News Corona virus: Self-employed people are abandoned by the federal...

Corona virus: Self-employed people are abandoned by the federal government

Anja R. only receives CHF 72 for the month in which she had to close her shop. screenshot: srf

The self-employed receive ridiculously small amounts of corona – but now there’s a happy ending

The self-employed are entitled to compensation for loss of earnings due to the Corona measures. For many, however, these are very low.

What is the problem?

2.40 CHF per day. Anja R., for example, who has a shop in Romanshorn, received this. So CHF 72 per month as Corona earnings compensation for the time that she had to close her shop.

The Basel event technician Lars P. had a similar experience. The compensation office said: CHF 12 per day. At first he was happy when he opened the letter – the disillusionment immediately followed: «At first I thought the amount of CHF 468 would be for a week. Then you see, no, that’s for 39 days! »

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Anja and Lars are not isolated cases, hundreds of self-employed people in Switzerland feel the same way. Many of them reported on the SRF program “Kassensturz”, which has now investigated the problem.

The overview of the situation in Switzerland:

How does this happen?

But why do so many self-employed people get so little? The reason for this is the calculation method. The compensation funds do not use the actual taxed income when calculating the amount, but the deposited income.

When founding a company, the self-employed indicates how much he will earn. This amount (so-called deposited income) is communicated to the AHV compensation fund. A provisional invoice invoice is then created based on this amount.

When the actual taxable income is available, the definitive social insurance bill will be submitted later. If this amount is higher than the provisional one, the compensation office charges a five percent default interest.

This solution is good for many self-employed: “I pay the AHV contributions at the end of the year because my business is seasonal. I accept the default interest, »says Lars P. about« Kassensturz ». And Anja R .: “The fact is, in the end everything is paid for.”

This is how the corona virus came to Switzerland – a chronology

Why is the deposited income used?

In March, the Federal Social Insurance Office informed the compensation funds in a circular letter that the deposited income should be used as the basis for the compensation for income compensation. In the corresponding places it says something like:

“The basis for measuring compensation for self-employed persons is earned income based on the most recent contribution decree for 2019. It is irrelevant whether the basis of the contribution decree is provisional or definitive.”


«A subsequent adjustment of earned income as a result of the definitive tax return does not change the compensation. The same applies to changes in the AHV contribution payments for 2019 that were made after March 17, 2020. »

How is this practice assessed by legal experts?

Ueli Kieser, professor of social security law at the University of St.Gallen says: «Compensation funds must always take the most current income. Currently the one from 2019. It is in the regulation and must be implemented. »

The “Kassensturz” journalist picks up:

The professor of social insurance concluded that calculating the income compensation based on data that may be years ago is not permitted.

Ueli Kieser, professor of social security law at the HSG St.Gallen. Screenshot: srf

What does the Federal Social Insurance Office say?

Afterwards, “Kassensturz” wanted to know how the Federal Social Insurance Office is responding to the allegations. The vice director of the BSV, Colette Nova, explains this with the lack of time. It’s about being able to pay people out as quickly as possible. The amounts were based on the information you already have. “This is simply the amount where people will pay contributions for 2019. These are the latest possible figures.”

Nova points out the obligation to cooperate. The self-employed would have to report if they earned more. “The cash register always has a backlog of information,” which is why there is also this obligation to cooperate.

Colette Nova, Vice President of the Federal Social Insurance Office. Image: KEYSTONE

All’s well that ends well?

Coincidence or not: During the two to three weeks of researching the “Kassensturz”, the BSV has taken a decisive turn in the past few days: the deposited income is no longer the only thing that applies. If more up-to-date figures are available, the self-employed can submit an application that the health fund should review the case again.

When asked where the turn came from, Nova replied: “We have become smarter, we have had certain experiences.”

(Yes W)

Corona virus – the situation worldwide:


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