Coronavirus: Given the new outbreaks in Europe, WHO warns that hospitals could reach “the limit”

“Europe registered an increase in the number of weekly cases for the first time in months,” said one of the leaders of the organization Credit: DPA

COPENHAGEN.- After focusing on the America, the continent hardest hit today by pandemic of coronavirus, today authorities of the World Health Organization (WHO)They asked not to relax the measures too much in Europe, where different outbreaks have been registered for days That raised the alert for the possibility of a second wave of the disease.

“Last week Europe registered an increase in the number of weekly cases for the first time in months (…) Accelerated transmission in eleven countries led to a very significant resurgence that, if left unchecked, will push healthcare systems to the limit again Europeans, “said the WHO director for Europe, Hans Kluge, from Copenhagen. According to the WHO, Europe registers about 20,000 new cases and 700 deaths from coronavirus daily.

In the midst of the relaxation of the isolations decreed in March in most of the countries of the continent, AGermany, Spain and France, Among others, they counted new outbreaks of infections that led in some cases to the re-imposition of a quarantine, as in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where there were 1,500 patients, all linked to an animal slaughterhouse. In other areas, such as Paris, schools were closed again for fear of spread. And before the possibility that the health systems will collapse again, the organization, harshly criticized by the management in the face of the crisis, warns.

“Europe registered an increase in the number of weekly cases for the first time in months,” said one of the leaders of the organization Credit: María José López / EUROPA PRESS / dpa

The rest of the world

The pandemic originating in the Chinese city of Wuhan exceeded the 9.43 million people infected and 482,000 fatalities, according to the latest balance of the Johns Hopkins University. The global balance affects 188 countries and territories. For its part, the total number of recovered people exceeds 4.74 million.

The United States remains the most affected country with 2.38 million sick and 121,979 dead. Brazil remains in second position with 1.18 million infections and 53,830 deaths. Russia it remains in third position, with 606,043 positives and 8503 deaths. In fourth position, India, with a total of 473,105 positives and 14,894 deaths. Then, United Kingdom registers 308,337 infected people and 43,165 deaths, ahead of Peru, with 264,689 sick and 8586 deaths.

Chile, for its part, has 254,416 people with coronavirus and 4,731 deaths, while Spain has 247,086 infected and 28,327 deaths. After Spain, Italy accumulates 239,410 infected and 34,644 fatalities. Next, Iran already adds 212,501 cases and 9,996 deaths; France, with 197,885 infections and 29,734 fatalities; and Mexico, which registers 196,847 infections and 29,734 deaths.

Below the threshold of 100,000 positives, Sweden registers 62,324 cases and 5209 declared deaths. Belgium accumulates 60,898 infections and 9,722 victims, and the Netherlands, 50,012 infected and 6116 deaths.

Those that exceed 40,000 cases are Argentina, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Kuwait, Ukraine and Portugal, while Iraq, Poland, Oman, the Philippines, Switzerland and Afghanistan accumulate more than 30,000 cases.

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