News Coronavirus in Argentina: cacerolazo in different Buenos Aires neighborhoods...

Coronavirus in Argentina: cacerolazo in different Buenos Aires neighborhoods against the release of prisoners

It was called for Thursday at 8:00 p.m., but the cacerolazo protesting the release of prisoners due to the coronavirus pandemic was heard in many balconies and windows of the country this Wednesday.

In neighborhoods like Palermo, Belgrano, Caballito, Flores, Recoleta, among others, the pans and the applause sounded loud. But not only in the Federal Capital, the noise was replicated in Córdoba and Rosario, according to different social network users.

Even though the saucepan came forward, There are no changes regarding the call for this Thursday, which remains and it is expected to be more important than the one of this day.

“We are fed up with the lack of security and the complicity of officials and judges with crime, and we want victims and not murderers, rapists, drug traffickers, and corrupts to be protected and privileged,” warns one of the many messages that circulated in networks.

“What will become of the police and gendarmes, of the prosecutors and judges who locked them up and condemn them, and of the families of all of them, who will now be threatened by the criminals once again released?” Ask the promoters of the protest.

Along the same lines, the message adds: “Sooner or later, those who have undertaken this campaign to allow the armed of a new ‘Vatayón Militante’, formed by hitmen in the best style of the Chavista paramilitary militias, will have to answer for it.”

The release of Buenos Aires prisoners with risk factors for the coronavirus generated a stir in recent days.

In fact, on, a website where requests for “social change” are made, a user asked “NO TO THE DEPARTURE OF PRISONERS !!!”, it already has more than 400 thousand signatures in less than three days and seeks to reach at least 500,000.

Among those who signed in favor of that request are Matías Bagnato, a survivor of the Flores massacre, and Viviam Perrone, the mother of Kevin Sedano, who was hit in Olivos in 2002 by a motorist.

From they told Clarion than it is not usual that this number of signatures is added in such a short time: It is the one that obtained the most in 2020. They argue that it generally occurs with Justice cases that produce outrage in society and that the great scope of this request was thanks to the media exposure.


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