Health Corona: WHO with devastating prognosis - will the virus...

Corona: WHO with devastating prognosis – will the virus never go away?

The world has been fighting the new virus since this year. A vaccine has not yet been developed. According to the WHO, Corona could stay forever.

Munich / Geneva – There is currently a high pressure on one vaccine researched against the worldwide spread corona virus. It’s a race against time. Because, as the World Health Organization has announced, there is only one left low chanceto switch off the pathogen forever. The world has to prepare for the virus to stay forever.

Corona vaccine: WHO dares shattering prognosis – virus could stay like HIV forever

The WHO emergency coordinator and epidemiologist Michael Ryan was skeptical about the eradication of the coronavirus, which triggers the dangerous lung disease Covid-19, on Wednesday evening: “This virus can become at home in the population, it may never disappear,” knows the expert.

Similar to HI virusthat the Immunodeficiency disorder AIDS triggers, you have to count on Corona never going away again. However, the world has succeeded in developing it more effectively Medication and Preventive measuresto live with HIV. The two diseases AIDS and Covid-19 are not comparable, but Ryan sees the situation realistically. There is only one way left for him to master the corona virus.

Vaccine? Corona virus may never go away again – WHO sees little chance

The only small chance that still exists for the eradication of corona is therefore the development of a highly effective vaccine, according to the WHO coordinator. In addition, there is a sufficient amount of this substance available for the entire world population and people must be vaccinated willingly. Here, too, he shows himself to be realistic and knows: “Each of these steps is full of challenges.” He therefore criticized the widespread skepticism about vaccinations and the lack of funds for good ones in many places Health systems.

The one hoped for and desired by many return to normality is still a “long, long way” according to Ryan. Because it is “very difficult to predict when we will gain the upper hand over the virus,” he predicts. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, like other experts, warned of the risk of a second wave of infection and therefore continues to recommend “the highest possible alert level” to all countries despite numerous easing measures.

Meanwhile, researchers have come up with new insights into the corona virus: does this very simple test warn of a difficult course?

The corona virus appears to affect other organs besides the lungs – this is indicated by the findings of a German study.

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