The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported this Saturday that, during the last 24 hours, 384 deaths and 13,510 new positive cases of coronavirus were registered. With these data, the total number of infected throughout the country amounts to 979,119 and fatalities total 26,107.

Of the total deaths, 207 are men (110 residents in the province of Buenos Aires, 18 in the city of Buenos Aires, two in Chaco, 17 in Córdoba, 12 in Jujuy, 23 in Mendoza, five in Río Negro, five in Salta, one in Santa Cruz, 11 in Santa Fe and three in Tierra del Fuego) and 177 women (81 in the province of Buenos Aires, 32 in the city of Buenos Aires, one in Chaco, 17 in Córdoba, eight in Jujuy, 17 in Mendoza, two in Río Negro, one in Salta, 16 in Santa Fe and one in Tierra of fire).

In the last 24 hours, 20,955 tests were carried out and since the beginning of the outbreak, 2,359,606 diagnostic tests have been carried out for this disease, which is equivalent to 52,000 samples per million inhabitants.

Of the 13,510 new cases, 4,419 are from the province of Buenos Aires, 610 from the city of Buenos Aires, 24 from Catamarca, 167 from Chaco, 335 from Chubut, 1,233 from Córdoba, 2 from Corrientes, 350 from Entre Ríos, 1 from Formosa, 69 from Jujuy, 95 from La Pampa, 55 from La Rioja, 659 from Mendoza, 1 from Misiones, 1,005 from Neuquén, 357 from Río Negro, 238 from Salta, 6 from San Juan, 201 from San Luis, 141 from Santa Cruz, 2,199 from Santa Fe , 238 from Santiago del Estero, 182 from Tierra del Fuego and 923 from Tucumán.

Currently, 4,386 people with coronavirus are hospitalized in intensive care units, of which 39.3% are in healthcare centers in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), 29.4% in Córdoba and 5% in Santa Fe.

The official report also indicated that the occupation of critical care beds, beyond the patient’s illness, averages 64.2% nationwide and 63.4% in the AMBA.

This morning, the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, considered that in all America “The pandemic is having an unexpected duration” and in this sense he appealed to society to continue with preventive care, because the vaccine “could be for the beginning of the year or perhaps a few days before” and “in March” in a massive way.

The head of the Health portfolio pointed out that this is happening “despite the fact that countries have adopted different strategies to contain it -the case of the United States and Brazil, for example- and yet it remains persistent and remains a record without no one knows why ”.

Explained that “There is a version that would indicate that the virus has mutated to a greater contagiousness” and although he maintained that he cannot “ensure” the certainty of the version, he considered that “the American continent continues to be the center of the pandemic and that unfortunately we have to take the measures that we have to take.

Regarding these measures, the minister reiterated that at this time greater restrictions were applied “In the jurisdictions where today the epicenter of the pandemic has moved, which is the interior of the country.”

“I am very proud of the quarantine”the minister later said when asked what he would do differently if he had to start over. However, he indicated that “surely we would have done some different things, since it is easy to tell with Monday’s newspaper.”

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