News Corona virus: primary school, The Springbok, also, Monday is...

Corona virus: primary school, The Springbok, also, Monday is closed due to the corona with a teacher

The main issues at the moment:

  • Since Saturday, two people died from the corona virus (total: 6013)
  • There are 96 coronapatiënten in the intensive care unit.
  • Worldwide, more than 400,000 people to the corona virus has died.

Take a look what happened on Saturday is in the news and around the corona virus? That’s for you here.

School, The Springbok, also, Monday is closed

On Monday, there will be at the elementary school, The Springbok, the Hague’s Transvaal district, education at a distance, says a spokesman. The school, which closed last Wednesday, with the doors, after two others tested positive to the feline corona virus. It is not known when the pupils are back to school. The Springbok has two locations in the district. Location is Fun, the Included and the location Thread in the Wolmarans.

The new figures, health and safety

In the past 24 hours, two people died due to the effects of the corona virus. There are four people in the hospital, and 239 of the new people have tested positive for COVID-19.

The number of coronapatiënten in the intensive cares have not changed

In the intensive cares, hospital are 96 people with the corona virus, the same as on Saturday. Corona-business at the company’s “unchanged low”, said Ernst Kuipers, the Dutch National Network of Acute-Care services. It is important to care for other patients, more on the way, he adds.

Online pub quiz of the Westlanders, it is in demand

Each week in the living room of the Cies Duijndam in the ‘control room’. Since the beginning of april, giving both he and his brother john each and every week in an online pub quiz, because, like, that, because of the corona virus is still difficult. “While we are still in the room did, we would have had each and every week, about one hundred and twenty participants. We are now at an average of one hundred and fifty teams, which are as much as seven hundred people, ” said Jan from behind his computer.

Summer in the Netherlands it is hot and dry

Because of the corona virus this summer and is expected to be more and more people to holiday in their own country. According to weather bureau Weeronline the people back home in the Netherlands to Southern European weather, with high temperatures and lots of sunshine.

In July and August, it is dominated by a dry day, does Weeronline. When the wind is blowing generally from the east, and that makes for a lot of summer and sunny days. The temperature is often between 25 and 30 degrees celsius. The tropical days are in the offing. If the wind is from the south-east is, it reaches the warm air in the south of the country.

According to the weather bureau, even one or more heat-waves and extreme temperatures, from 35 to 40 degrees celsius cannot be excluded. The heat may have to turn it in to a local rain / thunder storm. “The outlook for the summer is very similar to the weather in the summer of 2018. Then we had to deal with a long-lasting summer heat, severe drought, and some of the big hittepieken, ” says meteorologist, He of the Weasel.

However, it is in the summer months, not only the beautiful weather. A few of the week’s proceeds are expected to be less reliable due to a strong breeze coming from the sea. There may be a few rain showers to develop, with temperatures in the range of 20 to 25 degrees celsius.

The deaths of minks, because the corona will continue to

The recovery of the nertsenfokkerijen where the corona virus is prevalent, are going to go Sunday. Saturday, on a company’s Ranking is already at 1600 mothers, with an average of five young to their end, with concentrations of carbon monoxide. It was the first company to use it, there are only nine. Which are the major companies in Deurne, the netherlands.

Animal rights organisations, Animal Rights, and animal Fur is for Animals, took the action last week, by way of a spoedzaak yet, but the president of the board of Appeal for Business and industry (CBb) indicated that application. For the animal lovers think that there’s too little attention is paid to the welfare of the animals, and that the companies are isolated, they should be used.

Coaches are going to have more passengers

Coach companies going to thirty-passenger bus. This is equivalent to a 50 per cent average occupancy, under normal circumstances, confirms a spokesperson for industry trade association, royal Dutch transport federation to Bus services as a result of reports from the Heart of the country.

“If the appointment guidelines are to be observed, as up to 1.5 meters away, they would, in fact, not more than twelve or fifteen passengers can be transported. However, we do have a protocol established by looking at the public transport and air travel, and up to a maximum of thirty people. We believe that it is safe to be 1.5 metres and the required masks, just as you are in public, ” the spokesman said. “Why would people do in a full Airbus may be, but are not in the bus?’

KNV Bus protocol provided, among other things, to the police station. “That it has been rejected, because they say,” we have to maintain, not on the protocols, but is on the emergency ordinance.’ It is possible that a coach with thirty passengers, may be stopped and punished, he admits. “But as long as they don’t stand still, they may not have money, and they will go bankrupt.’



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