Coronavirus, avalanche of phantom positives. Wave of summer: here are the real data

Florence, June 29, 2022 – To return normally it was imperative. Dismiss any precautionary measures against contagion, as if the Covid no longer existed, it was a mistake. And the epidemic curve, which returns to grow almost exponentially, is the litmus test. Taking into account that, in this period, much more than in the past, we only see the tip of the iceberg of the phenomenon: this is because there are many people who do the test independently, at home, without reporting positivity. And managing the isolation independently, if it is done.

Yesterday in Tuscany i new positive cases reported were 6,317, as on April 20 when they were 6,564, except that at that time the curve was in a downward phase, while now we are in the growth trend. In the last seven days, there were 23,083 new cases, compared to 13,722 in the previous seven days, with an increase of 68%. The percentage of first diagnosis test positives is higher than ever: 83.5%. In practice, taking into account that rapid antigenic swabs have a lower sensitivity than laboratory molecules, those who in this period have symptoms attributable to a strong flu are almost certainly positive for Covid.

A situation under control, also because most of the cases can be managed at home, but the number of hospitalizations is also growing again. Which is starting to worry the hospitals. “For now we can do it, of course if we continue at this pace we will again be forced to reduce the number of surgeries”, explains the general manager of Careggi, Rocco Damone. Unfortunately, the chronic shortage of staff and the summer holidays do not help. In two weeks, the number of beds occupied by positive Covid patients has practically doubled. Yesterday there were 364. Although there are still many patients who are hospitalized for other reasons and incidentally they are found to be positive.

Why did we end up like this? There are three main reasons: the variant highly contagious, more than measles. The loss of effectiveness of the vaccines: a large part of the population received the last dose more than 5 months ago. Furthermore, if adherence to the primary vaccination cycle (with two doses) had been very high, over 87% of Tuscans over the age of 5 had already dropped with the third dose (64%) while only 24.5 % of people over 80 and frail over 60 made the fourth. It must also be said that good hygiene and personal protection standards have never hurt anyone. If in the event of a gathering we wear the mask the risks of contagion are reduced. In short, the heat helps, but up to a certain point.

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