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Coronavirus cases rose again in Argentina: there were 17 deaths and 718 infected in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Thursday that during the last 24 hours there were 17 deaths and 718 new positive cases for coronavirus. With these data, the total number of infected in the whole country amounts to 10,649 and the fatal victims number 433.

Of the total of these cases, 948 (8.9%) are imported, 4,648 (43.6%) are close contacts of confirmed cases, 3,314 (31.1%) are cases of community circulation and the rest are under epidemiological investigation. .

Since the last report issued, 14 new deaths were recorded. Five men, two 71 and 80 years old, residents in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA); one of 80 years, resident in the province of Córdoba; one 59-year-old, resident in the province of Buenos Aires; one 56-year-old, resident in the province of Chaco; and nine womans, five of 83, 57, 59, 94 and 81 years, residing in the province of Buenos Aires; two of 88 and 91 years old, residents in the City of Buenos Aires (CABA); two 69 and 93 years old, residents of the Río Negro province; and one 53-year-old, resident in the province of Chaco.

In the morning part, three fatalities had already been reported: two men residing in the province of Buenos Aire, 68 and 90 years old; and another 58, from the province of Chaco.

For the moment, Formosa and Catamarca are the only provinces that so far have not registered cases of coronavirus.

This Thursday there was a sharp rise in the number of new infections with a record 648.

During the day yesterday, 3,220 new samples were performed and since the start of the outbreak, 96,893 diagnostic tests were carried out for this disease, which is equivalent to 2,135.3 samples per million inhabitants.

On the other hand, the number of cases discarded until yesterday is 73,709 (by laboratory and by clinical / epidemiological criteria). The main affected age groups of the registered cases correspond to people between 20 and 59 years old, the average age being 40 years.

10 weeks ago the first case detected in the city of Buenos Aires was detected. Today, the Buenos Aires district has a total of cases to date of 2,863, above the 2,497 of the Province of Buenos Aires, even though the population of CABA is only 18% of that of the province.

In the City, the positivity rate amounts to 12%, double the Buenos Aires rate which is 6%. This percentage arises from the 3,087 positives out of the total of 25,328 tests carried out as of May 13, as reported to this medium by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health.

So, While in the Buenos Aires territory there are almost 14 confirmed infected for every 100,000 inhabitants, in CABA 85, an indicator that allows us to understand that the situation in the City is worse than that of the province of Buenos Aires. This morning the Buenos Aires Health Minister himself, Fernán Quirós, admitted it, specifying that “almost 75% of the cases yesterday (255) were in CABA.”

And the situation in the capital’s district is even more acute if one considers that more than a third of Buenos Aires infections occurred in vulnerable neighborhoods.

In the world, 4,498,579 people were infected by COVID-19. Of the total, 304,631 patients died and 1,618,361 managed to recover.


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