Coronavirus: drugs and therapies that give hope

Braking the inflammatory reaction

A point of attack could be the virus triggered inflammatory reaction. “The main problem with Covid-19 seems to be an inflammatory process in the body that quickly leads to failure of the respiratory system. And these are difficult to get under control, ”explains Kollaritsch the challenge. MedicationThe focus here is on those that have been developed to combat rheumatoid arthritis or pancreatitis. “They are supposed to limit the body’s defense reactions so that they do no more damage to the body than the viruses themselves,” said Alexander Herzog, Secretary General of Pharmig (Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry Austria) in the previous week.

Blood plasma

There is also good news when using Blood plasma, the people who am Corona virus are ill and are now considered cured, can donate (The courier reported). Two in Austria active companies, Takeda and Octapharm ask recovered people to donate their plasma. This call is supported by the Salzburg State Clinics, among others.

The plasma of the donors is to be cleaned using a method that has already been tried and tested, and the antibodies are to be obtained in a concentrated form. This can then be injected to seriously ill people Corona virus to fight directly. According to a Chinese study, this is a promising treatment method, explains Richard Greil, Head of the Medical Task Force in Salzburg.

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