Sport Corona virus paralyzes all of Europe! Everything is different...

Corona virus paralyzes all of Europe! Everything is different in one country

Corona virus paralyzes all of Europe! Everything is different in one country

on March 26th, 2020 at 6:10 p.m.

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The Corona virus lays completely Europe under control! Whole europe? No not really. Public life continues in Belarus!

Curfew, ban on contacts, closed schools or kindergartens? Not in Belarus. So far, the spread of the corona virus has been accepted with stoic composure. President Alexander Lukashenko, in office since 1994, does not believe in the draconian measures to contain the Corona virusthat his neighbors in Europe have introduced.

Coronavirus in Europe: With tractors, sauna and vodka against Covid-19

“I don’t call this corona virus any other than a psychosis and I don’t let myself be put off by it,” said the head of state, known as “the last dictator of Europe”. His route: “We have to work and should not spread panic. The epidemic situation is no worse than in the other years. ”

His recommendations for prevention in addition to regular hand washing can be described as bizarre. “I don’t drink alcohol myself, but I often say that jokingly, 40, 50 grams of vodka don’t hurt now.”

A regular visit to the dry sauna is also a good thing, because “the Chinese have told us that the virus dies at 60 degrees.” In general, working in the current situation is the best. Lukashenko is happy to see on television how people in the villages all work on tractors. “Nobody talks about viruses. The tractor and the fields will all heal there. “

“Tractor therapy” has long since become a running gag in the country.

Belarusian doctors: “People are afraid”

But many people in Belarus are not laughing. A large part of the population no longer trusts the government. “Lukashenko is a clown,” said Vicentius (23) in an interview with this editorial team. He would rather not read his real name in an article. This could quickly lead to problems in the autocratically governed country. He says: “People are afraid. Some stay at home on their own, but most have no choice. ”


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Officially 86 infected

Officially, there are only 86 infected so far (as of Thursday, 12 noon). But the 23-year-old general practitioner doesn’t believe it. Some of his friends work in various hospitals in the capital, Minsk, he says. “They report that the situation is worse than the government claims.” He also thinks the numbers are a lie.

In Minsk everything is going on as usual. Restaurants, cinemas and bars are open, older women sell flowers and fruit on the streets, people are crowded on the buses and trains.

The ball rolls in Belarus despite Corona

Even the ball is still rolling in Belarus – the last country in Europe. Regardless of Corona, Vysheyshaya Liha started the season last weekend. Ghost games? Not even close. A total of 10,474 fans came, an average of 1309 visitors per game, which is only slightly less than usual.

“An oasis in the dead football desert” – football commentators described the league. TV channels from neighboring Russia, where the league is initially paused until April 10, quickly secured the rights for the otherwise hardly noticed league.

Alexander Hleb criticizes and wishes for Messi and Ronaldo

Arguably the greatest Belarusian footballer Alexander Hleb, who once played for VfB Stuttgart, Arsenal London and FC Barcelona and had recently ended his career, criticized the British tabloid “Sun”: “It is as if nobody cares. Everyone knows what is happening in Spain and Italy. It doesn’t look good. ”The 39-year-old ex-professional stays at home with his family, he said. But when he “goes out, the streets and restaurants are still full”.

His not very serious suggestion: “The whole world is now looking at the Belarusian league. Perhaps Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo could join the Belarusian league to continue. ”



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