World Coronavirus in Argentina: 10 flights arrive to Ezeiza per...

Coronavirus in Argentina: 10 flights arrive to Ezeiza per day and passengers from Europe stopped going to hotels

They made us get off the plane in groups of 20. I signed the affidavit and went through the heat chamber, the one that says if we have a fever. I went out with my backpack of backpack to the meeting point of Ezeiza and I hoped that the government of the City would be, with all an operation, to take me a hotel, because I have domicile in Capital. There was no one. I asked and they told me to go home. It all seemed strange to me. I went to a police station to say, just in case, that I was coming back from Malaysia and was ‘on the loose’. They told me to go home. From there I went to the Ministry of Health and at the entrance they did not tell me anything. I went to my brothers, because if I am asymptomatic I do not want to infect my old

Nicolás (30) very angrily told his story to Clarion. He arrived in Argentina in the early hours of this Friday, on the Qatar Airlines QR 773 flight that departed from Doha. His common sense, like perhaps that of many, considered that they wouldn’t let him get in a taxi -as he did-, to carry out the quarantine under his responsibility, without being isolated. But I was wrong. The answer he received, more than once and in different places, was correct: he had to go home.

An average of 10 flights a day arrive in the country, which are the only passengers they isolate in Buenos Aires hotels?

Nicolás is not one of those passengers. As reported by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, between May 16 and 23 more than 4,100 Argentines will be able to return to the country in 17 special flights from the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The Doha flight was on the Foreign Ministry list. Nicolás managed to travel after days of waiting and help from the Argentine embassy in Malaysia, after which he was able to buy the ticket for $ 1,500. It was one of the flights scheduled for May 21, as well as others from Bogotá, Madrid, Bangkok and Cancun.

The only passengers through whom the protocol of the City Transport Ministry is activated -in the Province this “guarded” isolation was never made- to be transferred to Buenos Aires hotels, are the flights considered “risky”.

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As confirmed to Clarion from that Ministry, the departure points of aircraft identified as risky continue to be Brazil, Chile and the United States. On Monday, from the Ministry of Transport of the Nation, they were informed that “Argentines from Europe stopped going to hotels, because it is not necessary.” Foreign Ministry sources ratified “that Europe is no longer a problem.”

Currently in Spain there are 55 thousand active patients, while in Italy there are 59 thousand. Those figures today contrast with those of Brazil, where there are more than 168 thousand active cases, or the United States, where the figure exceeds 1.1 million. Chile today has just over 35 thousand who are carrying the infection.

Sources from the Ministry of Health of the Nation explained that “isolation is something that any of us must comply with. All the people who arrive in the country passed through Border Health, which depends on the Ministry of Health and signed sworn statements in the countries of origin of those flights, under the control of the Chancellery. Then each jurisdiction decides which protocols to apply or not to apply. “

Why do not all passengers who return from abroad and have Buenos Aires domicile stay in hotels in Capital? “Hotel capacity would have been saturated. In Argentina there is quarantine and they must comply with it at home. Those who have to go to hotels will know it before taking off, because they are informed correctly and also when they land in Ezeiza, “they said.

The porteños transport officials in charge of the operation for “risky flights”, are informed by Nation 24 hours before each landing, so that they organize the disposition of passengers in the hotels with available rooms.

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According to the City Hotel Occupancy Report, this Thursday there was no entry of passengers from abroad. In total, until this Friday, they stayed 9,240 passengers. In the last 24 hours there were 171 check outs (discharges), giving a total of 7,614 people who, after 14 days in residence, were able to return to their homes.

In the rooms of the authorized hotels, the President, Cyan Américas, Grand View, Ibis Congreso, Cyan Tower, Ibis Obelisco, Argenta Tower, Luxor, Feir´s Park and Viasui, there are still 1,626 passengers.

How much were those passengers tested? Since March 31, 7,973 tests have been carried out. There were 1,404 positive cases. And there are 859 suspected cases awaiting results.



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