Coronavirus: Austria is entering a large WHO drug study

With the effectiveness several Drug combinations in severe Covid 19 diseases, one of the WHO initiated, large-scale clinical trial apart since the end of March.

Four Austrian centers, such as the Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry, are now taking part in the European section entitled “DisCoVery” Austria (Pharmig) announced on Monday.

3,200 patients

The French institute comprises a total of 3,200 patients, divided into five subgroups with 640 participants each INSERM led Europe part of the worldwide “Solidarity Study” of the WHO. By distributing the implementation across different countries, as many Covid-19 patients as possible should be included as quickly as possible in order to create a stable database effectiveness and safety of therapeutic approaches with drugs already approved for other diseases. In Austria participate in two centers innsbruck and one each Linz and Salzburg on the studies.

Various therapies

As part of the overall research initiative, the gift of the originally for the treatment of Ebola developed drug Remdesivir, the original malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine, as well as the HIV drug combination lopinavir / ritonavir and an additional combination of lopinavir / ritonavir with interferon beta. The study will only be conducted among patients being treated in hospitals. Chance decides which of the therapies the Austrian participants receive.

The tests co-organized by the Federal Office for Safety in Health Care (BASG) start this week, according to Pharmig. This gives rise to “important know-how for the treatment of Covid-19 here in the country, which means that the care of the patient can be set up in the best possible way,” said Pharmig General Secretary Alexander Herzog.

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