungarn hatte Ministerpräsident Viktor Orban sich wegen der Pandemie weitreichende Befugnisse erteilen lassen, unbefristet per Dekret ohne weitere Mitwirkung des Parlaments zu regieren Die Erklärung der 13 Länder nennt Ungarn nicht. In addition to Germany and the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Sweden are above the declaration.

Zuviele Infektionen – Münchner Klinik gibt Alltagsbetrieb auf

Due to a large number of corona infections among patients and employees, a Munich clinic temporarily gives up normal hospital operations. “The point is that we are not admitting new patients and the patients who could be discharged are not currently being discharged,” said the spokesman for Helios Klinikum Munich West, Marten Deseyve. “All the patients who are now there will continue to be there.” So infection chains should be broken. So far, 14 patients and 2 employees have tested positive, as Deseyve said. As a countermeasure, there are now no inpatient admissions, transfers or layoffs. The emergency room is also affected.

Baby in den USA an Corona-Infektion gestorben

Ein Baby wurde im US-Bundesstaat Connecticut leblos in ein Krankenhaus eingeliefert – und konnte nicht wiederbelebt werden. Ein Test auf Covid-19 sei positiv ausgefallen, berichteten die Behörden. Lesen Sie here more.

US-Notenbank Fed lockert vorübergehend einige Vorgaben für Banken

Die US-Notenbank Federal Reserve (Fed) will Erleichterungen für die Bankenbranche schaffen. Die Zentralbank ändert nach eigenen Angaben vom Mittwoch vorübergehend die Kalkulation der Verschuldungsquote (SLR, supplementary leverage ratio). Large banks are now allowed to omit, among other things, their government bond holdings from the calculation for the key figure. The measure should apply until the end of March 2021. It affects banks with total assets of more than $ 250 billion. The Fed wanted to ensure that financial institutions could continue to lend during the impending economic downturn.

Studie: Infizierte bis zu drei Tagen nach ersten Symptomen ansteckend

Einer Studie der US-Zentren für Seuchenkontrolle (CDC) zufolge können Virus-Infizierte bis zu drei Tage vor dem Erscheinen erster Symptome ansteckend sein. Untersucht wurden 243 Fälle in Singapur vom 23. Januar bis zum 16. März. Die im Fachblatt “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report” veröffentlichte Studie ergänzt Einzelberichte aus China über eine frühe Übertragung.

Frankreich meldet mehr als 4.000 Tote

Frankreich meldet als viertes Land mehr als 4000 Tote durch das Coronavirus. Die Zahl sei auf 4032 von 3523 gestiegen, sagt ein Regierungsvertreter. Erfasst werden dabei bislang nur Erkrankte, die im Krankenhaus verstorben sind. Bald sollen auch die in Altersheimen Gestorbenen hinzugezählt werden. Die Zahl der bekannten Erkrankungen stieg auf 56.989 nach zuletzt 52.128.

Scholz will EU-Hilfe von mindestens 200 Milliarden Euro

Bundesfinanzminister Olaf Scholz plädiert einer Zeitung zufolge für europäische Hilfsmaßnahmen von mindestens 200 Milliarden Euro. Rund 100 Milliarden Euro sollten dabei für Kredite genutzt werden, mit denen der Euro-Rettungsschirm (ESM) notleidenden Euro-Staaten wie Italien helfen kann, berichtet das “Handelsblatt” vorab unter Berufung auf Regierungskreise. Scholz wolle zudem, dass die Europäische Investitionsbank (EIB) rund 50 Milliarden Euro einsetzt. Hinzu kämmen 50 bis 100 Milliarden Euro für eine neue EU-Arbeitslosenrückversicherung, die Kurzarbeit finanzieren soll.

EU-Forscher entwickeln Kontrolle für Coronavirus-Tests

Ein Test für den Test: Ob ein Coronavirus-Test bei einem Infizierten auch zuverlässig anschlagen wird, lässt sich mit speziellen, künstlichen Virenteilchen überprüfen. Wissenschaftler des Gemeinsamen Forschungszentrums (JRC) der EU-Kommission in Belgien haben nun solche Virenteilchen entwickelt, wie die Brüsseler Behörde am Mittwoch mitteilte. 3000 Muster könnten nun an Labore in der EU verteilt werden, die die Kontrolle von bis zu 60 Millionen Coronatests ermöglichten.

Länder und Bund wollen keine Maskenpflicht

Eine Pflicht zum Tragen von Atemschutzmasken soll es in Deutschland wegen der Corona-Krise derzeit nicht geben. Bund und Länder seien sich in dem Punkt einig gewesen, sagte Bayerns Ministerpräsident Markus Söder (CSU) am Mittwoch in München nach einer Telefonkonferenz von Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) und den Regierungschefs der Länder.

Zwar seien Masken natürlich für jeden Einzelnen geeignet, um sich gegen die Ausbreitung des Virus zu präparieren, eine Pflicht solle aber nicht ausgerufen werden. “Wichtig ist jetzt, die Schutzmasken mit höchster Qualität zu entwickeln und den Bedarf von den Krankenhäusern, bei den Ärzten, bei den Pflegerinnen und Pflegern entsprechend zu entwickeln”, sagte Söder. Die Beschaffung müsse weiter intensiviert werden. “Wir werden am Ende übrigens auf Dauer eher Milliarden von Masken in Deutschland brauchen”, sagte Söder.

Bund und Länder wollen Kontaktbeschränkungen über Ostern verlängern

Bund und Länder wollen die bestehenden scharfen Kontaktbeschränkungen wegen der Corona-Krise mindestens bis zum Ende der Osterferien verlängern. Die Bürger “bleiben angehalten, auch während der Osterfeiertage Kontakte zu anderen Menschen außerhalb der Angehörigen des eigenen Hausstandes gemäß den geltenden Regeln auf ein absolutes Minimum zu reduzieren”, heißt es in einer Beschlussvorlage für die Telefonkonferenz von Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) mit den Ministerpräsidenten der Bundesländer, über die die dpa berichtet.

Coronavirus sorgt für Rekordzahl an Arbeitslosen in Österreich

In Österreich waren seit 1946 noch nie so viele Menschen arbeitslos wie aktuell. Wie der Arbeitsmarktservice am Mittwoch in Wien mitteilte, sind in der Alpenrepublik derzeit etwas mehr als 504.000 Menschen ohne Job – ein Anstieg um 52,5 Prozent im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat. Hinzu kommen etwas mehr als 58.000 Menschen, die beim AMS derzeit eine Schulung machen. Allein zwischen dem 15. und dem 31. März stieg die Zahl der Arbeitslosen um fast 200.000.

Die Arbeitslosenquote nach nationaler Definition lag Ende März bei geschätzten 12,2 Prozent. Gegenüber März 2019 entspricht das einem Anstieg um 4,7 Prozentpunkte. Nach Angaben von Arbeitsministerin Christine Aschbacher (ÖVP) hätten etwa 40 Prozent der Menschen, die aufgrund der Coronavirus-Pandemie arbeitslos geworden sind, eine Rückkehr-Vereinbarung mit ihren bisherigen Arbeitgebern für die Zeit nach der Krise geschlossen.

Christine Aschbacher: Österreichs Arbeitsministerin sprach über den Arbeitslosenmarkt im Land. (Quelle: imago images/Eibner Europa)Christine Aschbacher: Österreichs Arbeitsministerin sprach über den Arbeitslosenmarkt im Land. (Quelle: Eibner Europa/imago images)

Innenministerium will Einreiseverbot für Saisonarbeiter überprüfen

Das Innenministerium will nach Gesprächen mit dem Landwirtschaftsministerium das Einreiseverbot für Saisonarbeiter aus einigen EU-Staaten überprüfen. Es gehe darum, ob man bei Wahrung des obersten Ziels, die Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zu verhindern, eine pragmatische Lösung für die Landwirte finden könne. Das Landwirtschaftsministerium hatte darauf verwiesen, dass im Mai normalerweise 85.000 meist osteuropäische Erntehelfer gebraucht würden. Das Innenministerium wies darauf hin, dass das Einreiseverbot nicht für Saisonarbeiter aus Polen, Tschechien und der Slowakei gelte. Normalerweise werden pro Jahr fast 300.000 Saisonarbeiter eingesetzt. Als Problem werden wegen Corona vor allem beengte Sammelunterkünfte bei Bauern angesehen.

Adidas entschuldigt sich und zahlt jetzt doch Miete

After harsh public criticism, the sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is now paying its rents and apologizing for its advance. “Many of you felt that the decision to require the landlords of our stores to defer the rent for April was unsolidarial,” says an open letter that Adidas published on Wednesday. “Your opinion is important to us and your opinion is clear: You are disappointed with adidas.” In the wake of the Corona crisis, Adidas announced that it would no longer pay the rent for the closed stores in Europe from April. One is in talks with the landlords. Thereupon there had been harsh criticism from all parts of society.

“That’s why we would like to apologize to you in full. We paid our landlord the rent for April. Fairness and team spirit have always been closely linked to Adidas and should remain so,” the letter continues.

Merkel berät mit Ministerpräsidenten über Kampf gegen Coronavirus

Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) hat erneut Beratungen mit den Ministerpräsidenten der Länder über den Kampf gegen die Coronavirus-Krise aufgenommen. Im Mittelpunkt der Telefonschalte am Mittwochnachmittag dürfte die aktuelle Lage des Gesundheitssystems und die Entwicklung bei den Neuinfektionen in Deutschland stehen. Dabei könnte es auch um die Frage gehen, wie erwartete Lieferungen von Schutzausrüstung wie Atemmasken oder Beatmungsgeräte innerhalb Deutschlands verteilt werden sollen. It should also be a kind of evaluation of the previous anti-corona measures.

Angela Merkel: Die Bundeskanzlerin hat mit den Ministerpräsidenten eine Verlängerung der Kontaktbeschränkungen beschlossen. (Quelle: imago images/Jens Schicke)Angela Merkel: Die Bundeskanzlerin hat mit den Ministerpräsidenten eine Verlängerung der Kontaktbeschränkungen beschlossen. (Quelle: Jens Schicke/imago images)

Mehr als 1.000 Tote in Ostfrankreich

In Ostfrankreich ist die Zahl der gestorbenen Coronavirus-Patienten auf über 1.000 gestiegen. In der an Deutschland grenzenden Region Grand Est seien bisher 1.015 Menschen nach einer Infektion mit Sars-CoV-19 gestorben, teilte die regionale Gesundheitsbehörde am Mittwoch mit. Rund 4.200 Menschen befanden sich demnach zur Behandlung in Krankenhäusern. According to the authority, 890 patients had to be treated in an intensive care unit.

UN-Generalsekretär Guterres: Corona-Pandemie ist schlimmste Krise seit Zweitem Weltkrieg

UN-Generalsekretär António Guterres hat die Coronavirus-Pandemie als schlimmste globale Krise seit dem Zweiten Weltkrieg bezeichnet. Die Pandemie stelle eine “Bedrohung für jeden auf der Welt” dar und werde wahrscheinlich zur folgenschwersten Rezession der jüngeren Vergangenheit führen, sagte Guterres in New York.

Guterres sagte, die Pandemie könne auch Instabilität, Unruhen und Konflikte in der Welt verstärken. Notwendig sei daher eine stärkere und effektivere Antwort auf die Ausbreitung des Virus. “We’re slowly moving in the right direction, but we have to be faster and do a lot more if we want to beat the virus.”

Guterres forderte erneut Unterstützung für die Entwicklungsländer bei der Bekämpfung der Pandemie und eine verstärkte Zusammenarbeit aller Staaten. Sie müssten endlich begreifen, “dass die Menschheit auf dem Spiel steht”.

Putin zieht sich ins Homeoffice zurück

Weil er Kontakt mit einem mit dem Coronavirus infizierten Arzt hatte, arbeitet Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin vorerst von zu Hause aus. “Wir ergreifen alle Vorsichtsmaßnahmen”, sagte Kreml-Sprecher Dmitri Peskow vor Journalisten. Putin halte sich derzeit in der Präsidentenresidenz Nowo-Ogarjowo außerhalb von Moskau auf.

Der Chefarzt des in der Behandlung von Coronavirus-Patienten führenden Moskauer Kommunarka-Krankenhauses, Denis Prozenko, hatte am Dienstag erklärt, er sei positiv auf das Virus getestet worden. Putin hatte das Krankenhaus vor einer Woche in einem Schutzanzug besucht. Er sprach dabei aber auch ohne Schutzmaske mit Prozenko.

Peskow hatte bereits am Dienstag erklärt, es gebe keinen Grund zur Sorge um Putins Gesundheit. Alle, die mit dem Präsidenten im Kommunarka-Krankenhaus waren, würden täglich auf das Coronavirus getestet, fügte der Kreml-Sprecher hinzu.

Verfassungsschutz warnt vor rechtsextremen Verschwörungstheorien

Das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz beobachtet eine Instrumentalisierung der COVID-19-Pandemie durch Rechtsextreme. Thomas Haldenwang, der Präsident des Bundesamtes für Verfassungsschutz sagte der “ZEIT”: “Das Coronavirus findet in der rechtsextremistischen Szene große Beachtung. Die Pandemie werde zum Anlass genommen, das Vertrauen in die Bundesregierung zu untergraben. Verschwörungstheorien zu verbreiten und Migranten als Überträger des Virus zu brandmarken. Gleichzeitig werden Untergangsszenarien entworfen, um Zustimmung zu radikalen und extremistischen Positionen zu erzeugen.“

“Die Verfassungsschutzbehörden hätten derartige Aktivitäten darum genau im Blick”, sagt Thomas Haldenwang der “ZEIT”. Auch im Bundesinnenministerium sind die diversen Versuche von Desinformationskampagnen derzeit Thema, schreibt die Wochenzeitung. Neben Reichsbürgern, Neonazis oder der Identitären Bewegung, versuchen auch ausländische Regierungen auf diese Weise den gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt in der Bundesrepublik und der Europäischen Union anzugreifen.

Thomas Haldenwang: Der Präsident des Verfassungsschutzes warnt vor rechtsextremen Verschwörungstheorien. (Quelle: imago images/IPON)Thomas Haldenwang: Der Präsident des Verfassungsschutzes warnt vor rechtsextremen Verschwörungstheorien. (Quelle: IPON/imago images)

Berliner Gefangene nähen Masken für Altenpfleger

In den Berliner Männer-Gefängnissen Tegel und Moabit nähen Inhaftierte jetzt Atemmasken. Auch Gefangene leisteten ihren Beitrag zur Eindämmung der Coronakrise, ließ Justizsenator Dirk Behrendt mitteilen. Nach Angaben seines Sprechers Sebastian Brux laufe die Herstellung einfacher Stoffmasken ohne Filter gerade an. Ein Teil davon solle an den Verein Die Johanniter in den Bereich der Altenpflege gehen.

Wie viele Masken gefertigt werden, sei noch nicht abzusehen, sagte Sprecher Brux. An den Nähmaschinen sitzen demnach Gefangene mit Grundkenntnissen, die professionell begleitet und beaufsichtigt werden. Diese Insassen hätten bislang Kissen oder Kuscheltiere genäht. Jetzt werde die Produktion angesichts der Krise umgestellt.

Corona-Aprilscherze sind in einigen Ländern strafbar

Mehrere Länder haben vor Aprilscherzen im Zusammenhang mit der Coronavirus-Pandemie gewarnt. Taiwans Präsidentin Tsai Ing-wen erklärte auf Facebook, wer am 1. April Witze über die Pandemie mache, verstoße gegen das Gesetz. In Taiwan drohen für das Verbreiten von Falschinformationen bis zu drei Jahre Haft und eine Geldstrafe in Höhe von drei Millionen taiwanischen Dollar (90.300 Euro).

Auch die thailändische Regierung warnte vor Corona-Scherzen. “Es verstößt gegen das Gesetz, am 1. April vorzugeben, man habe Covid-19”, warnte die Regierung im Kurzbotschaftendienst Twitter. Darauf stünden bis zu fünf Jahre Haft.

In Indien, wo Falschinformationen ein weit verbreitetes Problem sind, warnten Politiker ebenfalls vor fehlgeleiteten Scherzen. Die Regierung des Bundesstaates Maharashtra werde keine Gerüchte und Panikmache zulassen, schrieb der Innenminister des Bundesstaates, Anil Deshmukh, auf Twitter.

Kanzleramt hofft auf die Corona-Tracking-App

Die Bundesregierung setzt große Hoffnungen in eine App zur Nachverfolgung von Corona-Infektionsketten, die aktuell in Berlin getestet wird. Die Regierung suche mit Hochdruck gemeinsam mit dem Robert Koch-Institut nach einer Lösung, die für Deutschland funktionieren könne, sagte die stellvertretende Regierungssprecherin Ulrike Demmer in Berlin.

Kanzleramtsminister Helge Braun halte den Ansatz des RKI, das mit dem Fraunhofer-Institut und zahlreichen Wissenschaftlern dazu kooperiert, für sehr vielversprechend, fügte sie hinzu. Sie betonte, diese App könnte grenzüberschreitend in Europa funktionieren.

Ein Sprecher des Gesundheitsministeriums sagte, die Nachverfolgung von Kontaktpersonen von Corona-Infizierten sei “digital einfacher als wenn jemand im Gesundheitsamt anfängt zu telefonieren”. Außerdem könne ein Infizierter ja nicht wissen, wie jemand zu kontaktieren sei, der neben ihm im Bus gesessen habe, ergänzte Demmer.

Um das Lesen zu erleichtern und die Ladezeiten zu verringern, beginnt die Redaktion den Newsblog an dieser Stelle neu. Die bisherigen Entwicklungen in der Corona-Krise können Sie hier nachlesen.



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