Coronavirus data in Italy today, Wednesday 7 April

In the last 24 hours in Italy were detected 13,708 coronavirus positive cases and 627 deaths from COVID-19. Currently the hospitalized are 32,999 (81 less than yesterday), of which 3,683 in the intensive care wards (60 less than yesterday) and 29,316 in the other wards (21 less than yesterday). 169,172 molecular swabs and 170,767 antigenic rapid tests were analyzed. The percentage of positive molecular swabs was 7.1 percent, while that of antigen tests was 1.0 percent. On Tuesday, 7,767 infections were recorded and 421 died.

The regions that have recorded the most cases in the last 24 hours are Lombardy (2,569), Piedmont (1,464), Campania (1,358), Puglia (1,255) and Veneto (1,111).

The main news of the day
Today, Wednesday 7 April, many schools throughout Italy have reopened according to the law decree approved by the government last April 1st. However, the reopening of schools in the presence varies according to the color of the regions, or the epidemiological risk band. Schools are reopened for face-to-face lessons up to sixth grade throughout Italy, both in the red zone and in the orange zone (until 30 April the yellow zones will be considered orange zones); in the red areas from the second grade onwards all lessons are held at a distance, while in the regions in the orange area schools open for face-to-face teaching for all pupils up to the eighth grade. Let’s talk about it better who.

In these days in Ischia, Capri and Procida, the three main islands of the Campania archipelago, the mass vaccination campaign begins to protect all the inhabitants in the shortest possible time, in an attempt to limit the effects of the epidemic on the tourist season. The administration to the entire population is possible thanks to a special agreement with the Campania Region, which will guarantee doses for all without having to follow the criteria of the age groups, as required by the national vaccination plan: but there are mixed reactions.

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