Coronavirus cases have increased, the issue of masks has come to the fore again! “Must Have”

According to the latest data announced by the Ministry of Health, the number of coronavirus cases between 25 July and 1 August was 406 thousand 322, and 337 people died. While an increase of approximately 50 thousand was observed compared to the previous week, some prohibitions and obligations started to be discussed again. The first of these is the issue of masks in public transportation and closed areas. While explanations were received from many experts on the subject, Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko also argued that the mask should be mandatory…

The increase in travels in the summer, spending more time in crowded areas and the relaxation of the measures led to an increase in coronavirus cases. According to the news in Sözcü, Infectious Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Elif Hakko said, ‘It is very wrong to ignore the rules’ and warned.


Stating that the symptoms appeared in a shorter time, Hakko said:

The Covid-19 variant BA.5 is a sub-variant of Omicron. It shows similar symptoms, but it is more easily transmitted, and the symptoms of the disease appear in a shorter time. Although it can be fatal for some people, it usually progresses with mild symptoms. It shows signs of upper respiratory tract infection, especially in people who have been vaccinated and have had Covid-19 before. Loss of smell and taste is less common than previous variants.


It is very important to follow the rules during the holiday rather than the return from the holiday. The use of a mask will prevent transmission when the person who feels any symptoms after the holiday comes into contact with other people, including his family.

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Children of appropriate ages should be vaccinated and measures should be taken in terms of Covid-19 in school environments.


Vaccines are very successful in preventing severe disease. Therefore it must be completed. Anyone who has not had at least 3 doses of the vaccine should be vaccinated. People in the risk group should have their 4th dose. Children who are eligible to be vaccinated should also be vaccinated. However, not only the vaccine, but also the use of masks is very useful in protection in addition to the vaccine. Masks should be mandatory again in closed environments and public transportation. If sick people act responsibly and wear masks, it will reduce the spread of the disease.


The removal of measures in the summer months, the increase in travel, the gathering of crowds caused an increase in the number of cases. With the opening of schools in autumn, it is expected that the number of cases will increase again. There is no change in the measures, it is important to use masks in closed and especially crowded environments such as public transportation. Completing the missing vaccines will provide mild relief from the disease.

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