Coronavirus: another 1933 patients and 311 dead in Hungary

In one day, 1933, the number of new infections increased, bringing the total number of identified infections to 693,676 since the beginning of the epidemic.

Another sad record was set: 311 deaths were mostly elderly, chronic patients, so the number of deaths rose to 22,409 – read the government website.

The number of people cured is constantly increasing, currently 419,152 people, but the number of active infections has already risen to 252,115 people.12,202 coronavirus patients are cared for in hospitals, 1407 of whom are on ventilators.

The information shows that only 12.2 thousand new tests were performed in one day. Based on Wednesday morning figures, 15.84 percent of laboratory tests were positive – a slightly lower figure than in previous days. The positivity rate is currently more than three times the WHO recommendation that a rate above 5 percent indicates insufficient testing and an epidemic under controllable control. (This ratio is still higher than the 12 percent limit set by the WHO.)

Hungary is second on the EU vaccination rankings, with 25 percent of the Hungarian population already vaccinated, compared to the EU average of 13 percent. Vaccination is ongoing, with 2,536,751 people vaccinated, of whom 1,005,936 have already received their second vaccination.

After the number of vaccinees exceeded 2.5 million on Tuesday, a step-by-step restart could begin today. Under strict epidemiological measures, but may open shops, services and curfew will be postponed to 22 hours. In addition, the safeguard measures remain in force.

Due to their vulnerability, the registered elderly are still in line for vaccination, with 85 percent of those over 65 registered so far already receiving the vaccination. The extraordinary vaccination of the educators also continues, the people involved have already received the invitation via SMS. Another Pfizer shipment arrives today.

The operative strain and vaccination team modified the vaccination strategy so that as many people as possible would receive their first vaccination as soon as possible. All available and incoming vaccine consignments will be included in full and as soon as possible. All five vaccines used in Hungary are effective and safe, and provide protection against the severe course of coronavirus infection.


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