Sport Coronavirus. Chivas proposes protocol for restarting Liga MX

Coronavirus. Chivas proposes protocol for restarting Liga MX

The coronavirus pandemic put overtime to the sports department of Chivas than prepared a return to competition protocol that already delivered to the Liga MX, where they stipulate 30 days of preseason and restart activities in July, as well as a series of proposals for before training.

All the work team led by Jaime Figueroa, director of sports science at Sacred Flock put together a 28-page compendium that includes a proposal for resume the league behind closed doors midweek and only dispute two days on weekends. So the idea of Guadalajara is that the Matchday 11 the Wednesday, July 1 and Thursday, July 2.

“According to the calendar of dates in which the training sessions could begin respecting the 30 days of reconditioning and the tips to avoid high match density, the days would be as follows in the month of July, “says the document.

In the archive it is proposed that there is only soccer on weekends in the Matchday 13 and Matchday 15 which are scheduled on July 11 and 12, as well as 18 and 19, respectively. With this programming the regular phase would end on July 30.

The Liguilla proposal would be to normal format, with duels starting on August 5 and the end on August 23.

Another part of the document offers options to return to training with two axes, the first in individual series and a second with group practices, after previous isolation of the entire team.

The whole group is isolated from the start in a hotel or sports city with adequate sports facilities and following the security measures general and specific. In this option, training can be group, from the beginning it seeks to respect as much as possible the healthy distance”, Adds the document.

“The start of training is with a week of individual training, then a week with small groups“For intermediate group isolation this proposal is different.

“The whole group is isolated before starting group training in a hotel or sports city with the adequate sports facilities and following the general and specific security measures ”, reads.


In one of the sections, Chivas proposed to change the whistle of the referee by an air hornThis takes more strength at the idea of ​​the remaining days being held behind closed doors, so there would be no problem due to the noise.

In another section they come recommendations for workouts and concentrations where they are proposed reduce the number of workers too much both in the practice venue and in the stadiums.


Although in Jalisco the return from sports is still not allowed, the Chivas they have one possibility of returning to training from Monday May 18 to do 3 days of medical and COVID-19 tests and thus begin working on the court in groups of 4 starting Thursday, May 21.

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