Coronavirus in Argentina: strong crossing in the Senate between Lousteau and Caserio for the project that exempts essential personnel from profits during the pandemic

The senators Carlos Caserio (Front of All) and Martín Lousteau (Together for Change) they starred in a strong crossing during the virtual meeting that was held this afternoon at the Budget and Finance Commission. The conflict was sparked by a discussion about the bill establishing special benefits in the payment of Income Tax for health personnel, the armed forces and security, and other essential sectors that work on the front line of the State during the fight against the pandemic.

The project, which last week he received a half penalty in the Chamber of Deputies, was discussed in the commission and received questions from the opposition senators. Criticism focused on the lack of data on fiscal impact of the measure and the inability to make changes, in the rush to sanction it in the coming days.

Lousteau asked that the project be applied “rigorously so that it can be sustained over time and stressed that his will was to work to improve the document and provide benefits and recognition to” those who put their health at risk and protect us all ” . “We have not been able to meet so far and the virtual session mechanism is cumbersome. Now, fast and well is not the same thing “, Held.

“If we are going to work in a way that can be perfectible, because we are in a hurry, we are making a mistake. It doesn’t seem like a good way to work, for a collegiate body, not being able to make corrections. That is a problem, because if we could review the project, we could do a better one out there“, Indicated.

The opposition legislator stated: “Health workers with incomes below the non-taxable minimum have no benefits,” and wondered if “Putting the body into the pandemic is worth the same based on what they earn?”. In addition, he described that this “is an excessively economistic vision” and assured that “those who earn less are being excluded.”

For the Buenos Aires senator “a large number of health workers earn less than the non-taxable minimum.” “For example, there are more women who earn less than the minimum than men,” she said, while stressing that this law “favors those who earn more,” so she said that “you could think of something better. If we could do the calculation, we could , do better calculations. “

“There is discrimination here, we are saying that the lives of those who expose themselves are worth more to those who earn the most, is it fair to recognize those who are facing the pandemic?”, he pointed.

Lousteau considered that the project could be better and exposed his disagreement with the need to get it out in a short time. “I don’t think a week or two will change things for workers, because we can also calibrate to the past,” he said. Furthermore, he agreed with Stephen Bullrich, on the importance of discussing the impact of the measure. “In the Budget Committee, let’s discuss with some number. At all meetings of this commission we should be able to estimate costs ”, assured.

Earlier, Bullrich had complained about the lack of data regarding the impact the measure would have on state finances. “It seems to me that we have to bring information to the table to make serious and responsible decisions. Obviously you want to support, but you have to have that information. Someone is going to have to give that money. Are we going to broadcast or are we going to get it from somewhere else? Where are we going to get it from? ”, he asked himself.

“We have to work more seriously, this being the Budget Committee. Work with certain data, not as an expression of wishes, because we don’t know if we are going to be able to pay it, because we don’t know if the system has sustainability. Yesterday we discussed that issue and today we put (the system) another pressure, “he said.

Those two speeches by the legislators of Together for Change obfuscated Carlos Caserio, president of the commission and who was coordinating the debate. The Cordovan senator spoke and pointed against Lousteau and Bullrich. The argument that this commission is not working seriously is not serious. It is one thing for you to be wrong and another is that you are not prepared to lead a commission, ”he said, making it clear that he had taken criticism of personal title because he was the one in charge of the project.

Senator Lousteau is used to me because in one way or another he always has variable criteria according to the situation. That many times do not coincide with their ideological framework or their political thinking. It is not a criticism. Is how it iswas the answer for the former Minister of Economy.

Then, he addressed the former Minister of Education. “Senator Bullrich’s thing calls my attention because he is the vice president of this commission and, if at any time he believed that what we were doing was not what was due, as a matter of common sense, He would have called me on the phone to make direct criticism or propose things to me. He is a senator with whom I have a good relationship ”. Held.

In closing, he criticized the Mauricio Macri government and punished them for being part: “Do not take it as an offense, but as part of the truth, You are part of a government that has broken the country, that has left Argentina in this situation before the pandemic. I think a lot of criticism was cunning. ”

“I wonder. When the previous government blew us up and brought us to our knees, taking on the biggest debt in history, was the Budget Office asked what it thought? It didn’t even go through Congress. I am convinced that I acted accordingly and if I kept quiet I was going to assume that I agreed with what they were saying, “he said.

At that moment, the counterpoint began. Lousteau interrupted him and started this discussion:

ML: “You are making personal allusions.”

DC: “You were able to speak three times and I never cut you off.” Ask to speak again.

ML: “You are disrespectful.” No one told him anything about whether he is working well or badly.

DC: —You will speak when I consider it because I am the president of this commission.

ML: —That’s why you have to be more careful with language.

DC: “I don’t have to be careful.” I am aware of what I do and what I say.

ML: —With all the turns they’ve taken in the past…

DC: “Don’t give me any more classes.” He already gave it to me with the 125.

ML: “You don’t teach me any more, either.” When you let me speak I will answer everything. Point by point.

The discussion rose in tone, but, after the counterpoint, was diluted during the intervention of other senators. Then they both apologized even though they stood in their positions.

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