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Coronavirus in Argentina: he was 19 years old, lived in José C. Paz and is the youngest fatality in the country

The coronavirus has just caused the first fatality under the age of 20 in Argentina: it is a young man who had 19 and lived in José C. Paz. The death was confirmed in the evening report of the Ministry of Health of the Nation corresponding to this Thursday.

From the Municipality they informed Clarion he had been admitted to a public hospital four days ago, although the virus would have spread to him just over a week ago. The youngest man who until now had died from Covid-19 had 27 years.

The young man had health problems previous and was part of the risk groups. “He was a carrier of HIV and had a meningitis for cryptococcus, “he explained to Clarion Gastón Yañez, chief of the Cabinet of the Municipality commanded by the Peronist Mario Ishii.

The official added that “this Friday we will have a meeting with the new Secretary of Health.” It is expected that after that meeting they will spread a Press release with more information on the fatality.

José C. Paz is not among the Conurbano districts with the highest number of infected, but he does show a high mortality rate in relation to the number of infections. The epidemiological report issued by the Commune this Thursday night indicates that since the pandemic began they had 53 cases, with eight deaths. Eleven infected have already been discharged.

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The death of the 19-year-old was known this Thursday, with the last part of cases disclosed by the National Ministry of Health. There it was reported that Argentina had a new record of positive cases: 648 in the last 24 hours.

In the same period they joined 13 fatalities. The others were five people of 60, 72, 73, 75 and 95 years old, residents of the province of Buenos Aires; two porteños aged 84 and 88; two other chaqueños of 58 and 75 years; and three women, 52, 89 and 67 years old, all from Buenos Aires territory.

It is in the province of Buenos Aires where the number of victims is again higher than in the rest of the country: for example, of the 13 on Wednesday, nine are from the district that Axel Kicillof commands.

As for the number of cases of the day, there is the City of Buenos Aires the territory that leads the list, with 379 infected (with 4,202 in total), followed by the province of Buenos Aires, with 213 (3,309).

While then Chaco (34/694), Córdoba (12/441), Santa Fe (5/254), Río Negro (3/336), Mendoza (1/90) and Tucumán (1/43). The rest of the provinces did not register cases this Thursday.

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After pressure from the Province, they decide to further restrict inter-urban transit

On March 31, Ishii had been in the middle of a controversy when he assured that in José C. Paz “It is anticipated that 5 thousand people can die from this disease of the coronavirus”. The shocking phrase was launched by the communal head of the Frente de Todos in a video that was published by the local media SM Noticias.

In the filming, the Peronist mayor assures that there are sectors that “are looking for an explosion” when summoning the neighbors for the delivery of food bags. And he promises that he will deliver food “house by house”, and that he himself would buy the merchandise. In this sense, he asks those present to line up “so that they write down their names and he remembers that” for four years the people of José C. Paz were not short of food. “



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