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Coronavirus. Deputy Minister of Health: Poland is one of the leaders in vaccine negotiations

– Poland is one of the leaders in negotiations to obtain a coronavirus vaccine. It significantly influences their course – said Deputy Minister of Health Janusz Cieszyński on Friday (August 14).

As Cieszyński said on Polish Radio 24, we should wait for a coronavirus vaccine from a well-known manufacturer that has experience in creating such preparations.

– I know that over 200 teams around the world are researching such a vaccine. In all likelihood, a vaccine recommended by experts should be available at the end of this year, said the deputy minister.

Cieszyński also noted that “when this vaccine is available and we know that it is safe, it is important that Poland at the negotiating table is the country where it will go first”.

When asked about negotiations with pharmaceutical companies, he noted that they were conducted by the European Union. – In these negotiations, Poland is one of the leaders – he stressed. – I cannot talk too much about the details, but the participation of the Polish representative is active and I think I can say with full responsibility that it had a significant impact on their course and that it would be necessary to obtain such a vaccine faster, but also on more attractive terms – he informed.

Cieszyński was also asked for the coronavirus vaccine announced this week by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The deputy minister stated that there was “no information that would confirm that it is a highly reliable product”. – Everyone is able to judge on their own how Putin’s declaration translates into the willingness to use this vaccine – he stressed.


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