Coronavirus: China reports 47 “imported cases” from Covid-19

However, according to the Beijing Health Commission’s official figures on Wednesday, there were again no local illnesses. Another three people died in the central Chinese province of Hubei, from where the Sars-CoV-2 virus began to spread worldwide in late 2019.

Restrictions have been lifted

There the local government announced on Tuesday that part of the restrictions imposed will be lifted from Wednesday. After a two-month blockade, people are allowed to leave the province again. The exception is the metropolis of Wuhan, which was particularly badly affected. From April 8th it should be possible to leave the city again.

According to official information, 3,281 people in China have been killed by the virus so far. A total of 81,218 infected people were registered on the Chinese mainland, of which more than 73,000 have so far recovered. (SDA)

Corona virus

The corona virus currently keeps the world in suspense. Many countries take measures such as closing schools or borders and restricting public events to prevent them from spreading. The virus is also rampant in Switzerland. All current information and figures on the subject are available in the Coronavirus ticker.

Coronavirus, Sars-Cov-2, Covid-19 – What is what?

The corona pandemic is confused about terms. These three names always get mixed up:

  • Corona virus:
    Corona viruses are a family of viruses. These can affect both animals and humans and trigger different symptoms. Corona refers to its crown-like extensions.
  • Sars-Cov-2:
    In January 2020, a new corona virus was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Sars-Cov stands for Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus). Because it belongs to the same species as the coronavirus in the Sars epidemic in 2002 and 2003, it received number 2.
  • Covid-19:
    The Sars-Cov-2 triggers respiratory disease in certain cases. This is known as Covid-19, i.e. coronavirus disease. The number 19 refers to 2019, when the disease was diagnosed for the first time. Symptoms include severe pneumonia.

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