Health Coronavirus drug may already exist, according to a study

Coronavirus drug may already exist, according to a study

Vaccination would be a solution against Covid-19. But a coronavirus drug could also help us heal. A study may have come across one.

We are trying a lot to finally contain the new virus. In the long run, however, only one vaccine or maybe even one Coronavirus drug fight against it. A clinical trial is already testing an existing drug that usually serves a different purpose.

Coronavirus drug found? Study tests it

The course of the disease of Covid-19 can be completely different. In most cases, however, patients only suffer from fever and the airways are attacked. Your body is strong enough to fight the virus. But it can also be different. A coronavirus drug could now help those who are particularly at risk.

Researchers are currently testing a drug called fluvoxamine and hope it will be the coronavirus cure. The study has already seen positive results in the treatment of mice. The potential coronavirus drug is now also being tested in a clinical trial in patients. The tests should show to what extent it is suitable for the treatment.

Researchers are already investigating the effect

152 patients were examined at Washington University. Half receive fluvoxamine, the other half only placebos. All participants are in quarantine at home, communication takes place only by phone and online. In addition, the patients received thermometers, oxygen sensors for the fingertips and automatic blood pressure monitors. If the subjects feel worse, they have to go to the hospital.

The surprising thing about fluvoxamine is that it is not a newly developed drug. It has been used for years to treat depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. If we could use it as a coronavirus drug, that would have several advantages:

  1. The drug would be available immediately.
  2. It has been used many times and therefore we know all the side effects.
  3. It would be an affordable treatment.
  4. Fluvoxamine is already approved and widely used.

Antidepressant vs. Coronavirus: what’s the connection?

It may sound a little strange why a drug that fights depression should also help with a new virus. But since 2011 it has been known that antidepressant therapies also have a preventive effect against derailment of the immune system. A 2017 study found that depressed patients have an increased production of inflammatory cytokines. These are proteins that send signals between immune cells. In high concentrations, this can lead to an overreaction of the immune system.

The physical processes of corona patients and patients with depression can therefore be similar. If the immune system overreacts, it turns against your body. The tests on mice showed that the production of the protein was reduced. Now the researchers hope that this development can also be seen in humans.

As another coronavirus drug, this traditional household remedy could also help. Researchers cling to every hope: this remedy could also help.

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