News Coronavirus in Argentina: Santiago Cafiero's response to opposition criticism...

Coronavirus in Argentina: Santiago Cafiero’s response to opposition criticism of his “superpowers”

Coronavirus in Argentina: “It is not about superpowers,” said Santiago Cafiero about the controversial DNU Source: Archive

The Chief of Cabinet,

Santiago Cafiero

defended today

the controversial decree of necessity and urgency 457/2020,

 that suspended for this year the 5% ceiling established in article 37 of the financial administration law for

reallocate the items of the national budget.

After the offensive of

opposition to unsubscribe

 the decree of “superpowers”, Cafiero argued that it is necessary

“an active and flexible State to be able to protect everyone”

in the coronavirus pandemic.

The opposition blocs of Together for Change, Federal Consensus, socialism and federal Peronism

they questioned the government harshly

for subjugating powers of the Congress.

Cafiero defended the measure in the context of the

health emergency.

“In extraordinary moments, we need an active and flexible State to be able to protect all and all who inhabit this territory,” he said.

“In the same DNU they gave me powers to transfer money from one item to another only when these modifications are related to the health emergency and to allocate the AFI’s reserved funds to nutritional, educational and health policies,” he said in his account. Twitter

Through DNU 457/2020, which was issued last Sunday, the Government increased public spending by 498,000 million pesos and suspended this year the 5% cap established in article 37 of the financial administration law to reassign the items of the budget.

Cafiero pointed against the management of Cambiemos and remarked that Alberto Fernández took over with the country “in an economic and social emergency.” “We are not saying it. Three of four years of decline in activity, more than 300% of accumulated inflation, the fastest debt in history and more than a third of the population in poverty,” he said.

“Congress also said it, which voted the Food Emergency Law and the Social Solidarity and Productive Reactivation Law. Even the previous government recognized it, by decreeing default on the public debt and sending a project to restore its sustainability,” he added.

In addition, the chief of staff maintained that “the Macri government not only left us a debt crisis, high inflation and increasing levels of poverty: it left us without a budget.”

“In order for the country to continue operating, we had to extend the Budget for the year 2019,” he said.

In this framework, Cafiero reviewed the battery of economic and social measures launched by the national government due to the coronavirus crisis to justify the increase in the budget: “The fiscal cost of the economic and social protection package has so far amounted to about $ 380,000 million, equivalent to almost 1.5% of GDP. In order to continue with assistance policies, it was necessary to expand the Budget. And we did that, “he concluded.




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