World Corona virus: TÜV rules should be relaxed at times

Corona virus: TÜV rules should be relaxed at times


TÜV, taxi drivers and car agencies: Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer is taking unusual measures to deal with the Corona crisis.

Anyone expiring in the times of the Corona crisis TÜV badge not extended on time, does not have to expect sanctions. Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) announced on Thursday after a cabinet meeting that the TÜV or the Dekra goodwill would rule over upcoming examinations. “Every consumer has the opportunity to go to the TÜV outside of the Corona crisis,” said Scheuer.

Corona crisis: Scheuer plans to use taxi drivers as medication couriers

Usually cars have to be checked every two years, new cars have to be checked after three years. If the two-month period specified on the TÜV sticker is exceeded, there is a risk of warning fines.

Scheuer plans to use industries that are currently receiving hardly any orders due to the crisis to maintain the critical infrastructure.

So he is in talks with the Taxi associationIn order to have medicine transports organized from pharmacies to end users, the CSU politician said.

Corona crisis: Car rental companies are supposed to cooperate with hospitals

He is also in contact with the car rental industry. His idea: Car rental companies provide vehicles from the hospitals and care facilities for a reasonable fixed price.

Such an agreement had already been reached in Bavaria, and North Rhine-Westphalia also wanted to follow suit, said Scheuer.

Trucks should also drive on weekends

With a so-called Freight transport pact the transport minister also wants to maintain the supply chains. The forwarding, transport and logistics companies are committed to making their logistical capacities available even on weekends.

The federal states had previously Sunday driving bans relaxed. Wherever possible, special lanes for freight traffic should also be set up. For truck drivers, it should be ensured that there are sufficient catering options on the motorways and that the hygienic conditions of the toilet facilities are guaranteed, said Scheuer.

Klöckner wants to reduce staff shortages

In addition to Scheuer also posed Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner (CDU) propose new measures to ensure security of supply in agriculture. After the Interior Minister’s push Horst Seehofer (CSU)There is a shortage of staff to prevent seasonal workers and harvest workers from entering the country.

The cabinet has now agreed that seasonal workers who are already in the country may work for 115 days instead of 70 days, as before, without social security. Additional income from agriculture should also not be counted towards short-time work benefits. Bafög-related students have higher income limits.

However: “Not all seasonal workers will be able to compensate for this,” said Klöckner. She campaigned for a solution with neighboring German countries, especially with Poland and the Czech Republic.

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