Coronavirus, Bill Gates invests 150 million dollars to distribute the vaccine to the poorest

Engaged since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency in the search for a vaccine, Gates illustrated his intentions in an interview with “Bloomberg” underlining a topic he cares a lot about, namely the possibility that, unlike rich countries, the most poor people may be devastated by the pandemic due to the inability to access treatment or vaccines, when there are any.

In particular, the former Microsoft number one explained that he wants to focus on vaccines in production that would be accessible in developing countries, such as those at the stage by the pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca and Novavax. which Gates called the “most scalable and low cost” ones. In practice, its goal is to invest a large sum of its assets to set a ceiling on the price of vaccines developed by these two companies. Serum is preparing to produce those vaccines for India, where it is based, and for 91 other poor or middle-income countries.

Much of the Gates Foundation’s projects will depend on which vaccine is most reliable and effective in protecting against the virus. There are currently 28 vaccines under study. There are those that require a more expensive type of production, such as those being studied by Moderna and Pfizer, because they are based on RNA. And then there are the cheaper ones, like that of Serum. But Gates is also working with other researchers, such as those from Johnson & Johnson, who are working on a low-cost vaccine, in order to ensure the necessary doses for the countries most in difficulty.


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