World Coronavirus: 57,000 new cases and nearly 680 additional deaths...

Coronavirus: 57,000 new cases and nearly 680 additional deaths in the United States, resurgence of cases in the world

Seven months after its appearance in China, the virus, for which no vaccine has yet been found, continues to circulate actively, fueling fears of a second wave with potentially disastrous economic and societal challenges.

According to the latest assessment established by AFP on Monday evening, the United States remains the most bereaved country (146,968 deaths) ahead of Brazil (87,004), the United Kingdom (45,752), Mexico (43,680) and Italy (35.112).

The United States recorded just over 57,000 new cases of coronavirus contamination in one day on Monday, as well as 679 additional deaths, according to the count at 8:30 p.m. from Johns Hopkins University. This daily report is slightly lower than those recorded in recent days. For twelve consecutive days, until Sunday, new infections every 24 hours exceeded 60,000 (including three days to more than 70,000). And at the end of last week, the number of recorded deaths had exceeded the threshold of 1,000 deaths four days in a row, which had not happened since the end of May.

The slight drop recorded on Sunday and Monday could be due to the feedback from local health authorities, slowed down at the weekend. The total number of cases of Covid-19 diagnosed in the United States exceeds 4.28 million (including 1.32 people declared cured), and the country deplores more than 147,500 deaths since the start of the pandemic, which makes it far the most bereaved in the world.

After improving in late spring, the United States has seen the epidemic start to rise again for several weeks, especially in the south and west of the country.

Trump bets all on vaccines, for America first

Rather than bringing the economy to a halt, Donald Trump is betting on the rapid discovery of a vaccine and new treatments to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, which has further infected half a million Americans in eight days , including his national security adviser.

The US executive announced Monday that Robert O’Brien had tested positive and was now working in isolation outside the White House. Presidential staff are regularly tested, as is the president.

Hostile to any re-containment with the approach of the presidential election, the leader wants to get out of the health crisis thanks to the American pharmaceutical “genius”. He demonstrated this by going on Monday to the production site in North Carolina of the experimental vaccine developed by one of the many companies in which his government has invested, Novavax, a biotech that has never marketed a vaccine from its existence but received $ 1.6 billion.

Argentina crosses the 3,000 dead mark

The bar of 3,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus was crossed Monday in Argentina, announced the Argentinian Ministry of Health at a time when the South American country is considering a possible strengthening of containment measures. In total, 3,059 deaths have been recorded since the start of the epidemic in the country, including a peak of 121 in the last 24 hours alone. In total, 164,403 cases of contamination were identified, including 4,890 recorded in one day.

In addition, 1,002 patients are hospitalized in intensive care, a service which has an occupancy rate of 54.2% nationally and 63.5% in the region of Buenos Aires alone.

If the capital and its agglomeration concentrate 90% of new cases of contamination, the health authorities have reported an outbreak of the epidemic in most of the country’s provinces.

Buenos Aires and its region began a gradual easing of containment last week, which should in principle end on August 2. This easing has resulted in the reopening of non-essential local shops, industries and certain professional activities. The practice of sport as well as the attendance of places of worship are again authorized.

The strict confinement imposed on Buenos Aires and its region, where 14 million people live, had already been relaxed before being finally reinstated from July 1 to July 17 in the face of the resurgence of cases of contamination.

Sanchez criticizes the United Kingdom

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez strongly criticized Monday the decision of the United Kingdom to impose since Sunday a quarantine on all travelers from Spain, deeming it “unsuitable”. In an interview with private television Telecinco, he argued that places very dependent on British tourists such as the Balearics, the Canaries and the regions of Valencia and Andalusia were safe destinations.

These regions “have a cumulative incidence (of the coronavirus) lower than that currently recorded in the UK, which means in epidemiological terms that these destinations are in fact safer than the UK,” he said. asserted.

The prime minister argued that the distribution of cases of contamination in Spain was “uneven” as around two-thirds of new cases are recorded in two regions, Aragon and Catalonia, in the northeast.

He said his government was in discussions with the British leaders “to try to convince them to reconsider a measure which in our opinion is inappropriate”.

The decision of the United Kingdom to impose since Sunday a quarantine on all travelers from Spain had the effect of a thunderclap, the British constituting the first contingent of foreign visitors to Spain, with 18 million in 2019.

“We will continue to work with the British authorities”, said Pedro Sanchez, affirming that “in a good part of the Spanish territory, there is a rather important control of the epidemic”.

The rise in coronavirus contamination seems to be stabilizing in Luxembourg

The increase in the number of infections with the new coronavirus seems to be stabilizing in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the director of the National Institute of Public Health, Ulf Nehrbass, said on Tuesday. The country seems “on the right track” and Luxembourgers can be “very cautiously optimistic” about the control of the epidemic, he added. The Belgian authorities had labeled Luxembourg “orange” because the country had recorded more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days. These high figures can however be explained by the fact that the Grand Duchy massively screens its population, as well as frontier workers from Belgium, Germany and France, who are therefore included in national statistics. More than two thirds of the Luxembourg population has already been tested.

On Friday, 144 new contaminations were recorded in the Grand Duchy, 83 on Saturday and barely 35 on Sunday.

In total, 6,321 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus and 112 people have died from it in Luxembourg.

Space freed up in Melbourne hospitals

Australia’s second most populous city, Melbourne, still had 384 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, after a record of more than 532 infections in one day the day before. In the state of Victoria, of which Melbourne is the capital, six people have lost their lives as a result of Covid-19 disease.

As the city of Melbourne approaches the third week of containment, with no noticeable improvement in the resumption of the epidemic, authorities have announced that elective medical procedures will be suspended. Daniel Andrews, the Prime Minister of this federated state, said Tuesday during a press briefing that the measure should allow hospitals to treat patients infected with the new coronavirus.

After being relatively spared from the epidemic at first, Australia is facing a new more severe wave mainly in Victoria and in its capital Melbourne. This state is now isolated from the rest of the country due to the closure of borders, decided to limit the spread of the virus after the outbreak of infections in the south of the country. The neighboring state of New South Wales, the most densely populated, reports 14 new infections in the past 24 hours.

Since the end of January, more than 15,000 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in the country of 25 million inhabitants and nearly 170 deaths are attributed to the virus.


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