News Coronavirus / Bavaria: Bavarian corona hotspot - critical limit...

Coronavirus / Bavaria: Bavarian corona hotspot – critical limit again exceeded

The strict corona measures were relaxed in Bavaria, but thousands are not enough. It was demonstrated in several cities.

  • An important easing of the Corona * crisis has taken effect in Bavaria since Friday (May 8).
  • In March, the number of guests and overnight stays in the Free State plummeted.
  • The forecast for April looks even bleaker.
  • Here you will find our guide to reporting and the Corona News from Germany. You will also find current case numbers in Bavaria * as a map. The following recommendations for corona protective measures are currently available. The most important thing about Corona is also on our Facebook page Corona News.

Update, 9:35 p.m .: In Bavaria are now 44,627 People positive for that Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 been tested. 2167 people died who were infected with the pathogen. This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen on Sunday (May 10). The estimated number of people who have recovered is 37,880. In the city Rosenheim is the number of New cases per 100,000 inhabitants rose to over 50 within seven days (please refer below).

Coronavirus in Bavaria: City Council makes trouble with demo on Facebook Luft – Video goes viral

Update, 8.15 p.m .: Not just in Munich and Nuremberg they worried Demonstrations against the Corona measures for many discussions. Such a demo also came under criticism in the Bavarian town of Traunstein. The anger went viral.

In Traunstein had on Saturday (May 9th) several Hundred People on the Town square gathered to demonstrate. The majority of them neither adhered to the distance rules, nor wore mouth and nose protection. That reported the Paussauer New Press.

City council
Rolf Aquarius (CSU) outraged this behavior. In one Facebook video he let out his anger. The city council takes the floor as the camera pans across the town square. “You just go on as if nothing had ever happened,” says Wassermann. And: “To be honest, I feel really screwed when I’m at the shopping a mask put on and replace me – and then there are people who don’t care. “

The opinion of the city council remained Facebook not uncommented. “Respect Mr. Wassermann. No more can you think of too much carelessness. They should all spend a day in hospital spend at the Corona Falls. It’s not funny, ”is one of the comments. But also Advocates the demo speak up under his posting. “Such a film with such a comment. I’m already wondering. Everyone just listens to politics. right are restricted. Should think about it before I post something like that. Thank God not everyone is the same, ”writes for example Users. Over 1100 people shared that Video.

Bavarian corona hotspot: critical limit exceeded again – will further measures follow?

Update, 5:03 p.m .: In the city Rosenheim is in the Corona pandemic the mark of 50 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants has been exceeded again within the past seven days. The value was on Sunday (May 10) at 50.5, announced the State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL).

Rosenheim was already on the 7th of May 50 New cases torn per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. At that time the value was 52.7. The currently again increased Case numbers be through a Series testing in a Asylum seeker accommodation to explain, the state office.

In the neighboring regions, the district Rosenheim and the district Traunstein the indicators are also relatively high at 29.5 and 37.8. In the Traunstein case, this is due to the increased number of cases Nursing homes.

A local general decree was in this district Visiting ban For Hospitals, Old people’s homes and Asylum accommodation until May 15th. In the future, the state office wants to set an early warning limit for 35 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in order to be able to warn the affected communities and there in good time activities initiate.

Saturday went in Berlin, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria thousands of people against the Corona measures on the street. Many disregarded the basic protective measures, such as the necessary distance. Not only because of this, there are pictures that “make you doubt your mind”, commented the Munich Merkur *.

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Thousands at Corona demonstrations in Bavaria: Conditions in many places totally ignored – Greens attack the police sharply

Update, 3:53 p.m .: The Corona demos on Saturday (May 9th) in different Bavarian cities like Munich, Nuremberg and Rosenheim (please refer below) continue to cause discussions. In Munich had around 3000 People at the Marienplatz gathered – in Nuremberg came around 2000 Protesters together. The registered number of participants for the demo of 50 people was also exceeded in Rosenheim.

The police dropped the events despite the obvious Violation against the Provisions run – for reasons of proportionality, as it was called. The fundamentally peaceful demonstrations would have been against the Intervention in Fundamental rights the police said. Both in Nuremberg and in Munich the total deployment consisted of several individual rallies – Passers-by and Onlookers had been added. However, there were also numerous activists from different social groups, including those who were demonstrators Opponents of vaccination and Conspiracy theorist. Right-wing people also tried to take part in the events.

On Twitter became a lot about that Events discussed – also about the role the policewhich the protesters largely let go.

The Demonstrations came in their force for them Authorities Surprisingly – especially since the strict regulations that have been in place for weeks have been relaxed at least in part.

Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann sharply criticizes the corona demonstrations in Munich and Nuremberg in an interview – but shows understanding for the reserved police tactics.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Oktoberfest size infected – instrument may have saved his life

Update 13.33 p.m .: Heinzi Fuhrmann, known to many as a trumpeter in the well-known Oktoberfest band “Münchner Zwietracht”, has contracted the corona virus *. His instrument may have saved his life.

Corona demo with 3000 participants: Munich Greens are sharply criticizing the police

Update from May 10th, 12.01pm: The Munich Greens are attacking them police for not intervening with the Corona demo in Munich sharp yesterday. Dominik Krause, Chairman of the Munich Greens, said in a current statement: “The fact that the police did not dissolve the meeting with reference to proportionality is a mockery for all Munich residents who have been following the regulations for weeks in order to contain the Contributing virus. “

Observers speak of a strange mix of rights and conspiracy theorists that would have made up the majority of the demonstrators.

Corona demos in Bavaria: distance rules disregarded – protests in Munich, Nuremberg and Rosenheim

Update from 6:22 p.m .: In Bavaria it happened on Saturday afternoon (May 9th) Demonstrations against the Corona measures. Around 3,000 people had gathered at Munich’s Marienplatz * – sometimes in disregard of the distance rules. The demonstration had been registered, but only for 80 participants, said a spokesman for the Police headquarters Munich. The demonstrators were concerned with the protection of fundamental rights.

In Nuremberg was also demonstrated. Around 2000 people gathered at the Lorenzkirche to fight against one Vaccination required in the Corona crisis to protest. Loud were right-wing extremists and supporters of conspiracy theories among the participants. Many of the demonstrators did not wear masks and held them Minimum distance not a. The police repeatedly warned to keep the distance and in the meantime considered that demonstration dissolve. The mood was aggressively charged, the crowd chanted heatedly after a dismissal of “resistance” and “we are the people”.

The difficulty of delimiting law was also evident throughout Germany – this is why Thomas Kemmerich (FDP) is, among other things, under criticism.

Video: Journalists attacked during a demonstration against corona limits

Also in Rosenheim there was a demonstration on Saturday that was registered with 50 people. pictures however show far bigger ones Gatherings of people. The rules of keeping a distance of 1.5 meters also do not seem to have been consistently observed.

Corona virus in Bavaria: New case numbers known for the Free State – Over 44,500 people infected

Update from 16:57: In Bavaria are now 44,527 People positive for that Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 been tested. 2164 people have died with the Pathogen infected. This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen on Saturday (May 9). The estimated number the Recovered is 37,490 people.

Corona virus in Bavaria: hospitals on the way to normal operation again

Update from 3:51 p.m .: According to Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU), Bavaria’s hospitals are on the way back to normal operation in the corona crisis. “The positive development of the infection process now makes it possible to take well-balanced steps towards a return to normal operations,” explained Huml on Saturday. It is important that free capacities are gradually made available again for the regular health care of the population.

Update from May 9, 9:05 a.m.: Do business closure insurance for restaurateurs work in the corona crisis? Minister of Economics Aiwanger wants to settle the conflict and is the target of a satire video. * Meanwhile, Barack Obama dismantles the corona crisis management of US President Donald Trump.

Update from May 8th, 10.15pm: After a patient died in a clinic in the Deggendorf district after an infection with the coronavirus *, the criminal investigation determined. Now there is a drastic step that has far-reaching consequences for other patients in the clinic.

Corona: Bavarian study promises groundbreaking findings – Söder announces further financial aid

Update, 9:15 p.m .: More Cultural workers in Bavaria are supposed to financial aid because of the Corona crisis receive. “We will definitely make another cultural program,” announced the Prime Minister Markus Söder at. This should include a concept of how Cultural events under pads could be possible again. “The orientation towards the distance solutions Services is a good approach, ”Söder told the newspaper.

So far Solo self-employed supports that in the Artists’ social fund are insured. The state government is therefore considering expanding the group of recipients with the criterion of default fees. “It seems to me to be better than any lump sum because Artist have very different incomes, “so Söder. Non-governmental cultural businesses should also receive additional funding. The new program could obviously already next week be decided.

Corona virus in Bavaria: demands for border controls to end are growing louder

Update, 9:01 p.m .: In Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland will call for a swift end to the border controls volume up. There are hardly any differences in the infection situation, the restrictions are no longer appropriate – the restrictions should be lifted by 15 May at the latest Industry- and Chambers of commerce (IHK) For Munich and Upper Bavaria and the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce now “Our closely interlinked economic area is dependent on cross-border traffic without any obstacles or obstacles,” said IHK Managing Director Manfred Gößl.

The almost complete suppression of the free movement of people is no longer objectively justifiable, it says in a joint statement. No state budget and no funding program can losses of Lockdowns balance, Short-time work and unemployment would add: “Every day counts.”

Bavaria Home Secretary Joachim Herrmann (CSU) advocated opening small, completely closed border crossings again and making commuting easier for daily commuters. But “I don’t see that we’re going to be in the near future border controls can completely do without. “

Corona in Bavaria: Hospitals fear rush of visitors – “Would have wished that …”

Update, 4.20 p.m .:
Hospitals and Homes fear after being blocked for weeks Visitor one Rush this weekend. The Bavarian Hospital company has now published, as a precaution, an appeal to citizens to inform themselves beforehand about the restrictions that still apply.

“We have the impression that the numerous requirements that are contained in one Infection Protection Ordinance are not sufficiently known in the population, ”said Siegfried Hasenbein, the managing director of the Bavarian Hospital Society.

In Hospitals everyone has to Visitor have it registered in writing, and each patient can only receive a fixed contact person at fixed times. Masks and Minimum distance of 1.5 meters are also mandatory. Visits with children or the whole family are still not possible. Only one patient may be visited in a double or multi-bed room. Similar rules apply to Elderly and Nursing homes.

For Clinics and Homes First of all, the opening means more work: “A potential rush of visitors at the weekend means above all a higher personnel expenditure for our houses, from scheduling the visits to monitoring the Distance and Hygiene rules“Says a spokeswoman for workers’ welfare. “For personnel planning, especially at the weekend, we would have something of politics more Lead time desired. “

Skeptics and critics stand out with their opinions during the Corona crisis. Was the lockdown necessary in this form?

Corona: Bavarian study promises groundbreaking insights into the virus – “You know that …”

Update from 3:12 p.m .: In Bavaria, 44,295 people are now positive for the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 been tested. 2134 people died who were infected with the pathogen. This was announced by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen on Friday (at 10 a.m.) on its website. The estimated number of people recovered was 37,050.

By setting up its own test center for protective equipment, Bavaria wants to improve the supply of masks, suits and gloves to the population in the corona crisis. “With the new test center, Bavaria is ensuring that a quick and safe assessment of the protective effect of protective equipment can be carried out in the crisis, after the crisis and before the next crisis,” said Consumer Protection Minister Thorsten Glauber (Free Voter) in Munich on Friday.

Corona: Bavarian study promises groundbreaking insights into the virus – “You know that …”

Update from 1.45 p.m .: A planned study was presented today at the Regensburg University Hospital. It bears the name “Prospective Covid-19 cohort Tirschenreuth (TiKoCo19)”. The university hospitals of Regensburg and Erlangen want the undisclosed number of patients in the joint study SARS-CoV-2 infections determine. The study is regionally limited to the district Tirschenreuth. For this purpose, around five percent of the population – around 3,600 people aged six and over – should be tested for antibodies. The tests take place at three different times: The first test should take place in late May or early June, and the second time that the study participants will be tested four to six months later. The third test takes place four to six months later.

The aim of the study is to gain knowledge that is also of national importance. The Free State of Bavaria supports the study financially. “You know that many people probably had Corona without knowing it,” he said Bernd Sibler, Bavarian Minister of State for Science and Art. However, the correct number of infected people can provide information about the spread of the virus – and about the so-called herd immunity. How many people have actually become infected is important information for assessing the current situation. The aim of the regional study is to gain knowledge that is also of national importance.

Antibody study in the district of Tirschenreuth: the press conference for reading

Update from 1:13 p.m .: The test procedure for the study is summarized: 3,600 participants are repeatedly asked to take the test, at a total of three times. The first is as timely as possible, explains Wagner. A second test takes place after four to six months, a third test takes place again after four to six months. It is still unclear exactly when the study will start, but a few permits still need to be obtained. The researchers hope that the first phase will begin in late May or early June, says Wagner.

When evaluating the data, expertise should also be obtained from independent bodies, thereby ensuring an independent result.

The press conference is over.

Update from 1:02 p.m .: Tobias Reiss, a member of the Bavarian state parliament (Tirschenreuth district), thanks Prime Minister Markus Söder. A month ago he decided that the Tirschenreuth district should also be taken into account in a study. The aim of the study is to gain knowledge that is also of national importance. “Tirschenreuth was a hotspot”, there are still the highest numbers of infected people, but “we also feel the relief”, says Reiss. “The people in the region will participate,” he assured with regard to the study.

District Administrator Roland Grillmeier, District Administrator in the Tirschenreuth district, is also at the press conference. “We are happy and grateful that we are now receiving some scientific support.” The number of cases would improve at the moment, but the crisis had not yet been overcome.

Update from 12.53 p.m.: Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner from the Institute of Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Regensburg now explains the details of the planned study. It is a prospective study, “we want an inventory”, says Ralf Wagner. It should be checked at intervals of several months how the situation has developed. The district of Tirschenreuth has around 72,000 inhabitants, “we will move randomly,” said Wagner. Around five percent, i.e. around 3,600 people aged six and over, are to be tested. It should start in May when everything is going well. The second and third test waves are to follow four to six months later.

“It’s a complicated study,” adds Wagner. To do this, capacities had to be created, for example in the test laboratories. A test was also developed for this purpose. Prof. Dr. Klaus Überla, head of virology in Erlangen, provides further information. “We want to develop confirmation tests”, so that it is better to differentiate between false positive and true positive tests.

Corona in the Tirschenreuth district: Antibody study should provide information

Update from 12.46 p.m .: In the planned study, antibodies are to be detected in the Tirschenreuth district. “You know that many people probably had Corona without knowing it,” said Sibler. The correct number of infected people can provide information about the spread of the virus – and the so-called herd immunity, adds Sibler. The Free State is spending € 650,000 on this study.

Update from 12.30 p.m .: A study is presented at the Regensburg University Hospital. Prof. Dr. Oliver Kölbl, medical director of the clinic begins. The research project is co-financed by the Free State of Bavaria, he explains.

Prof. Dr. Udo Hebel, President of the University of Regensburg, explains: “Science and the universities face a special social challenge.” Bernd Sibler, Bavarian Minister of State for Science and Art, also emphasizes the importance of science in the Corona crisis.

Corona in Bavaria: border opening to Austria soon?

Update from 10:57 a.m .: The opening of the border between Germany and Austria moves to Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz closer. The infection rate is currently lower in Austria than in the Federal Republic. “Therefore, I also assume that the border with Germany will open before the summer,” said Kurz at a video conference with representatives of the hospitality industry on Friday in Vienna.

The government also exchanges with its German partners almost every day. Opening the border is not only important from a tourist point of view, but also for many families who are affected by the border controls are separated at the moment. The same applies to commuters and all those who simply have to travel for professional reasons.

Corona in Bavaria: Study should show unreported number of SARS-CoV-2 infections

Update from 10.46 a.m .: The Tirschenreuth district is particularly affected by the spread of the coronavirus. Now the university hospitals of Regensburg and Erlangen want to investigate the number of unreported cases in a joint study SARS-CoV-2 infections determine. Science Minister Bernd Sibler (CSU) will present the project together with the participating researchers on Friday (12.30 p.m.) at the University Clinic in Regensburg. The study is scheduled to start in mid-May and is said to contribute to antibody research. You can watch the press conference here in the live stream.

Corona in Bavaria: Important easing comes into force today – Serious figures for the tourism industry

First report from May 8th, 9.43 a.m.

Announced on Tuesday Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder the Free State’s exit strategy from the Corona crisis. Together with other ministers – including Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo and Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger – he presented a plan for how schools, day-care centers, restaurants and hotels should continue. You can find all the details in our overview.

An important easing already comes into force on Friday (May 8th). Members of two households can meet again, Söder had previously announced that.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Aiwanger causes a sensation with its statement

With view on gastronomy Aiwanger caused a stir on Thursday (May 7th). “I don’t believe in a second wave. But there are leading infectiologists who are urgently warning of a second wave. As an economic politician, I do not hope and I am also orienting my policy so that there will not be a second wave, because if I were to expect a second wave now, I would not be allowed to open the gastro. ” Committee on Economic and Regional Development, Energy, Media and Digitization.

Hotels will soon be able to open again, as Söder announced at a press conference on Tuesday: “At Pentecost, we will allow hotels and tourism, so from May 30th, Pentecost Saturday. Hotels are allowed to open under hygiene requirements. ”They broke in March Number of guests and overnight stays massive in the Free State. As the Bavarian State Office for Statistics announced after the preliminary results of the monthly survey in tourism, the approximately 10,980 open accommodation establishments for March reported only one million guests. This is a decrease of 61.5 percent compared to the same month in the previous year.

Corona crisis in Bavaria: Tourism figures in the Free State plummeted

Even the number of Overnight stays decreased significantly in the Corona crisis. It slumped 53.4 percent to below 3.2 million. All government districts were equally affected by the massive declines, as the Bavarian State Office for Statistics announced.

The number of domestic guests declined by 58.4 percent, and demand from abroad even dropped by 71.8 percent. All types of accommodation were affected. The greatest losses compared to the previous month were the Youth hostels accept (65.5 percent fewer guest arrivals), followed by Campsites (- 65.4 percent) and Hotels (- 63.5 percent)

Coronavirus in the Free State: Tourism forecast for April is even darker

The reason was worldwide Travel warnings and border closings. “Since the introduction of travel restrictions from March 18, 2020, the accommodation providers can only offer their accommodation options for necessary, but no longer for tourist purposes,” it continues. Due to the ongoing Corona crisis, the State Statistical Office expects April to have an even greater impact on tourism results.

“The preliminary results for March included reports from 94.9 percent of Bavarian accommodation providers. The information from the companies, of which no information was available for March 2020, has been estimated, ”says the State Statistical Office. This makes the numbers very representative.

There is movement in the border dispute. Bavaria is now also talking about opening the borders in the south and east. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer wants to decide on it next week. That would mean: before Pentecost holidays. *

No restrictions were imposed in Sweden during the Corona crisis. This path was followed critically abroad. Apparently everything is geared towards rapid herd immunity. *

According to polarizing statements about the corona crisis, several products by TV chef Attila Hildmann are flying off the shelves.

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

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