Corona virus up to date: are rules easing coming? This is what Merkel’s most important advisors recommend

  • The current figures worldwide according to Johns Hopkins University: over 1.8 million infected, 114,000 dead, 435,000 recovered
  • The current figures in Germany: almost 3,000 dead, over 127,000 infected, 60,000 recovered

Because of the Corona virus The situation in Germany and worldwide changes daily: new developments, increasing numbers of cases. New rules, new requirements. We’ve got the important news to keep you on top of things Corona virus collected in our news blog.


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Current news about the corona virus in Germany and worldwide in the news blog

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Easter Monday, April 13th

12.23 p.m .: Merkel consultants present timetable

Schools in Germany could soon be open again – at least if the federal government follows its key advisors. “The reopening of educational institutions should take place as soon as possible, step by step and differentiated according to year,” says a statement published on Monday by the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina.

Chancellor Angela Merkel described the Leopoldina scientists’ study as “very important” for the way forward.

In addition, the experts are in favor of a mask requirement, for example on buses and trains. Leopoldina President Gerald Haug told Der Spiegel: The top priority is “the protection of every individual” from infection, “we have to avoid a second wave of infections at all costs”.

The basic rule must continue to be to continue to observe the distance and hygiene measures that have been learned. However, loosening could now be derived from this, in accordance with the requirement: two meters distance, and if this is not possible, then protective masks.

“Optimal health protection and the immediate resumption of the largely decommissioned social life are not in principle in conflict with each other, but mutually dependent on each other,” write the academics. The drastic measures were justified in the hectic initial phase of the pandemic, even without sufficient scientific data.

12.01: curfew broken – tourists have to write “Sorry” 500 times!

Because of a walk in India, ten tourists had to write 500 times: “I did not abide by the curfew rules and I am very sorry.” The police in the North Indian city of Rishikesh, which is popular with yoga fans, decided on this punishment, Because several foreigners have not adhered to the rules recently, a police officer at the German Press Agency said on Monday.

In India you are currently only allowed to go out to buy food or medication, and in emergencies. The police caught the tourists from Australia, Mexico, the United States and Israel walking on the banks of the holy Ganges river at the weekend.

In a video showing local media, you see a policeman warning the ten tourists: “Today I am only giving you this very short sentence. Otherwise I will take you to the police station and you will have to go to prison. “

11.25 a.m .: Because Germans have to stay at home, they often buy now …

While holidays on the North and Baltic Seas are canceled due to the corona pandemic, the demand for beach chair manufacturers is increasing. “With us, land is under, we are being killed with orders,” said the founder of the beach chair manufacturer Buxtehude, Kay Gosebeck.

The Lower Saxony entrepreneur heard on the phone from every second customer: “The holiday has been canceled and instead we would like to have a beach chair in the garden or on the balcony.” Svenja Möller-Trautmann from the beach chair manufacturer in Rantum on Sylt said: well ordered. ”But the walk-in customers are missing. Many wanted to choose their material on site, touch it and try it out.

The beach chair manufacturer Bris in Ahrensbök in Schleswig-Holstein is also seeing increased demand. “It’s insane, people sit at home and can’t go on vacation,” said owner Angelo Bris. “You decide to buy a beach chair to have at least a little bit of the Baltic or North Sea in your garden.”

11.10 a.m .: 150 reprimands at once – AND THAT FOR YOU

The Brandenburg police pronounced 150 place references to a prank on Easter Sunday at Summter See in the district of Oberhavel. A witness had informed about a larger crowd on the bank, said Torsten Herbst, spokesman for the Brandenburg Police Headquarters, on Easter Monday. Sunbathers would have been close to each other there.

On the small beach area, the applicable distance rule to reduce the risk of infection from Corona of 1.5 meters could not be observed. The policemen expelled everyone present on the beach and ordered people to leave. “The beach towels were packed quietly, everyone reacted with understanding,” said Herbst. Why not right away?

10:35 am: Women and men die within only six minutes – from Corona

What a sad fate in the United States: a couple fell ill with Covid-19 – and both died within just six minutes. Neither woman nor man had serious pre-existing conditions. At the beginning of March, the two felt uncomfortable.

Tests by the doctor later revealed that they had the coronavirus. Read the whole story here.

10.05 a.m .: People wash more because of corona virus

The issue of hygiene and cleanliness is becoming more and more popular in the Corona crisis. According to a Forsa survey published on Monday, the majority of German citizens changed their behavior in this regard.

57 percent said they currently deal with cleaning, cleanliness and hygiene much or a little more (a lot: 23 percent, a little more: 34 percent). Regular hand washing is considered an effective measure against infection in addition to keeping a distance.

9.13 a.m .: New conjectures about late Covid 19 episodes

At Covid-19, it is still too early from an expert’s point of view for reliable statements about possible late effects. In the case of more violent courses, such as severe lung failure and long ventilation, residual symptoms such as a reduced lung volume can be expected, said the doctor Sven Brille from the Vivantes Clinic in Neukölln.

In contrast, in patients with mild pneumonia, it can be assumed, derived from similar lung diseases, that they do not have to fear any relevant consequences.

Reliable studies on the subject have so far been lacking, however, and first results can be expected for Germany in May. According to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), pneumonia has been observed in about two percent of people infected with Sars CoV-2 in Germany. Some of the patients have to be ventilated, often for long periods.

8.21 a.m .: Virologist dampens hope for easing

The Kiel-based virologist Prof. Helmut Fickenscher is convinced that there is no reason to give the all-clear in the Corona crisis. “If the protective measures were lifted, we would most likely have full hospitals in a short time,” said the head of the Institute for Infectious Medicine at the University of Kiel to the German Press Agency.

Then even simple accidents could no longer be treated appropriately due to overload. “Braking must be maintained,” said Fickenscher. A discussion about adjustments in small steps is now important to exchange the arguments. From Fickenscher’s point of view, a protective mask requirement for everyone would be counterproductive. Such masks are urgently needed in clinics and nursing homes.

7.41 a.m .: Gloomy forecast for the summer

US scientists from the University of Washington at Seattle have calculated for several states how they could continue with Corona. Germany has also been examined. The result: The climax of the crisis is still ahead of the Federal Republic. Read more here.

7.23 a.m .: Beware, new spam mails in circulation!

A dangerous wave is currently spilling through Germany with spam e-mails that are said to come from the Federal Ministry of Health. In the mail, the recipients are asked to look at a modified application form for “family and sick leave”, which was attached to the mail as a Word document in the appendix. “The file is infected, however, and reloads the Trojan Trickbot,” said computer virus expert Christoph Fischer of the German Press Agency (dpa). At the end of the chain of infection, the computer is encrypted to extort a ransom.

At first glance, the fake email looks authentic, warned Fischer. “Hopefully, after Easter, it won’t trigger a big wave of infection if people find this dangerous spam email in their home office.”

At the beginning of the month, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) had already warned of dangerous spam mails with alleged corona references in the file attachment, which spread malware. After a successful infection, the attackers could interfere with users’ online banking or gain access to corporate networks to spy on sensitive information or encrypt data and then blackmail the victims.

6.48 a.m .: AKK sees difficulties because every federal state does what it wants

CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer insists on a procedure that is as uniform as possible and a gradual exit from the hard corona restrictions after the Easter holidays. “It is important that we have rules that are as uniform as possible. Everything else raises additional questions, ”said Kramp-Karrenbauer of the German Press Agency in Berlin.

There is also a firm agreement within the prime ministerial conference “to be able to present together with the federal government a good overall package with which one can – depending on the development of the numbers over Easter – possibly take the first steps,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer.

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The CDU chair sees the problem of different regulations between the federal states. She criticized that hardware stores were open in one state, but closed in an adjacent country. “It is not surprising that there is a lot of traffic there,” she said.

“That is precisely why the countries have their own interest in proceeding as coordinated as possible.” The decisive factor for the further course of action will be the question: “Are the measures we have now taken sustainable” and are the first steps to easing the situation possible.

Easter Sunday, April 12th

11:11 p.m .: Turkey: Erdogan rejects ministerial resignation

Giant huddle in Turkey! After the announced resignation of Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected his application. Soylu will continue to serve, the president’s office said on Sunday evening.

10:50 p.m .: More than 113,000 dead worldwide!

What absolute horror numbers! According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 113,000 people worldwide have died from the effects of the coronavirus. Over 1.8 million people are infected. Almost 3,000 people died in Germany, over 126,000 tested positive for Covid-19.

9:21 pm: Turkey: Interior Minister Soylu resigns to Corona fiasco

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has resigned. He took full responsibility for the curfew imposed on 31 cities on Friday, he said on Twitter.

The Erdogan confidant is now taking the consequences of the coronavirus fiasco when a two-day curfew was called at Saturday 0:00 a few hours before it came into force. This had caused mass panic across the country, with fights, overcrowded shops and riots.

8:26 pm: More than 14,000 dead in France

In France, more than 14,000 people have now died from the corona virus. As reported by the National Health Authority, the death toll on Sunday rose to 14,393. A total of 95,403 people were infected.

7:28 p.m .: Tyrol extends quarantine for Sölden

The Austrian state of Tyrol has extended the quarantine for the Sölden ski resort until April 26. State head Günther Platter announced on Sunday. Based on the current test results for the corona virus, there is no other choice. The quarantine for the Paznaun Valley with the towns of Ischgl and Galtür and for St. Anton am Arlberg had already been extended by two weeks.

18.55: The number of corona deaths in Turkey increased

The number of corona deaths in Turkey has risen to 1,198. According to the authorities, there were 97 new deaths on Easter Sunday. In Turkey there is a strict curfew until midnight.

6.30pm: Johnson: “Debt of the NHS my life”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to his fellow countrymen and nurses in the UK State Health System (NHS) after he was released from the hospital. Johnson had to be treated in the intensive care unit.

17:58: Italy with fewer deaths

Good news at last! In Italy, fewer coronavirus deaths have occurred since March 19. The number of deaths rose on Sunday by 431 to a total of 19,899, according to the civil protection authority. A day earlier there were 619. Over 156,000 people are infected with the virus. More than 34,000 were reported to have recovered from the previous 32,000.

5:10 p.m .: Situation in the USA escalates! Trump with a drastic measure

The corona virus shakes the US more than any other country in the world. President Donald Trump is now drawing historical consequences. On Saturday, the United States took first place in this sad statistic with 20,600 coronavirus deaths. Even before these numbers were announced, Donald Trump took drastic measures in the United States. >> HERE YOU CAN READ THE WHOLE STORY!

4.45 p.m .: Great Britain now officially with over 10,000 dead!

According to official statistics in the UK, more than 10,000 people have died from coronavirus episodes. According to Sunday’s official figures, around 10,500 people have died, most of whom lived in England. There is a shortage of tests, protective equipment and ventilation equipment in the country. The state health service NHS (National Health Service) is chronically underfunded and ailing. Experts fear that the country could soon have the highest death rate in all of Europe.

14:57: 550 infected on US aircraft carriers

The number of corona infections continued to increase among the crew of the US aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt”. In the meantime, 550 crew members have tested positive, the US Navy said. The number had been 416 on Thursday.

12.49 p.m .: Football fans shocked: Is the European Championship 2021 now bursting?

UEFA’s plans for the 2021 European Football Championship could be shaken. The umbrella organization’s wish to host the pan-European tournament in the same twelve venues as planned next year threatens to burst. According to media reports, there are problems with the new date in several cities. There is still no final commitment to UEFA from Munich, Germany’s only venue. “After the postponement of the European Football Championship EURO 2020 to 2021, the further course of action of the state capital Munich is currently being examined within the city,” said the responsible sports department.

11.55 a.m .: Riots after the death of a 19-year-old in Brussels – 57 arrests

The death of a 19-year-old from a police chase has sparked unrest in Belgium despite Corona exit restrictions. The police arrested 57 people in the incident in the municipality of Anderlecht in the Brussels-Capital region by Sunday, the Belgian news agency Belga reported. There were 43 arrests on Saturday evening. However, during the night, there were further accumulations, cars were set on fire, said a police spokeswoman.

In spite of the ban on meetings, angry people gathered at several locations in Anderlecht during the course of Saturday. When the police tried to break up the accumulations, the situation escalated, Belga said. The officials were partially thrown at stones. The RTBF broadcaster wrote of “extreme tensions”. Videos show how a man shoots into the air with a gun that he apparently stole from a police officer. The situation is now under control, Belga wrote on Saturday evening, citing the police.

The 19-year-old had fled a police patrol with a scooter the night before and eventually collided with a police car. He was killed in the process.

11:23: Trump advertises medicine – and reaps ridicule

Donald Trump has promoted a drug in the US that is said to act as a “game changer” in the fight against the corona virus. Now the US President is receiving a lot of criticism for this. Here are all the details!

10.11 a.m .: Must the Bundeswehr help now?

Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has offered broad support to the Bundeswehr in gradually phasing out the restrictions in the fight against the Corona crisis. “We have a lot of heads, a lot of hands that are ready to help,” said the CDU chief of the German Press Agency in Berlin. “It now depends on what the countries demand from us.” For example, it could be used in health offices to track infection chains. Soldiers could also help organize purchases if people couldn’t leave their homes.

9:34 am: These are possible consequences of the corona virus

With the new lung disease Covid-19 it is too early from an expert’s point of view for reliable statements about possible late effects. In the case of more violent courses, such as severe lung failure and long ventilation, residual symptoms such as a reduced lung volume can be expected, said the doctor Sven Brille from the Vivantes Clinic in Neukölln. In contrast, in patients with mild pneumonia, it can be assumed, derived from similar lung diseases, that they do not have to fear any relevant consequences.

8:39 am: USA has the most deaths

The United States, however, recorded the highest number of deaths worldwide in absolute terms on Saturday from the corona epidemic. According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 20,600 people died as a result of the corona pandemic by Saturday evening (local time) – more than in Italy, which had previously ranked internationally among the total number of deaths. However, the data is changing rapidly: shifts in which country reached its peak in the corona crisis are subject to some fluctuations.

8:01: Boris Johnson: “I owe you my life”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked staff at the London hospital where he had spent several days in intensive care after being infected with the coronavirus. “I can’t thank them enough. I owe my life to them, ”said Johnson in a short message late Saturday evening.

7.34 a.m .: Alarming figures from China

China reported the highest number of imported coronavirus infections in one day on Sunday. Of a total of 99 newly registered infections, 97 were imported from abroad, the health commission said.

Most recently, a maximum of 67 imported cases had been reported on March 25. As a result, on March 28, Beijing imposed an entry ban from abroad that continues to apply.

In addition, 49 suspected Corona cases were reported on Sunday, all of which are said to be imported cases.

The two domestic infections therefore both come from the northeastern province of Heilongjiang on the border with Russia.

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Saturday April 11th

11:00 p.m .: Riots in Belgium

The death of a 19-year-old from a police chase has sparked unrest in Belgium despite Corona exit restrictions. The police arrested 43 people in the incident on Saturday in the municipality of Anderlecht in the Brussels-Capital region, according to the Belgian news agency Belga.

In spite of the ban on meetings, angry people gathered in several places in Anderlecht during the day. When the police tried to break up the accumulations, the situation escalated, according to Belga. The officials were partially thrown at stones. The RTBF broadcaster wrote of “extreme tensions”. Videos show how a man shoots into the air with a gun that he apparently stole from a police officer. The situation is now under control, Belga wrote, citing the police.

The 19-year-old had fled a police patrol with a scooter the night before and eventually collided with a police car. He was killed in the process.

8.50 p.m .: Police dissolves unannounced demo in Berlin

With around 100 emergency services, the Berlin police had to break up a cluster on Saturday at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. There had been demonstrated against the suspension of fundamental rights. “At this meeting, it should be noted that there has been no registration or attempt to register,” said a police spokesman. The number of participants was not available until Saturday evening.

With loudspeaker announcements and personal talks, the officials had asked to move away and keep minimum distances. Not all of them had the effect that the meeting was a violation of the protection against infection. With a hard core of participants who did not want to move away, there were “temporary restrictions on freedom” for the purpose of establishing their identity, the spokesman said. Crimes and administrative offenses were found in part.

19:35: France reports positive trend

In France, the number of Covid 19 patients treated in the intensive care unit decreased for the third day in a row. There are currently 6883 people in intensive care, said health director Jerôme Salomon on Saturday evening. That is 121 fewer people than the day before. The number of people who died from Covid-19 in 24 consecutive hours has also decreased. France had 353 new deaths in hospitals and 290 in old people’s and nursing homes on Saturday. According to official figures, the country records a total of 13,832 deaths.

“It is far too early and unreasonable to make predictions about the future,” Salomon warned. It is not the time to relax the strict exit restrictions, but to strictly comply with containment, barrier measures and social distance. “The pressure in the hospital is still very high.” He noticed that people did not always keep the physical distance.

6.40 p.m .: Markus Söder asks for patience

Markus Söder asked the people in the Corona crisis for more patience. “Even after the Easter holidays, things will not just go on as before,” said Bavaria’s Prime Minister in his Easter speech on Saturday. “If you loosen too early, you risk a relapse,” warns Söder, but says confidently: “Our experts say: We are slowly getting Corona under control.”

5.30 p.m .: Steinmeier impresses with an Easter speech

“Each of them has radically changed their lives. Each of them saved human lives as a result – and saves more every day. ”Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was on Saturday in a moving Easter speech“ deeply impressed by the effort that our country has accomplished in the past few weeks ”. The President also warns that it is a misconception that the crisis has already been overcome: “The danger has not yet been averted.”

2:59 p.m .: 19 members of the National Health Service died

The UK Secretary of Health has released sad news. 19 employees of the National Health Service died of the infection, the “Independent” reports. They came into contact with the virus when they treated other people for it.

In London and Yorkshire, precautions for people working in the health system are very poor, the health minister complained.

2:04 p.m .: British researcher has put forward theory on the origin of the pandemic

According to the famous primate researcher and environmental activist Jane Goodall, the devastating corona pandemic was triggered by a disrespectful approach to nature and animals. “Our disregard for nature and our disrespect for animals caused the pandemic,” said Goodall.

“If we destroy the forest, for example, the various animal species that inhabit it are forced to live in a smaller space. Diseases are transmitted from one animal to another – and one of these animals that is brought violently close to humans is likely to infect them, ”said the British researcher, who became particularly famous for her work with chimpanzees in Africa.

In addition, the researcher sees the hunt for animals, the wildlife markets in Africa and Asia, and intensive agriculture geared towards meat consumption as “conditions that give the virus the opportunity to jump from one species to another and to humans”. She welcomed the closure of markets in China selling live wildlife and hoped that the temporary ban would become “permanent” and other Asian countries would follow suit.

13:59: Over 1,800 new infections in Iran

According to the authorities, more than 70,000 people have now been infected with the novel corona virus in Iran. 1837 new infections were reported within 24 hours, according to the spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Kianusch Jahanpur, in Tehran. The total number of corona infections rose to 70,029. At the same time, 125 new corona deaths were reported. According to the authorities, the total number of deaths from a coronavirus infection rose to 4,357.

Iran is one of the most severely affected countries in the world by the corona pandemic. The country had reported its first case on February 19. Since then the numbers have risen steeply. However, foreign experts expect an even higher number of infections and deaths in the country.

1:28 p.m .: WHO examines corona relapses

The World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating relapses in Covid 19 patients who were considered cured after negative virus tests.

“We are in close contact with our clinical experts and are working hard to get more information about these individual cases,” a WHO position told Reuters about unusual cases in South Korea. It is very important that the prescribed procedure is followed when assessing the patients. According to the WHO guidelines, a patient can only be discharged from the hospital if two coronavirus tests are negative every 24 hours.

12:31: Spain has successes against coronoavirus

Spain is reporting further successes in the fight against the corona pandemic. With 510 new deaths within the past 24 hours, Saturday’s lowest official value since March 23 was registered. The total number now amounts to around 16,353, said the Ministry of Health in Madrid. The day before, 605 dead and 683 dead on Thursday. The sad record on April 2 was 950 new deaths within 24 hours.

The growth rates for new infections have remained comparatively low for days. The number of infections rose by less than 5,000 or about three percent to around 162,000, according to the ministry’s daily balance sheet. At the same time, the number of corona people who are considered to have recovered has risen to almost 60,000.

12:08: Police officer grabs Corona rule breaker thanks to children’s bike

Thanks to a children’s bike, a riot police officer in Mühlenbeck (Oberhavel) was able to reach two refugees. An eight-year-old had seen officials chase two men on foot, said Torsten Herbst, spokesman for the Brandenburg police headquarters, on Saturday. “Spontaneously he offered his mountain bike, which one of the police officers then swung onto and pedaled on,” he said.

The two refugees aged 19 and 25 were detained on Friday. They belonged to a group of six to seven people who, despite restrictions due to Corona, had met at a bus stop. Complaints were filed against the two for violating the ban on containment and the Narcotics Act. The eight-year-old received a teddy bear and his undamaged 24-wheel from the officials for his help.

11:32: Police find a man from Erfurt in the trunk of his car

The police released a man from his trunk after he had taken a nap there. The Erfurt had not found a hotel and no other way out because of the corona crisis. Here you can read the whole story.

10:57: Finland has huge advantages over other countries

The Finns started taking precautions years ago to protect themselves from a possible war or pandemic. In addition to medicine, oil and grain, protective masks were also hoarded. The camp was built during the Cold War. Countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark also had such stocks and abandoned them. But not Finland. You can read the entire article here.

9:22 am: Virus introduced in the USA by Europeans

There are now more than half a million people infected and almost 19,000 dead in the United States (as of Saturday morning). Doctors in the United States believe that the virus was carried by Europeans to New York and spread from there to all over the country. The virus is said to have already arrived there several weeks before the first confirmed case, in mid-February.

8:09 am: Chinese storm destinations

After easing the measures in China, thousands of Chinese have taken the initiative to flock to popular destinations. A national park in Huang-Shan mountains was already overcrowded with 20,000 visitors at 8 a.m. Many visitors had not worn masks, although that is still a must in China. Local authorities are now criticizing the procedure, doctors warn of a second wave of the epidemic.

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7:53 am: Chaos in Turkey after curfew

Total chaos has broken out in Turkey after President Erdogan’s curfew in 31 cities this weekend. And only two hours before midnight! Tumultuous scenes took place in front of supermarkets in Istanbul, people flocked to the streets to stock up on purchases. Videos on Twitter show long lines and crowds in front of supermarkets, bakeries and small shops. These are perfect conditions for the corona virus.

07.16 a.m .: 122.171 infected, 2736 dead

As of Saturday morning, 2736 people died in Germany from the corona virus, 122,171 are infected. So far 55,980 are healthy again. Bavaria is worst affected with more than 30,000 infected and over 700 deaths, followed by Baden-Württemberg with more than 23,000 infected and over 600 deaths. NRW is in third place with over 500 dead and more than 24,000 infected.

Good Friday, April 10th

10:31 p.m .: More than 116,000 infected people in Germany

In Germany, at least 116 607 infections with the new corona virus had been registered by Friday evening (previous day at 8.15 p.m .: more than 112 600 infections). This emerges from an evaluation by the German Press Agency, which takes into account the latest figures from the federal states.

At least 2471 people infected with the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 have reportedly died nationwide so far (previous day at 8:15 p.m .: 2301). Several Germans died abroad in connection with a corona infection. The Robert Koch Institute estimates that around 53,913 people in Germany survived the infection.

10:02 p.m .: More than 100,000 people worldwide died from the corona virus

According to US experts, more than 100,000 people worldwide have already died as a result of the corona pandemic. This comes from data from the American Johns Hopkins University from Friday. The number of cases of infection detected worldwide was therefore more than 1.6 million. In absolute terms, most infections have been reported in the United States, followed by Spain and Italy.

8:04 p.m .: SPD politician Lauterbach: irresponsible start of the Bundesliga in May

SPD politician and health expert Karl Lauterbach considers ghost games in the Bundesliga to be irresponsible in many ways as early as May. The 57-year-old mentions the “very high medical and logistical effort” as the main reason for his opinion, about 20,000 corona tests would have to be carried out on all participants by the end of the season.

“The question is whether this is the best use of the tight tests for the luxury football,” said Lauterbach to the news magazine Spiegel: “We are currently not even able to test everyone who could make medical sense.”

7:20 p.m .: More than Italy: Great Britain reports 980 deaths in one day

Britain has seen more coronavirus deaths in a single day than Italy for the first time. The number of deaths rose by 980 until Thursday evening, as British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Friday. Italy had hit 969 dead on March 27, its worst day to date.

5:06 pm: South Korea: 91 people recovered from coronavirus fell ill again

According to authorities, the disease broke out again in South Korea in 91 people recovering from the coronavirus. Nobody can say exactly how this happened.

Some experts suspect that the virus has “reactivated”, so it is not a matter of new infections. Other virologists believe that the test results may be incorrect.

16:26: Aldi in corona crisis: boss wants to calm down

Nicolas de Lope, responsible for Aldi Nord’s Germany business, spoke in plain language ahead of the expected delivery bottlenecks around Easter. You can find out what you need to prepare for as a customer here.

1:11 p.m .: Good news also from Spain

Not only in Germany (see below), also in Spain the situation calms down somewhat. Spain has had the lowest number of new deaths since March 24 in the fight against coronavirus on Friday. According to the Ministry of Health, 605 deceased patients were recorded within 24 hours; the total number now amounts to around 15,800. The day before, 683 dead had been registered, at times more than 900 victims were reported per day.

The growth rate of new infections also continued to decline: it was only three percent. The total number of cases recorded was 157,000. “The downward trend continues,” said spokeswoman for the Health Emergency Agency, María José Sierra.

12.02 p.m .: Post could also come on Sunday because of Corona

Due to the currently very high demand, Swiss Post suggests that work may also be carried out temporarily on Sundays. “It would be helpful, for example, to be able to work selectively on Sundays, for example, in order to be able to cope better with parcel delivery,” said Tobias Meyer, Swiss Post CEO for German letters and parcel business, “Rheinische Post.

According to Meyer, Deutsche Post is currently transporting eight million parcels and parcels a day due to very high demand. “This is like the pre-Christmas season – except that we didn’t have time to prepare for it,” said Meyer.

There is also a Group emergency plan to worsen the corona crisis. He has priorities: “So far, no distribution center in Germany has been paralyzed. In extreme cases it could only be the case that we only deliver consignments a few days a week or that only authorized persons receive their consignments while other consignments are being stored. ”According to the current status, however, the Post cannot be expected to perform its tasks cannot fully meet.

10:57: Italy extends curfew

According to media reports, the Italian government has decided to extend the curfew due to the coronavirus pandemic by three weeks until May 3. As reported by Italian media on Friday, citing union information, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the decision on Thursday afternoon at a video conference with employee and employer representatives.

10.11 a.m .: RKI with positive news!

The Robert Koch Institute has published new infection figures for Germany. According to the authority, more than 113,000 cases are now known, about 5,300 more than yesterday morning. The increase is slightly higher than yesterday. Almost 2,400 people have died in Germany.

But there is also positive news: According to the RKI, the number of people who have survived the corona virus and are considered healthy has increased by almost 4,000 to around 54,000. Almost half of the people have already recovered from the illness – this should not be forgotten.

The Robert Koch Institute yesterday described the current figures as a positive trend. However, it remains to be seen whether this trend will be confirmed.

9:38 am: No fasting in Ramadan?

In view of the corona pandemic, the Islam umbrella organization Ditib advises risk groups on Ramadan to be cautious. Sick people are already freed from fasting, General Secretary Abdurrahman Atasoy told the German Press Agency. “This year we also recommend that those who feel healthy but are considered a risk group and do not feel physically fit enough should also avoid fasting.” Health is a priority.

The Islamic month of fasting begins this year on April 24 and ends a month later. From daybreak to sunset, devout Muslims refrain from eating and drinking. The risk groups are primarily older and pre-ill people.

“If the believers are unsure whether to fast, they should consult their doctor,” advised Atasoy.

8:51 am: Doctors alerted – other patients are neglected because of Corona

The decline in the number of patients in the emergency room alarms medical professionals. Chief physicians from the Nuremberg Clinic warn against postponing urgently needed treatments due to the corona pandemic. The consequences are probably more dangerous for many people than the low risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus, the clinic said.

In the past few weeks, significantly fewer people with a minor heart attack or stroke had come to the emergency room. Patients who are more advanced than usual are coming to the clinics for this.

7.45 a.m .: Doctor writes moving letter about Corona

A doctor from the United States touches many people with her letter to the family. “My babies are too young to read that now,” Cornelia Griggs writes. “And they would hardly recognize me in my equipment. But if you lose me to COVID, you should know that Mommy tried very hard to do her job. ”

You can read the entire text here.

6.58 a.m .: Sensation in South Korea: number of new infections lower than ever

The number of daily new infections with the coronavirus in South Korea has dropped to less than 30 for the first time since February. On Thursday, 27 people tested positive for Sars-CoV-2, the health authorities said. The total number rose to 10,450. 208 deaths were linked to the virus.

For the first time, no infection was reported from the southeastern city of Daegu, which was the focus of the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19. Over half of all cases in the country were registered in Daegu.

The authorities saw the further decline in the number of cases as another “positive signal”, but without giving the all-clear. In some cases, the source of the new infection is unknown, Vice Minister of Health Kim Gang Lip said. There is still a risk of a second wave of mass infections.

In addition to smaller local clusters of new cases, the authorities recently worried about the growing number of “imported” cases. On Saturday, according to Kim, 80 South Koreans will be brought back from Spain by charter plane that is particularly badly affected by the corona pandemic.

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