Health Coronavirus Daily conference on the situation in Mexico,...

Coronavirus Daily conference on the situation in Mexico, August 13

Mexico arrived at 55 thousand 293 deaths from coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and 505 thousand 751 accumulated cases, according to the report released José Luis Alomía, Director of Epidemiology.

The official also commented that of the people who have suffered from the disease, 341 thousand 507 have recovered.

Colima, NL and Yucatán with the highest hospital occupancy due to coronavirus

Of 31,759 beds, there are 19,148 available and 12,611 are occupied. The states with the highest hospital occupancy for general care beds are: Nuevo León and Nayarit.

The beds with a fan have an occupancy of 3,675, leaving 7,012 available. Being Colima and Nuevo León and Yucatán the states that top the list with the highest occupancy of these beds.

Chronological government response to covid-19

Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, gave an account of the government’s monthly response to the health crisis caused by covid-19.

  • January: The preparation process for the response began: Development and publication of manuals and guides for the care of covid-19.
  • February: The situational diagnosis in the states and sending of test supplies began.
  • March: The day of healthy distance begins and the start of phase 2 due to coronavirus.
  • April: Start of Phase 3 by coronavirus

Pemex strategies in the face of covid-19

He Dr. Rodolfo Lehmann Mendoza, head of Pemex Health Services, explained the strategies that the institution has implemented to address the health emergency due to coronavirus.

Pemex + Close to you: The institution has appointed doctors and nurses to attend 12,640 beneficiaries via videoconference to follow up on their conditions.

8,459 workers have been isolated: To date, 8,459 workers have been isolated at home as a vulnerable population, whether due to age, chronic diseases or other issues. and 48 thousand carry out work remotely.

Filters in Work Centers: 237 sanitary filters have been implemented in work centers to mitigate and contain the disease.

Tests: 7,101 PCR tests have been carried out.

Rodolfo Lehmann detailed that in a template of 70 thousand beneficiaries of Pemex, have been confirmed 6 thousand 309 cases of covid-19, they have recovered 4,520 patients and 1,124 people have died.

Traffic light that will be presented tomorrow will not yet have methodological modifications: López-Gatell

Hugo Lopez-Gatell He specified that tomorrow the coronavirus semaphore will be presented, but this will continue under the methodology that has been implemented from the beginning since they are still receiving proposals from the states to modify and improve the indicators.

“I commented on what we had resolved at the meeting of the National Health CouncilWe are still receiving comments from the states to enrich the traffic light, so that tomorrow we will publish the application traffic light as of the following Monday but still based on the methodology in force until today, “he concluded.

National coronavirus traffic light

At orange traffic light In addition to essential economic activities, companies in non-essential activities are allowed to work with 30 percent of the staff for their operation.

Parks and common areas they can have 50 percent of their total capacity, reiterating that their reopening is so that they can carry out some physical activities, rather than for meetings to be held in those places.

The supermarkets they can have up to 75 percent of their capacity, allowing entry to one person per family, unless the entry of two members is required due to family, personal or health conditions.




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