Coronavirus | Ignacio Aguado: “It may be necessary to stop everything for a few days in Madrid”

The Community of Madrid lives hectic weeks. The coronavirus centers the lives of Madrid residents and the volume of infections has been so high that the region became the territory with the highest cumulative incidence in Europe. In between, the measures have been followed. First by basic health areas, then by municipalities after the Interterritorial Health Council so decided. And finally, after the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) knock down restrictions by municipalities, the central government declared the state of alarm in nine Madrid cities until in principle on Saturday 24.

The measure has generated an intense debate among Madrilenians, both at the citizen level and at the political level. The opinions of what will happen once the state of alarm falls and in this sense the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, advocates a temporary closure of Madrid with drastic measures.

In a interview in El País, the leader of Citizens in Madrid is “in favor of taking forceful measures during a fixed, clear and defined time period”. Aguado believes that it is a better option than “to be taking more lax measures that prolong the agony of the economy.” In fact, it doesn’t rule out a shutdown in all sectors: “It may be necessary to make a stop, a stop and go they say in Formula 1, for a few days defined, seven, 14 or 21, where we all make that stop, get down the curve and that allows us to get to Christmas with more guarantees.

“If we want to get to Christmas with a lower cumulative incidence, we have to make strong decisions and shortly. It is proven that this way the curve goes down. If we are not able to forcefully lower the curve, we will arrive at Christmas in a compromised situation: with beds with many ICU patients, with the flu, with more income, tourists will not be able to come, there will be more restrictions and we will harm merchants, there will be no Christmas campaign and we will see each other from the social point of view in a circumstance where it will be very It is difficult to raise your hand for families to regroup, ”Aguado continues.

Aguado’s goal for Christmas

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, in the last 14 days, Madrid has a cumulative incidence of 451.87. The regional vice president has set a goal for the Christmas season: “We have to get to Christmas with a cumulative incidence of 25 positive cases per 100,000. That is the challenge, ambitious, but if we are able to reach those levels we will have saved the Christmas campaign and health. You have to bet on strong measures that will drastically lower the curve ”.

Restrictions will continue after the alarm state

Finally, and with regard to the coronavirus pandemic, Aguado confirms that, although the state of alarm is lifted in the nine affected municipalities next weekend, the restrictions will continue. “We have to continue with them,” he says, to later recognize that one of the factors that “affect the spread of the virus” is “mobility.”

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