Coronavirus in Argentina: Alberto Fernández confirmed the extension of the quarantine and said that “they will deepen the measures” in some provinces

The president announced that the measures for the new quarantine do not foresee openings throughout the country Credit: Presidency Capture

President Alberto Fernandez confirmed this noon that he will sign a new decree of quarantine extension in the country after increase cases of coronavirus in recent weeks and anticipated that it will include increased isolation measures in some provinces.

“We are in a time where social responsibility has a lot to do with it, but there is also political responsibility, the responsibility of the State. Today in the afternoon we are going to issue a decree, as always, with the measures we adopt,” said Fernández.

We will be issuing a DNU to try to deepen where we must deepen the measures to avoid contact“, Fernández specified in an act at the Churruca Hospital, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios, together with the Minister of Security, Sabina Frederic.

“The struggle was that we have the beds and the necessary health system for those who need it, and up to here we have succeeded,” he added.

In addition, Fernández said that the contagion curve in the AMBA it is a plateau and that the situation “is as controlled”, but emphasized: “We need that the cases go down”.

And aimed against City openings and its possible consequences: “It is important that we understand that as much as we can have a beer or eat on the sidewalk, the virus is going around. “

Yesterday was the first time that the President met in person after the withdrawal of funds from the City that will be given to the province of Buenos Aires after a wage claim by the police. Today Horacio Rodríguez Larreta presented an amparo for the measure to be reversed.

This afternoon will be announced measures to be implemented the head of the Buenos Aires governmentin which it is expected that terraces and open patios will be enabled in gastronomic places, in addition to other restaurants that until now had no authorization to take tables to sidewalks and public spaces. Construction will also be given the green light on works of more than 5,000 square meters.

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