Coronavirus in Argentina: Axel Kicillof punishes Tandil for having rebelled against the official isolation plan

The governor excluded the Tandilense municipality from a special fund to reactivate cultural and tourist activities Source: LA NACION – Credit: Santiago Hafford

In retaliation for not abide by the official plan to contain the advance of the coronavirus, the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, yesterday excluded Tandil of the Municipal Special Fund for Cultural and Tourist Reactivation, a $ 300 million fund created to help sectors affected by the pandemic.

Augusto Costa, Minister of Production, Science and Technological Innovation of Buenos Aires, today made official the punishment of Tandil in statements to Radio Provincia. “The district of Tandil is left out of this program”said the official, who argued that the exclusion is due to the fact that the municipality deviated from the system of phases arranged in the framework of Preventive and Compulsory Social Isolation.

In an attempt to make the measure relative, Costa added: “We are going to work with the tourism and cultural sectors of Tandil, although it will not be within the framework of the Fund announced by the provincial government.”

Miguel Ángel Lunghi, mayor of Tandil

At the beginning of the month, Tandil implemented a new comprehensive scheme to face the consequences of the coronavirus, which it established rules, own procedures and actions, which stressed the link with the provincial authorities. In fact, the Buenos Aires government accused the mayor of Tandil, Michelangelo Lunghi, from “separatist” and opened a conflict that has no signs of loosening.

Lunghi is a radical mayor who has been in charge of the municipality of Tandil since 2003. He is a doctor and is 76 years old.

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